Sunday, September 3, 2017

August Favourites

So long summer, Hello Fall.
I know this isn't what we want to hear as we are approaching the colder months, but there is something about this time of year that makes me more productive then ever. So while I welcome the fall with arms open and a pumpkin spice latte in hand here are my August favourites/ my last kick at the can with summer.
Burrberry Pale Barley Eye Shadow
Years ago this eye shadow was all the rage and naturally it was sold out everywhere. Finally (almost 3 year later) I was able to get my hands on the cult eye shadow. 
On a side note my local Sephora had a ton of stock. 
Where was I? 
Pale Barley is a medium neutral brown with subtle golden shimmer. It's the kind of colour that seems ordinary but once applied its actually quite unique. As for the formula its pigmented, buttery, and overall a joy to work with. It's the kind of colour I could easily wear alone everyday or add it to other eye shadows for a more complex look. If you were on the fence about this colour or simply just forgot about it I can't recommend it enough. 

It Cosmetics CC Cream
With tons of amazing skincare ingredients, SPF of 50 and decent amount coverage this CC cream is one of the best foundations/bases I've ever tried. I did a whole review earlier this month so you can check it out here. If your someone who wants has rushed mornings or just want something easy that you can kind of just slap on your face, this product is for you. 

Moschino Bear Highlighter
Usually my favourites are well thought out, but I confess this highlighter is only here because I think the packaging is absolutely adorable. The Moschino range was both fun and affordable I really hope Sephora comes out with more collaborations like this. 

Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara 
I have to say this mascara seemed slightly gimmicky to me at first. However after giving this a good test I realized Noir Interdit was more then just a bendy mascara wand a funky looking brush. This mascara give a ridiculous amount of volume and the formula is more long lasting then any other mascara I've ever tried. You can see my full review here for more info! 

Batiste Dry Shampoo 
Another cult like product I've never tried, clearly I've been living under a rock over here. I'm sure everyone knows this but Batiste is a dry shampoo. Batiste can give the hair a slightly powder-y look so my favourite way to use this is to spray generously before bed and really work it into the scalp with my fingers. The next morning I wake up with perfectly clean hair and a surprising amount of volume too. To make matters more fun Batiste offers a wide selection of scents and...yeah where the heck have I been? My favourite scent thus far is Sweetie and Violet is really nice too! 

A dry shampoo for hot summer days, a long lasting mascara perfect for those summery downpours... So long summer 17 it's been fun! Now on to all those plum toned lipsticks and burgundy nails polishes, mixed with a good helping of hydrating face masks. Thanks for taking the time and reading, and I wish all of you a happy Labour Day long weekend! 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Givenchy Interdit Mascara Review

The other day I received a Givenchy package in the mail and my first thought was ‘drinking and online shopping are a dangerous mix’. However my nerves about financial doom where quickly subsided when I realized that this was in fact a PR package. 

People, I cannot stress this enough but I am not a blogger who gets a whole lot of PR. So naturally this box sat on my kitchen for over a week and when I finally had the courage to crack it open I realized this was the weirdest mascara I’ve ever seen in my life.  Firstly the thing you need to know about this mascara is that it bends into an L shape. The second and final thing the Givenchy Interdit Mascara brush resembles that of a hair brush.

Black and red marble lipsticks and jet black moisturizers there are some weird things happening at Givenchy and I’m happy to report this mascara although strange really works. For me this mascara comes down to two things the brush and the formula.

The stiff brush does a great job at separating and evenly coating lashes. Actually with a little practice I’ve also become pretty good at getting this right down to my lash line. Meaning it gives the look of eye liner but without all the work. My only knock on this mascara is the bendy brush, as my personal preference is to use this linearly.  So if your a mascara traditional-est like myself you will be happy to hear the brush locks straight you don't have to worry about this flopping back and forward. The final thing you need to know about this mascara is that the formula is flawless. Personally I find this one of the most long wearing mascara's I've ever tried because even after over 12 hours of wear time I find my lashes look just as good as when I first applied.

Drugstore to highend end I think that there are a lot of excellent mascaras out there. However when it's comes down to long, curly, fluttery lashes that meet an extremely long lasting formula Givenchy Interdit Mascara is among one of the best. The packaging, the scent, hell even the tube feels nice when you open and close it! Givenchy Interdit is what a good mascara should be. So if your looking at this and thinking I'm not sure I say give it a try and let it surprise you.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Meteorites Baby Glow Sheer Liquid Foundation Review

I am on a real foundation kick so my second review this week is all about Guerlain's Meteorites Baby Glow Sheer Liquid foundation. I wish I had a cool story to tell you what attracted me to this foundation but between you and I, I am an embarrassingly simple person. My first thought was cute packaging, which was shortly followed second thought ‘babies have beautiful skin' and next my love for Guerlain really sealed the deal. And this is how I became the proud owner of the Meteorites Baby Glow foundation.
Let's begin. 

The first thing you need to know about this foundation is it's super luminous. It’s the kind of product that makes your cheek bones look high and gives an almost ethereal look to the skin. In fact Guerlain describes this as "liquid light" and I have to whole heartily agree its breath taking. However with all this light and luminosity comes great responsibility! Kidding, but you might want to consider sampling prior to purchasing, especially if you have oily skin.

The second thing you need to know about Baby Glow is that the formula is extremely hydrating. Application almost feels more like applying a moisturizer rather than a foundation. The combination of the hydrating formula along with the luminous properties this leaves the skin supple, plump and juicy. A part of me seriously thinks this might be the perfect winter foundation. 

With its enjoyable violent scent, and its handy easy to use tube I have seriously loved Guerlain’s Baby Glow foundation. The formula suits my dry skin and the product blends in with ease. I have to I’m glad my simple mind ‘made me’ pick this up. So if your reading this thinking I need to get my glow on and you want something with sheer to medium coverage, Baby Glow is worth a try.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream Review

I held out on this foundation for a while. However between you and I, I personally found the colouring of the "light" shade a touch too orange, yet had an alarming grey grey cast at same time. So while the whole beauty world (and my very own mother) was singing CC cream praises, I was avoiding looking like an ompa lumpa. Staying stubborn to take the plunge for years, somehow I got my hands on a tube and here we are today.
As mentioned it above, the colour of the Light shade is incredibly strange. When swatched on the hand it looks a crazy shade of orange, but still remains to look slightly dull and grey at the same time. I'm not going to lie I was really hesitant to wear this to work, or anywhere for that matter. So after building enough courage on a lazy (stay-at-home) sunday afternoon I gave the mysterious CC cream a fair go...

This is totally going to sound dramatic but, somehow and almost magically this strange orange-grey foundation just works on the skin. With just a single pump my skin was instantly more luminous, more hydrated and with a surprising amount of coverage. Personally, I like the light to medium coverage of one pump. It Cosmetics however recommends two pumps for a fuller coverage look. 

On the skincare front this foundation has a boat load of goodness going on. Its got anti-aging antioxidants, hydrating hyaluronic acid, skin firming peptides, moisturizing grape seed oil and anti inflammatory turmeric extract. So could you skin about on your skincare if you use this? I personally wouldn't, but if you were lazy about these sorts of things this might be a go to for you. One thing you can skip out on while using this is sun screen, because It Cosmetics CC cream packs an hefty SPF of 50.

I love this foundation it has amazing ingredients, blends into the skin with extreme ease, has a high SPF and the bottom line is it really looks beautiful on the skin. True fact but I also really the packaging as its lightweight and the pump is super practical. So if you've been thinking about trying the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream, I say give it ago.  Living up to all of the hype is this CC cream, it's one of my all time favourite foundations and for that reason you need to stop what your doing and get your hands on a tube. 

You can get this product here

Saturday, August 5, 2017

July Favourites

As mentioned in my previous post this month has been the month of splash pads, Moana and ice cream cones. And with all of these summery activities going on I am here today with an exciting list of seasonal favourites to share with you. So seasonal you could really call this a "quintessential summer favourites" post.

Technicalities of post names aside. I have a lot to catch you up on so lets get started.

Sun Bum Cool Down Spray
This dry oil mist is meant to be used as an after sun treatment, which is cool for those sun worshipers out there. For me (aka the non-sun worshiper) this oil is a perfect light weight body moisturizer. In addition to hydration this oil smells super summery and the spray applicator means it takes seconds to apply. For $15.00 a bottle this moisturizer it the perfect summer body care companion.

Too Faced Peach Pallet
True fact, it takes me a long while to profess my love for an eye shadow pallet. Do I love this? Well, I've been using it daily for over a month so there is diffidently some love there. With that being said I still hold on to the fact that I wish there were more neutral mid tone shades. As of right now I find the warm peachy tones of this pallet look really pretty in the summer, so I'm taking my relationship with the Too Faced, one day at a time.
Very dramatic!

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream
When the whole internet was blowing up about this product us Canadians were jumping the boarder to get our hands on a tube of It Cosmetics CC cream. Now that I've finally got my hands on a bottle It Cosmetics has released that they are going to start to sell in Canada. I'm not mad, all I'm saying is I held out for such a long time what are the odds of this happening?
More importantly this base is amazing! I plan on doing a full review on this because it really deserves the added attention.

Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique
A few weeks ago I went to visit my friends very cool, downtown apartment. As soon as I opened the door I was hit with, no not a baby toy but this perfume. Fleur Narcotique smells chic with a combination of both fruity and floral notes. But instead of smelling like just another fragrance this some how manages to pull it off in the coolest and most refined way possible. When I asked my friend what candle she was burning she ever so cooly said "oh thats my perfume". I died and here we are only two weeks later and I am now a proud owner of an Ex Nihilo sample pack.

I can seriously talk about this fragrance all day long, but with the warm sunny weather I'm sure you all want to enjoy the great out doors as much as I do. Thank you all for reading, I have some amazing foundation review coming your way to drop on by. Cheers, and to all my Canadian's I hope your all enjoying the long weekend. 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

NOID Sanskrit Saponins Review

Where have I been? The quick answer to this is summering, which basically for means going to the splash pad and walking to the local ice cream shop daily. However as time has passed I’ve noticed myself talking to strangers, family and co-workers about beauty, which means one thing to me… start blogging. 

Today I’m coming to you with Niod review. Noid is a part of the Deciem family, sister to the highly popular and highly coveted Ordinary skincare range. Unlike the basic (but amazing) Ordinary, Noid is the high tech and innovative old sister. Family semantics aside for me Sanskirt Saponins (SS) is one heck of an interesting product so lets get get into the nitty and gritty of things. 
When I think of a cleansing balm, I think of a thick, maybe even an oily product that helps break down make up. Deciem/Noid describes SS as a balm and I suppose it is, but it's not the type of cleansing balm I'm use to. The consistency of SS that of a thick paste and almost mud like. Once applied onto the skin it doesn't foam nor does it make a lather. The finish of the this product is slightly drying, thanks to the saponins, what is basically natures natural soap.  In addition to cleansing Saponins also have anti oxidant and have anti inflammation properties too.

I'm slightly everywhere with this product but despite the slightly drying finish and weird consistency, I love it!

Let's say you may have been at the beach for the day or may have taken a hot yoga class. Or let's be real here maybe you consumed way too much wine, followed by a eating a whole pizza at 3:00am and you wake up and just feel... dirty.  This product is for you! 

Whenever I am feeling like I need a deep cleanse this is the perfect addition my skincare routine. While the finish is slightly drying it surprisingly passes quickly and the formula is relatively gentle. I've heard about people using this as a mask for a more heavy duty treatment. Personally, I haven't tried it but i thought I would put it out there. So where are we with SS, it's weird but it works incredibly well. If your someone who has normally congested skin or if your looking for a deep cleaning treatment (like me) I can't recommend this enough. 

Link to product here

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Perfume Shopping Tips & Tricks!

 Chanel Coco is a fragrance that has been with me though every single monumental life event. It's a scent that I've worn at every single christmas, easter, anniversary, family weddings ... I even wore it for Everleigh's first birthday.While makeup and skincare are a passion of mine, it all started with perfume. Don't get me wrong buying a new face mask or moisturizer is exciting but there is nothing in this world like treating yourself to a perfume. So before you invest in a fragrance you should really think about these 5 things.

Go alone
Remember your buying this fragrance for yourself, which means you are the one that is going to be living with it. So if your mom wants you to get a classic fragrance, while you best friend is telling you to smell like vanilla icing my advice to you is shop alone. Think about perfume shopping as a treat, grab lunch, maybe a glass of wine and shop at your own speed.

Head to the mens department
If you can't find anything in the women's department I highly suggest checking out the mens. Often times 'mens' fragrances can be fresher and slightly more easy to wear. Remember perfumes don't come with gender detectors so if you like a more masculine scent go for it girl!

Forget the idea of a seasonal scent
Fresh in the summer and spicy in the winter is generally what look for when picking out a scent. However don't let this old rule stop you, because it's all about wearing what yo like. If you want to wear a lemony scent in the winter theres no reason why you can't.

Ask for samples
Perfumes are expensive and prior to purchasing I always ask for a sample. Stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Sephora can actually make samples for you and generally they have exceptional customer service. Should samples not be available I reccomend spraying and letting it work it's magic on your skin. Generally within two hours I know if a scent works for me or not.

It's okay to leave empty handed
Don't rush it and don't settle for a fragrance your not in love with. Since perfume can be such a personal thing it is absolutely fine to walk out empty handed.

I think generally it's good to have an open mind when purchasing a perfume. Don't worry about your friends or partners, don't worry about the time just go for sometime you really love. If you have any perfume shopping tips I would love to hear them in the comment section below!
Thank you all for reading and we will catch up soon.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

I tried Fancy Coconut Oil

Popping up in your local Sephora is a handful of luxury lines that offer coconut oil. Which is weird considering this one ingredient product can be found in just about any grocery store. Why are these so much and are they worth are two things that came into mind. So I bought the fancy Skinny & Co Coconut oil to see what all the hype was about.

Firstly and not to bore you with my life story, but I’ve have been using coconut oil as a beauty product for years. At first it was my favourite deep conditioner treatment. A short while after that I realized it made an excellent body oil because it had cured dry patches on my skin overnight. So for almost a decade I always kept a bottle of generic organic coconut oil handy for solely beauty reasons.

Skinny and Co pride themselves on being the only alkaline coconut oil that is cold pressed and 100% raw. Like normal coconut oil the Skinny and Co is hard at room temperature and oily at warmer temperatures. Skinny and co left my skin feeling soft and nourished. I also used this on Everleigh earlier this spring when she had a slight eczema flare up, again it helped hydrate and soothe her skin. It’s not a bad product by any means, but…

Coconut oil can be used for so many different reasons (see all here), and I think every home should own one. However I personally think if you buy a high quality, organic coconut oil from the grocery store like Nutiva which is considerably cheaper it more or less performs the same. So ladies and gents, I tried fancy coconut oil and while I enjoyed it, I realized it’s just coconut oil.

I know a lot of people have tried this and like it so please feel free to leave your experiences below!

Friday, June 30, 2017

June Favourites

Every June I have a moment where I ask my self where the heck does time go and this year has been no exception. Working Mom, new job, I've also been eating a lot healthier as of late too which is crazy as I will always have a strong passion for all things deep fried. Who is this girl? There has been big changes this year, but never have I been so excited for the future... So I welcome the rest of 2017 with open arms. 
Sorry I got a little carried away there, self reflections aside we are here to talk favourites and that is what I plan on doing. So let's get the show on the road people, because I have some amazing summery things to share with you! 

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub
I love a good acid exfoliator, but the truth is every now and then we all need a good, gritty, get your circulation going kind of scrub. Let Acure's Brightening Facial Scrub be that scrub for you. This scrub is gentle yet provides enough grit to really deep cleanse the skin. I also really like that scrub is not stripping, in fact the formula really nourishes your freshly cleansed skin. For more information you can read my full review (here). 

Hard Candy Colour Correct Cushion Wonder 
This corrector is excellent, lightweight, easy to blend and neutralizes the heck out of dark circles. I would even go as far as to say this is one of the best correctors I've usedboth drugstore and department store. Up there with the ranks of Bobbi Brown, Hard Candy's corrector is amazing and should be every makeup bag! 

Skin So Soft 
Sure, Skin So Soft can be used as a bath soak, but if you had a clever mother with a Avon lady you would know this product also doubles as a mosquito repellent.  It does work well as a bath soak and makes a great dry oil but for me this smells like summer vacation in a bottle. The ingredients could be better in this product, however the scent keeps me reaching for time after time again. 

NARS Laguna 
Last but finally not least, my ultimate summer product is hands down NARS Laguna Bronzer. This bronzer gives the right kind of bronze without making me look orange. On the other hand the slight shimmer makes my face look alive but without looking like a disco ball. Over the years I've probably gone though over 10 of these and I keep on coming back for more. Better then rest, I love Laguna its the perfect touch of bronze for those who are pale like me. 

L'Oreal Lash Paradise
Last but most definitely not least is L'Oreal's new Lash Paradise. This mascara is perfect, because it last's all day, gives amazing volume and awesome length. To make things better the formula is super black and very dramatic. Lash Paradise has been taking the internet by storm recently and for good reason because it's seriously that good! Review here.

Bronzer, mosquito repellent and a correct for when you've consumed to many glasses of rose... I feel like this has been a quint essential summer favourites post! Thank you all for taking the time and reading today and I wish you all a happy and safe long weekend. 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Paula’s Choice Radiance Renewal Mask Review

If you were thinking I sit here all day testing face masks and eating bonbons you’ve got the wrong girl. My recent favourite face mask trial area is my car (I wish I was joking), but I figure since I’m stuck in traffic I might as well pop on a mask before I make my journey home. On a recent spa induced rush hour car ride home I actually tested a bright green face mask. Somewhere between avoiding road rage and looking like a sea monster it crossed my mind that I wish that was clear like my ‘Paula mask’ which was shortly followed by the realization that I have never even mentioned it on my blog. So today we are talking about one of my all-time favourite mask’s Paula’s Radiance Renewal Mask.
Let’s talk about the basics. I love this mask for many reasons but I have to say its convenient pump and clear finish mean I can pop this on at any time. Also, don’t let the ‘overnight’ thing confuse you because you could wear this for a couple of hours during the day too. Personally my favourite way to use this mask is on a lazy Sunday, where I just apply a generous amount on my face and forget about it.

Despite being a friendly, easy to use mask, this mask is loaded with fantastic ingredients. Where do I even begin? Let’s start with hydrating hyaluronic acid, moisturizing olive oil and willow bark extra which is perfect natural way to control oil. This mask also contains vitamin c which is one of the best ingredients for healthy, radiant skin. Along with all the goodness this mask doesn’t contain any nasties like parabens.

If didn’t want to look like a green monster during rush hour this one is for you!
Kidding, Kidding…With its clear, effective formula and its convenient pump this mask that you can pop on just about any time and anywhere. On me this mask doesn’t leave a greasy residue, and furthermore the gel texture isn’t messy and washes away with ease. If you were looking for a mask that really packs in nutrients and leaves your skin looking plump, radiant and more even toned you need to try Paula’s Radiance Renewal Mask.

Monday, June 19, 2017

L’Oréal’s Voluminous Lash Paradise Review

There have been some excellent, exciting makeup releases as of late, however the one that has truly caught my eye is L’Oréal’s Voluminous Lash Paradise. This mascara claims to give lashes “voluptuous volume and length”, furthermore the internet has gone wild about this mascara and between you and I happens to look awfully similar to TooFaced Better Then Sex mascara. So without further talking let’s get on with the review.
There are three things you need to know about Lash Paradise:

1. I originally and mistakenly bought the waterproof version of this mascara. On a complete side note, every time I buy mascara I without fail always buy the wrong formula. Does that happen to any of you? 
I digress the waterproof version is… well water proof and I personally think it’s too much of a pain to get off. In addition I found the formula of the waterproof tacky, which resulted in lashes sticking together which gives that spidery lash look. Not to my liking, however I have never been a waterproof mascara type of girl.

2. After purchasing the correct formula and in the right colour, I have to say I really, really like this mascara. It makes lashes extremely long, and dare I say almost fake looking? As for volume this Lash Paradise makes lashes extremely curly and extremely black. On me this mascara wears easily for 8 hours without smearing, or flaking.

So if you’ve been seeing raves about this mascara it’s definitely for good reason as it’s probably one of the best I’ve tried from the drugstore. In comparison to the Better Then Sex mascara I personally like this one better. I find the formula, the brush on both of them extremely similar however since Lash Paradise is half the price and don’t half such a silly name, I like it better.

3. The third thing I wanted to point out is application. I find this formula works the best with a slower application. Also the brush might look overload with product, however avoid brushing off excess product. Surprisingly I’ve only experienced clumping when I’ve messed around with the brush and been in a brush. 

Despite not liking the waterproof formula, the original Lash Paradise is nothing short of amazing. It makes my lashes look super long, fluttery and almost fake looking. It’s also long lasting and even through the hotter weather I haven’t noticed and smudging. Lash Blast, Dior Show, Roller Lash, Great Lash, there are some amazing mascara’s out there and for me Lash Paradise without a doubt holds its own.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tata Harper Purifying Mask Review

The last time I tried a Tata product I had a magical experience. Yes, I’m fully aware that this is one bold of a statement. However Tata’s Regenerating Cleanser (review here) is so good and so immediately effective that it gives you that healthy skin glow even within the first use. Tata’s products are 100% natural and non-toxic, 100% of the time. It’s the kind of range that is natural but without a doubt the textures, the scents and the results are complete luxury. So today I’m back with my second Tata review, so without any more chit chat let’s get started.

The Purifying Mask is a clay mask and before you start thinking purifying must mean ‘oily skin types’, this mask is actually intended to fight visible signs of aging and is intended for all skin types. Tata’s website claims that this mask ‘tackles visible signs of aging causes by environmental stressors’ and it does this by ‘purging build up and impurities’.

The first ingredient to this mask is aloe and I have to say I whole hearted love that. Aloe is perfect at calming redness to soothing really irritated skin. It also has the benefit of being suitable for every skin type and (my favourites thing) feeling really refreshing too. The next notable ingredients are healing arnica, hydrating calendula and antioxidant rich prickly pear extract. However my favourite component has to be brown algae. Brown algae naturally encourages the skin to develop collagen, promotes moisture retention, has anti-bacterial benefits and purifies the skin… it’s more or less a superfood for your skin.

Even after one use I noticed my skin looking more even toned, refreshed and hydrated. Unlike most clay masks Tata’s Purifying Mask feels undeniably refreshing, making it the perfect  skincare option for hot summer days (for even for kissed skin). The ingredients of this mask are well thought out, suitable for every skin type and non-toxic. The feel of the mask is luxurious, the scent is heavenly and the weighted pot happens to fit ever so nicely in the palm of your skin. If you were have dry skin, sunburnt skin, acne or if your skin just needs a little extra TLC Ta ta’s Harper’s Purifying Mask is the perfect SOS mask to keep on hand.  If you get a change to visit a Sephora store or Tata Harper counter, I can’t recommend the Purifying Mask enough!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub Review

Over the past few years chemical exfoliants like BHA or AHA’s have exploded.  Don’t get me wrong I love a good acid exfoliation treatment, however every once in a while a get the urge to scrub the crap out of my face. A good physical exfoliant helps makeup apply smoother, increases circulation and studies have indicated that it helps stimulate collagen production. So I’m putting aside my love for lactic acid, and I’m talking about my new bestie Acure’s Brightening Facial Scrub. 
Acure’s Brightening Facial Scrub is a walnut shell based scrub but before you think this is a one trick pony, it’s not! This scrub features a ton of amazing ingredients such as soothing aloe, anti-oxidant rich acai fruit extract and one of my favourite natural anti-aging ingredients rosehip extract.  This scrub also features hydrating olive oil and nourishing Argan oil. Basically while you’re busy sloughing off dead skin cells this scrub really packs in the nutrients to your skin. The end result is dramatically smooth skin, that’s baby soft to the touch yet not stripped at the slightest. 

On a side note for us beauty geeks out there this also contains Madonna leaf, lemon peel, green clay, sage extract, kelp, calendula extract … I can seriously go on for days. The formula is remarkable and if you’re interested you can check out the ingredient list here

A physical exfoliator is a critical part to beautiful looking skin. However since the market is littered with ‘micro-beads’ or extremely harsh formulas I’m always hesitant to recommend one.  Acure’s Brightening Facial Scrub is not one of these scrubs. In fact it’s very gentle, especially if used on wet skin. This vegan, chemical free scrub goes for 13.99 (here) making it not only an excellent product but a very affordable one at that. Cost efficient, gentle, effective and loaded with excellent ingredients Acure’s Brightening Scrub is nothing short of amazing! 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May Favourites

Dear April favourites I apologize for skipping over you. Actually in all my years of blogging I have yet to skip a Monthly Favorites post and the truth be told it’s put me out of sorts. I’ve been asking myself questions like what month because in many ways favourites posts mark an end and a start to something new. So yes, this will be a May favourites post but for the take of my own fragile mental state I will throw in a couple from the previous month too. Let begin!

Neil’s Yard Frankincense Intense Serum
This serum uses the best of old world skincare treatments (like turmeric) and combines it with modern day technology. From it’s beautiful scent to its ability to really firm and tighten the skin this luxury serum is been a pleasure to use. If you’re interested you can read my full review here.

Bodycology Creamy Vanilla Shower Gel
I always see the Bodycology line of products at my local Walmart and the truth is I’ve never bought anything from this range. It wasn’t until I received an assortment of products from a PR company that it really opened up my eyes to the brand. The first thing you need to know about Bodycology is there products are not littered with parabens and they do not test on animals. The second thing is Creamy Vanilla smells delicious and the addition of grape seed extract makes the formula nourishing. Finally all Bodycology products are extremely affordable and unquestionably fun. Next time you doing a shop and you see Bodycology give it a try.

The Ordinary Lactic Acid
Lactic acid is a chemical exfoliator that is incredibly effective yet ultra-gentle. For me Lactic Acid is a miracle product because there is nothing out there that makes my skin look as glowy or as clear. While products that contain lactic acid have always been on the pricey side The Ordinary’s only costs $7.70. So gone are the days of $120.00 lactic acid treatment and here are the days of affordable options. You can see my full review here or you can skip your morning latte and buy one of these instead.

Buxom Rose Julip
I use to go through Buxom’s lip glosses like crazy, but somehow over the years I forgot about these. If you like the feeling of cooling minty lip products you will without a doubt love these. In addition there are tons of really fun shades to try and the formula lasts forever. If you’re not into the glittery shades there’s also a range of shimmer free lip creams. I can’t recommend these enough and I’m definitely going back for more.

Yardley English Lavender Eau De Toilette
If you took a mens cologne and mixed it with a lavender field it would smell like Yardley’s English Lavender and I love it! This fragrance is lightweight and extremely easy to wear… strangers have even complimented it! If you’re looking for a beautiful, affordable spring time fragrance with tons of history English Lavender is my first choice. Full review here, review also includes English Rose which is also really good.

Confession I used an recycled picture, my English Lavender proudly stands tall on my desk at work! Anyways thank you everyone for taking the time and reading this long list of favourites. I hope all of you are enjoying the warm weather and we will see each other soon because I have a quite a bit of skincare posts lined up. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Pixi Double Cleanse Review

When I first discovered beauty my love was all for the makeup. However as every year passes my love for makeup subsides and my passion for skincare rises. Don’t get me wrong I’m still a blush addict and a tinted lip balm lover, but for me having healthy looking skin is everything. Actually, I know I’m not the only one thinking this because in the past few years skincare has exploded. If you look further into the skincare surge two things are obvious, 1. Effective, affordable priced skincare has become more mainstream, 2. Due to bloggers skincare has become cool and interesting rather then a chore. So when your favourite affordable skincare line releases a colab product with your favourite skincare bloggers I mean you really have no choice then to buy the product.

Today I'm reviewing Pixi's collaboration with Caroline Hirons. For those of you who didn't know Caroline is a blogger and fairy godmother of all things skincare. However most importantly the person who put double cleansing on the map.

For those of you thinking ‘why would I double cleanse’, my answer to you is you should be because it can make a huge difference in your skin. The first step to the double cleanse is using some sort of fatty cleanser to break down dirt and makeup. The second step is using a cleanser that treats your skin. For example if you had dry skin this is where you would put your hydrating cleanser. The combination of the two cleanses takes only a few minutes it will seriously make your skin look clearer and more luminous than ever before.

Caroline’s double cleanser consists of two cleansers (a solid cleansing oil, and a cleansing cream) in one convenient package. The solid cleansing oil contains vitamin e, moisturizing camellia oil and redness reducing evening primrose oil. However and most importantly the texture of this cleansing oil glides over your face with easy and breaks apart makeup like no one’s business. The second cream cleanser is really nice too. It contains peptides that plump the skin, hydrating hyaluronic acid, soothing aloe, arginine which helps improve elasticity. Both cleansers are scent free and contain zero nasty ingredients.

I like this product a lot, its works, it comes in convenient packaging and at $25.00 for two cleansers it’s cost effective too. Most importantly because of the gentle formula I can see a lot of skin types enjoying this. So Caroline thank you for being witty, introducing us to the double cleanse and teaming up with Pixi! If you see Pixi’s double cleanse it’s a product that I love and can’t recommend enough.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Ordinary’s High Spreadablity Primer

In the past few months I have been obsessed with The Ordinary. Not only do there product’s appeal to the science nerd in me, but they are incredibly effective, priced fairly and there ingredients are everything. Thus far I’ve yet to have a negative run in with the brand until now. So today I’m taking on The Ordinary’s High Spreadablity Primer.

This primer contains finely milled silicone molecules. These fine flexible silicone molecules make a thin, lightweight, matrix on your skin. In return this makes makeup adhere to your skin like no one’s business. The Ordinary claims that this has a serum finish that makes your skin glow. I would say this has a thin consistency with a good amount of slip to it. Unlike other silicone primers High Spreadablity Fluid Primer is without a doubt more light weight than any other I’ve tried. 

I should also mention after a few weeks of use this makes my makeup look fresh from 6:00am in the morning to 8:00pm at night. Over 12 hours of wear, solid formula, where’s the negative?

My issue with High Spreadablity comes down to the packaging. Now I like this apothecary style, pipette style packaging for skincare, but when it comes to this primer I’ve noticed chunky clumps of primer appear around the top of the product. Even the product itself seems to be slightly thicker then when I first bought it 2 months ago. The combination of the product buildup along with the change of consistency has ultimately made me discontinue use.

Solid formula, excellent wear time and at $7.90 a pop this primer is extremely budget friendly. However personally I would rather spend more money and get a product with a longer shelf life. Since opening this bottle a little less than two months ago the formula has gone off and for that reason I highly suggest proceeding with caution.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Pallet

I love experimenting with new skincare, however when it comes to makeup I can be rather reserved. While I still get excited for new makeup collections, I don’t purchase nearly as much as I once did. Even experimenting with ‘new’ looks is regrettably a thing of the past. However just like a seasonal cold, every now and then I catch the makeup bug. This time, my makeup induced condition had me craving all things bright and all things spring and summer. So like so many of us that craved a bright, cutesy eye shadow pallet I had my eye set on Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow. So after weeks of trying to locate this sold-out everywhere pallet and another few weeks formulating my thoughts here are my thoughts. 

Firstly, this eye shadow pallet is peach scented. Which is super cute, but in my head I was expecting a perfumed product so close your eyes to be irritating. However after months of use I am happy to report that the scent is not in the slightest way irritating. In fact its peach scent is something that I thoroughly look forward to. Dare I say the peach scent enhances the overall experience?

Scent aside, my overall feelings on the quality of the pallet is most of the shades are pigmented and easy to blend. Is it the best eye shadow pallet I’ve ever had? No, shades like Delectable and Georgia are a little slacking in the pigmentation department. However whatever they lack shades like Cobbler and Caramelized make up for it. The packaging is not only charming but it’s also durable and practical.

The only flaw I see in this pallet is I wish it had included some cooler shades. Granted, this is a peach pallet and I get peach is a warm toned colour. However I find really warm shades (especially pink) on my pale skin can make me look ill. So to counter balance warm shades I often pair them with a cool toned colours and since this pallet doesn’t include this I feel like I’m always reaching for other things.

Too Faced Sweet Peach is a nice pallet. It’s the kind of beauty product that is fun and for the most part will perform well. I like that this pallet has a wide variety of different shades making it perfect for formal events to casual weekend looks. With that being said I this pallet included some cool toned colors. So where does that leave us? If you’re looking for an enjoyable spring-summer friendly eyeshadow pallet that’s fun and travels well you might want to stop and the Too Faced Peach Pallet a try. If your looking for an eye pallet contains the best formula, the best finishes and the best longevity I would give this a pass. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Guerlain’s Lip and Check Tint

Some people get cravings for chocolate or ice cream I had a full out craving for a blush. Not any kind of blush, but more specifically a sheer blush with a dewy finish. I wanted this blush to look like a natural ‘I got a little sun’ flush as opposite to an obvious shimmery powder. I was very specific in my needs and yet I found nothing! Believe me when I say this there are slim pickings when it comes to cream blush out there and the vast majority has a matte or sparkly finish. After thinking I was going to have to explore Korean beauty options I ran into Guerlain’s Lip and Check Tint and it appears to be just the thing I was looking for.
Firstly let me state the obvious this blush is packaged in a nail polish bottle. Some might see this as cute, playful, and innovative, but I hate the idea of the brushing blush on to my cheeks. A part of me dislikes this method due to the fact it’s unsanitary and another part dislikes it because it makes it difficult to apply evenly. Not that the people at Guerlain would take my suggestion, but I really wish this came in a tube, or a small bottle with a pump. To make application as sanitary as possible I swipe this gel on the back of my (clean) hand and then apply to my face either with fingers or a blush.

Packaging aside, this blush has a fantastic formula. The formula itself is a gel and as you rub this into your cheeks the product gives the prettiest tint of colour. For more of a dramatic effect you can layer this product with ease. With the slight dewy finish and the pretty pink natural flush this blush is undeniably fresh looking. On the lips this gives that desirable ‘I just ate a popsicle’ stain, its seriously stunning. Whether it is on the lips or on the cheeks Guerlain’s Lip & Cheek is the perfect product to create that natural, flattering blushing from within look.

Despite my issues with the packaging this is one fantastic product. Put it this way if Guerlain released more colours I would without a doubt buy more based on the fact that I love the formula so much. If you’re looking for that dewy, fresh blush look or crave a seriously pretty lip stain this spring/summer you need to try this blush. Likewise if you like the idea of a natural looking, multi-tasking product you need to check this out too. A new spring and summer favorite for me I can’t recommend Guerlain Lip and Check Tint enough.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Conair Infiniti Pro Elite Collection Hair Dryer Review

I love skin care, fragrance, body care, and nail polish. Put it this way if it’s beauty related more times than not, I love it. However despite my love for all things beauty there is one genre I can’t get on board with, and that my friends is hair! Embarrassingly I am a ponytail girl through and through.

So what am I doing reviewing a blow dryer? Hear me out!

The root to all my frustration is my hair takes forever to dry. This irritation becomes a downright problem, due to the fact that my hair dryer is embarrassingly over 10 years old. Yes you heard that right! I own my body weight in makeup and skincare, but I am embarrassingly the proud owner of an (near) antique blow dryer. To be honest, despite it’s inability to get hot I’m seriously surprised it’s lasted this long. I’m getting way off topic here, but what I’m trying say is I was desperate for new hair dryer.

As low maintenance hair gal, my blow dryer needs are pretty straightforward.
1. It must dry hair fast.
2. It must be lightweight, as drying hair shouldn’t be an Olympic sport for my arms.
3. I want something cute. Yes, I realize this has nothing to do with performance, but I just can’t help myself I like pretty things.
4. It must be ‘inexpensive’, because refuse to pay $500.00 for a hair dryer.

So ladies and gents, my search lead me to Conair’s Infiniti PRO Elite and I have thoroughly loved it. First and far most important this blow dryer, dry’s your hair fast. Secondly, it’s super lightweight. Thirdly and most surprising I love the diffuser attachment. It makes my hair look like natural beach wives and minimizes lots of frizz. I also find the cool blast function does a really good job of setting your hair (after styling).
The Conair Infinitie Pro Elite looks cute, it functions like a dream and it won’t cost you an arm and leg. Are my ponytail days over? Not a chance, but I have thoroughly enjoyed doing my hair with the Conair Infinite Pro Elite and I can’t recommend it enough.