Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Make-Up Graveyard

In the sprit of Halloween I wanted to take time and share with you some of my all time favorite limited edition products.
So grab some candy corn and keep on reading.

Chanel Dragon Lip Lacquer
I know a lot of people were shocked when this product was discontinued because was such a cult favorite. Dragon is a blackish red liquid lip color, which is so beautiful and extremely flattering. I have not been able to find a dupe for this product which to be honest really bums me out.

MAC Watch me Simmer lipstick
This is the more coral out of the two and it has to be one of my favorite summer lipsticks ever. This super pigmented vibrant coral is magically super flattering. It’s a very fun color to wear! Gosh’s Shocking coral is very similar.

MAC Venus
This is such a pretty pink and more than likely the color I will wear on my wedding day. I would describe Venus as a medium pink with subtle golden shimmer. I can’t talk about this lipstick too much because it breaks my heart that it’s limited edition.

MAC why are all your limited lipstick colors so darn epic?

MAC Twilight Falls
This was a recommendation from a friend who worked at MAC. She described this as the “the prettist one color eye shadow look ever!”
I couldn’t agree more! The different colors in Twilight Falls definitely make this more interesting then just your typical brown eye shadow. With a sweep on the lids I can get a whole look that looks like I’ve spent time on, when in reality it’s taken me 30 seconds.

Guerlian Meteorites Pressed
Yes, Guerlain has a pressed Meteorites but I’m telling you that one is not the same as the limited edition kind. This has all the amazing benefits of Guerlain’s Meteorites expect it’s pressed, which I find much easier to apply and to travel with.  Such a genius concept, which makes me wonder why isn’t this a part of there permanent line?

MAC MSF in Blonde
MAC’s limited edition MSF’s are amazing, but blond has to be one of my favorites. I typically use Blonde as a blush and usually through the winter when I am at my fairest. There’s beautiful sheen to this product which and gives the slightest baby pink glow.

MAC pallet
Finally I wanted to give a quick shout out to my MAC pallet (golden compact). This pallet contains some amazing winter colors like Retrospeck, Club and Cranberry, which you can still get at MAC. With that being said I wanted to give this some love because how pretty is the packaging?

Well hope you are all enjoying Halloween Night!
Please leave a comment and share with me some of your favorite discontinued or limited edition products.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great night!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Makeup for the Understated Halloweeners

If you don’t own a dirty French maid costume this one is for you!

I’m sure there’s more than one of you out there that love Halloween but prefer to celebrate in a more subtle way. Don’t get me wrong if you like to go out dressed as whatever, go for it! But my idea of a good Halloween is eating mini chocolates and watching Hocus Pocus. So keep reading to find out my Halloween inspired makeup picks.

Nail Polish
I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of orange nail polish. To still keep things festive I like to wear colors greens like China Glaze it’s alive or oddball colors like MAC’s Mean and Green or Chanel’s Peridot.

Lip Color
Halloween is the perfect day to play around with a darker lip color. I love this Anna Sui color because it’s very wearable but can be built up to a darker shade too.
I’ve added NARS Albatross lip-gloss because just incase your scarred of the vampy lip any creamy colored gloss can tone down a darker color and make it more wearable.

Lastly when wearing a strong lip color I always like to wear a little bit of a darker blush. I in particularly like Becca’s Cream Blush in Lotus because it’s the perfect pair for any dark lip look. NARS Sin or any berry-toned blush would work with a darker lip too!

I have such a sweet tooth at this time of year.
My favorites have been Hershey Almonds and Chocolate bars. I have to say I’m also looking forward to Caramel Bars too! Oh and Candy Corn!

Well that concludes my Halloween Makeup inspirations.
What ever you choose to wear for Halloween I wish you a safe and fun night!
Thanks for reading and until next time!

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Skin Soothing Sunday

I woke up today with extremely dry irritated skin. I’m pretty sure it’s a combination of a mask I did yesterday and the heater going on last night.
So today my goal is to sooth my irritated skin.

First I used the Avene Soothing Mask and wowzers!
The bottle says to put on a thick layer and wait 15 minutes. Then follow with a spritz of Avene Thermal water and wipe the remainder off.
The whole experience is amazing from the scent to how extremely soft this leaves your skin. In combination with the Avene Thermal water it honestly feels very fancy and it’s very effective.

Next I used Dermaglow Beauty Mist, which is a toner/makeup setting spray. First off this product instantly cools the skin, which is great instant gratification if you have irritated skin. This amazing mist also contains hyaluronic acid, which helps the skin retain moisture. For me this helps me get the most out of my moisturizer while still calming and soothing my skin.

I’m sure this is no surprise, but next I used my Clairns Blue Orchid Oil. I’ve blogged about this a ton as of late, but in a nut shell these oils are packed with nourishing ingredients and they have on for every skin type so if you can go try these out!

Finally I added some Dior Crème De Rose on my lips. Not that my lips were chapped but simply because there’s something about this balm that is so darn luxurious!

I was very impressed by the Avene facemask and can’t wait to put it on again.
With that being said I can honestly say my skin is happily normal now!
Let me know what some of your favorite masks are?
 or what you use to calm irritated skin?

Well ladies thanks a ton for reading and hope you are all having a lovely Sunday.

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If I could only have one

 If let’s say someone (maybe my mom) stole my makeup and let’s ‘pretend’ in this hypothetical situation the universe allowed me to keep one of everything, this is what I would choose.

Jen27 posted this tag; I loved her answers and thought this looked fun, so I thought I would give it a try. I highly suggest you go check out her blog she always has fun posts and always shares the best lip colors. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum
This was an easy one for me! This is a lightweight foundation with low to medium coverage. Not only does this smell amazing but it also gives a radiant glow to the skin while moisturizing. I never knew how much I loved this until I stopped wearing it, now it’s the only thing I wear! I can’t recommend this enough.

Bobbi Brown Corrector
Yes, another no brainer for me. Bobbi Browns Corrector hands down win hands down. I find it covers my dark circles like no other without creasing or getting funky under the eye area.

NARS Laguna Bronzer
I have many bronzers, yet this is the one I continue to use day after day. For me it’s the right shade it’s not too orange and not too muddy. I know that this product works for great for medium skin tones but I highly recommend it for us pale girls too.

Clarins Vitamin Pink
This was a hard one for me because I have a ton of blushes I adore. Vitamin Pink is a cream blush with a lovely pink glow. I find for my skin tone this is one of those colors that instantly makes me look healthy.

Highlighting Power
Poudre Signee De Chanel
This is a most amazing highlighter I’ve come across and of course it just had to be limited edition. Although it’s shimmery in the pan on the skin it looks natural and luminous. It’s one of those products that people notice and you get the “what did you do different?” or “did you get a facial”

Lip Balm
Nuxe Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm or Reve de Meil
I’m happy to say I’m still enjoying this! I love that this isn’t greasy yet it is very moisturizing.

Lip Gloss
Dior Lip Maximizer
Do I think this gives you lips like Angelina Jolie? No
BUT it looks shiney on and also feels like Blistex Lip-Medex. 
If you’re a fan of that minty feeling I highly recommend this.

Lip Stick
Chanel Boy
Yes, I’ve talked about this before. But to sum it up this is a the perfect natural lip color that’s easy to use no matter what the makeup look or what season.
makeup using all of my "one product" products!

Essence Crazy Volume Extreme
Here’s another I’ve mentioned in posts, but this mascara is just that good. I love that it’s 4.99 yet out performs department store brands.

Eye Shadow
MAC Shroom
Shroom is a perfect lid color, that’s not too sparkly yet still brightens the lid area. I love wearing this alone or in combination with other shadows.

Blacktrack Fluidline
I find gel liners are the best because they allow for the most control. Blacktrack is my favorite because is the smoothest formula with the darkest color payoff. 

Lip Liner?
Believe it or not I don’t have a favorite lip liner!
If you have any suggestions I would love to know.

Well that concludes my one of everything!

I really liked writing this and tag everyone to participle!
Thanks for reading and hope you are all having an awesome weekend. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beautiful Oil's

It seems like over the past couple of year’s oil based beauty products have exploded in the beauty industry. I remember first hearing about the Macadamia Hair Oil and thinking to myself “gross”. Today I’m an oil advocate and truly believe oil-based products can sometimes be more effective then their cream counterparts. So with the cold winter months approaching I thought I would share with you my oil must haves.
Aveda Active Composition Oil
This oil helps sooth achy muscles after working out.
And let’s be honest here ladies I don’t exactly work out!
I love this winter green scented beauty as a relaxing oil. I simply dab some on my arms before bed and I am transported into a spa like sleep. This oil doesn’t just smell great but it also leaves a relaxing tingly sensation and moisturizes the skin lightly.
On a side not Jay thinks this smells like root beer I think it smells like candy canes either way … love!
I’m actually really looking forward to going to bed tonight!
Maybe, I need to check out some other Aveda Oils!

Clarins Blue Lotus Oil
This is such a favorite especially in the cold winter months. I can’t tell you how much of a lifesaver this has been in combination with the Avene Cold Cream. It really has transformed my dry eczema prone skin into amazingly moisturized skin. Clarins Oils are packed with nutrients and they have one to suit every skin type.

Arbonne FC5 Conditioning Oil
So I have a friend who’s an Arbonne sales rep.
If you picture a pushy sales women knocking/calling/annoying you all the time ladies you have the wrong picture. Her love for Arbonne is straightforward she just likes the product and welcomed the idea of selling it… simple.
So when she told me how much she loved the Conditioning Oil, I had to try it.
This is nutrient rich oil is amazing for your cuticles, face and body. However, unlike any other skin oils I own what makes this so useful is the portability of it. I keep one of these in my purse and have been finding it very useful now that the weather has cooled down. I love this and see myself getting good use out of this.

Coconut Oil (not photographed, but any extra virgin coconut oil will do)
This is one of those beauty miracle products that do just about everything.
Personally my favorite use for coconut oil is as a deep conditioner. I simply work a handful into the tips of my hair and gradually work upwards. Next I tie a bun and wait at least one hour before washing it out. You might need to shampoo your roots twice but its well worth the astonishingly soft hair your left with. I’ve tried a few hair masks but coconut oil has to be my favourite.

 L'Artisan Parfumeur Mure et Musc Body Oil

I’ve been attempting to save this for special occasions but now that I’m done my beloved Darphin Body Oil it’s been an everyday thing for me. Mure et Musc quite simply a berries and musk scent. I love that this balances between being soft, maybe even a little animalistic in contrast with tart sweet berries. The oil it self is very nourishing and settles into my skin right away. I feel like if you’re a fan of Joe Malone’s Pomegranate Nior which is kind of a dark berry scent you will be a fan of Mure et Musc.

Well that concludes my post on my favourite oil beauty products. 
I would love to hear what are some of your faves so please leave a comment!
Also I would love to know what are your favourite oils for the hair I've had my eye on the Macademia one for a couple of months now!
Thanks for reading and I hope you have been enjoying the week!
Tarte Tanya

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sample Overload

I tend to hold on to samples just “in case”, don’t ask me why because I couldn’t answer that to save my life. So while organizing my makeup collection it finally occurred to me that I’m going to have to either start using these or start giving some away.

So I thought I would report on some I’ve tried over the past week.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
I haven’t used a primer regularly in years so when I got a sample of the Beauty Flash Balm it hid in my sample collection for a couple of months. After reading so many an amazing reviews I decided to give this a try. All I can say is wow! This primer not only makes your makeup last forever and give a luminous finish but also magically firms your skin instantly. I love this and I can’t wait to repurchase this in the future.

Neostrata Intensive Wrinkle Repair
Lovely packing for a sample but I just found this meh.
It’s nice packaging and doesn’t irritate my skin but I do see extreme wrinkle repair results when using this.

Eternal Grace Body Lotion
I love philosophy body lotions have been in love with the Inner Grace lotion for years. Eternal Grace is definitely fits in the Grace line up its soft and is easy to wear. Personally, I find this too citrusy but if you’re into that sort of thing the quality of the lotion is really nice.

La Roche Posey Physiological Foaming Water
If Bioderma were a foam product this would be it.
I find this good and am enjoying a change from my purity but I find foams dry out my skin. I guess you can say I’m on the fence about this one! Maybe in the summer months I would find this better but it’s a tad but too drying for this time of year. If you have a more combination skin type I would suggest you check this product out.

Well that’s the samples I’ve been trying out this week!
So far I really like the Beauty Flash Balm.
Well that’s all for today and thanks for reading!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

More Nuxe then I can handle, HAUL

More Nuxe then I can handle, HAUL

This was a haul that should have never happened but
1.     It was a great deal
2.     I wanted to try something new
3.     And the most important, it was my birthday

Basically I purchased a lip balm from NUXE loved it and wanted to try out more of the line. In addition I’ve also read a lot of great reviews and had friends tell me nothing but positive about the entire brand. So this was a brand that was on my shopping list to buy within the upcoming months. So on a trip to Shoppers Drug Mart over the previous weekend I noticed all the NUXE summersets were massively reduced. The lady explained that they had to free up some room from their Christmas sets.

Well ladies, you all know what that means!

Comfort Cleansing Milk
This is what actually prompted this haul.
As you may know I was a little bored with my Philosophy Purity cleanser as of late. Don’t get me wrong I still love the stuff but after two years of continuous use I just need a break. So when I saw that the Nuxe Cleansing milk is a multi use product (like philosophy’s purity), and formulated for sensitive skin annnndd smelt like roses, I had to get it. While the sticker indicates $30.00 this was actually reduced to $10.00.

So this surprise at the cash was what got me to check out the rest of the sales like a true makeup addict would.

24Hour Moisturizing Lotion
This again was another $10.00 steal. I thought this smelt nice and would be a nice moisturizer to try over the dry winter months.

Crème Merviellance
This is an anti aging cream meant for normal to dry skin. I typically go for hydrating creams and this has hyaluronic acid, so for $20.00 for two products I thought this would be something I would really like.

Serum Merviellance
I love my Avene Soothing Serum but again this was $20.00 for two and I thought to myself why the heck not it’s my birthday week.

Yes, now I have more skincare then I can handle but I thought for the price it was something I couldn’t pass up.
Yes, I also have a problem!
So that concludes this week compulsive makeup purchasing,
Until next time!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bourjois Java Rice Loose Powder

Yes it happened to me again. I read a ton of online hype, saw some very cute packaging and I went for the purchase. So here we have it my own two cents of Bourjois Java Rice Loose Powder.

First off this history behind this product is astonishing, Java Rice Powder was Bourjois claim to fame product way back when. Recently Bourjois reformulated using modern technology and just in time for the 150th birthday. As a tribute to the original this product has been released in a vintage light green packaging. I must say I just adore looking at this classic looking pot.

I feel like this is a type of makeup I can see a character from The Great Gatsby wearing… random fact!

Yes, this product is cute and yes it has some history to it, but how it the actual product? Smooth. The first thing you will notice is how smooth this product is. The texture actually reminds me a lot of the Dior Rosy Glow product I recently reviewed. I find this powder incredibly wearable highlight and this has been my go to highlight for work. The subtle pink shimmers highlight effectively but from a distance translate to a natural healthy glow.  I have loved this since the first day I got it and highly recommend it to people in search of that natural sheen or makeup beginners who want a simple highlight color.
And if you don’t need a natural highlight there’s nothing wrong with just staring at this beauty!

I got my Java Rice Powder at Shopper’s Drugmart in the Decades of beauty gift set which retails for $60.

Let me know what your favorite Bourjois products are in the comments section and don’t for get to follow me.
Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Birthday Besties

Hope everyone week is going well!

Today is my birthday and I thought I would quickly share with you my must have products today.

Deborah Lippmann nail varnish in Happy Birthday. 
This is a party of multi coloured glitters, it's a lot of fun to wear especially if you feel like celebrating. And how appropriate is the name?

Benefit Erase Paste Concealer
This is a great under eye concealer that covers my horrible horrible dark circles. I have been loving this product today especially since I woke up early and went to bed late. 

Bourjois Java Rice Loose powder
As I mentioned before I am running on minimal sleep and my skin looks dull and dehydrated. I have been loving this powder because it really helps achieve that 'Birthday glow' with just a quick swipe to the cheek bones. 
I have been playing around with this for a week so expect a review very very soon!

Lancome Pink Carat
Again this is one of those feel good products, cute packaging, good product, cute shade and pretty glitters make this a must for birthdays. Not to mention, this product is also easy to apply and looks beautifully shimmery on the lips.  

Well I am off dinner. 
Let me know what your favourite birthday products are. 

Hope you are all having a great week!
Thanks for reading,

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Glam Glo a review!

So everyone and their best friend seems to be talking about this lately, but what really did me in was a UK blogger that described this as her “can’t live without product”. I don’t know about you but those are some pretty powerful words so on my previous trip to Sephora I decided to pick up a mini. Let me tell you these babies are not cheap. The tiny mini bottle set me back a whopping 20 bucks. Fortunately/surprisingly the little tub lasts about 5-6 applications.

The first thing you will notice is this mud mask smells great, like super refreshing floral sort of scent. It smells so nice that Jay even commented, “is that your face?” which I gather in man means ‘that mask smells nice’. According to Glam Glow you are to apply a thin even layer. I found this hard because of the large pieces of seaweed kind of fell off my face and the coloring of the mask was kind of hard to see against my skin. Not all is bad because it actually dries way more even that it looks.

Next you put this sucker on your skin and your going to feel … a tingling burning sensation. I know I’m a wimp but this brought tears to my eyes. I opted to take a piece of paper and fan my face to reduce that burning sensation. After about a min or two the burning goes away and you are left with a pleasant smelling mud mask.

After 5 minutes you take this off and I was honestly left with a much clearer complexion. This mask did not dry out my skin nor did it aggravate my eczema. I think this mask really performs what it’s set out to do but for me the tingling sensation when applied is simply too painful. For this reason only I am not going to repurchase this I just found it physically painful when applied. I recommend you try Glam Glow before you purchase the large bottle.

Well that’s all for now ladies!
I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.
To all my Canadian readers Happy Thanks Giving


Take care and keep eating Turkey!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bourjois Decades of Beauty Gift Set

Over the past year Bourjois has been one of my new favorite makeup companies. My love started with the chocolate bronzer but what really captivated me was there Healthy Serum Foundation. My next purchase was a blush in Rose D’or, which is a gorgeous and very wearable golden gold shade. I also bought a nail polish again another amazing product. I guess you can say I haven’t had a bad experience with this brand!

So I was pondering the drugstore and they had a whole display set up for Bourjois 150th Birthday. So wanting to try more of Bourjois with a combination of being a history nerd mixed with so many amazing reviews I decided to pick up the 150 Decades of Beauty set.

Just from a first glance everything seems really nice except for the black Kajal Liner, which seemed to lack pigment. With that being said I was surprised at how pigmented the blush was in comparison to the already pigmented Bourjois blush I own. The Java Rice Powder … so soft, so pretty. All I can say is expect a review coming soon.

picture of packaging

Overall my first impression of the entire set is it’s great value. This set cost me $60 at Shoppers Drug Mart. I think for trying 6 full size products and a mini nail polish this set is well worth the money.

Expect some reviews coming real soon!
Also, let me know what product you would like to hear a review on!
Hope you ladies are having an amazing week.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Product Empties #1

If you have no idea what these posts are about this is going to sound crazy. Basically you hoard around otherwise seeming less trash so that you can take pictures and talk about it online. 

Dear Mom, I’m not crazy other people do this too!
But these are my three reasons:
-Firstly I feel like I honestly never finish makeup products so when I do it’s a huge deal and should be celebrated.
-Secondly, reading/watching posts like these are some of my favorites.
-Finally I feel like someone can really accurately review a product once they’ve finished it.
So buckle in shit is about to get real.

Philosophy Purity Cleanser
This is a cleanser, toner and makeup remover that gentle to enough to use around the eye area. I have been using this for about two years now and already am starting a new bottle. I find that the formula is very effect at taking off makeup and very moisturizing too.
Great stuff but I’m getting the urge to try something new, so leave me a comment on what cleansers you recommend?

Clinique Airbrush Concealer
I pair this with the Bobby Brow’s corrector in the morning to help eliminate dark circles around the eye. Great product and already have a new one on the go!

Laura Mercier Hand Cream in Almond Coconut
I got a gift set of these for my Christmas last year. I really liked the scent of this one, but would I buy it again? No! It’s not a bad product and if I got it for Christmas again it’s not like I would be upset. Personally, I just think there are less expensive hand creams that moisturize just as well or even better.

Essence Crazy Volume Mascara
I know just about everyone has heard me brag about this mascara, but it’s amazing. It gives you length, volume and curl! This product doesn’t flake, doesn’t dry out, its not water proof but it lasts… It’s an epic product and I already have one of these on the go.
Oh yeah it’s an incredible deal too it’s only 4.99!

Dior Lip Glow
I was kind of late to jump on the Dior Lip Glow train. Which is unfortunate because this train is awesome! I find the Dior Lip Glow super moisturizing and a great everyday natural pink color. It’s not everyday I finish a lip product but I finished this puppy off in couple of months. I highly recommend this!

YSL Mouth Watering Berry
I waited all summer to wear this again and it’s already gone. I’m sure you’ve heard me go on about this product too but it’s just so good! It’s like a lip balm texture but has the look of a lip stain, LOVE. Must repurchase!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
I stopped using this in the summer to use some of my tinted foundations. But, I really miss this foundation! First off it smells amazingly divine. Next it’s just the right amount of coverage to wear everyday. I’m happy to report I’ve already started a new bottle since I ran out. If you have dry skin or if you loved Chanel’s Pro Lumiere I highly recommend you try this.

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Perfect Topping
Okay my last empty is actually kind of a frustrating story. Basically I have been saving this limited edition Skin Finish for what ever reason and it broke. This is probably one of my favorite MSF’s I own, but there’s a lesson to be learnt here. Use your makeup and enjoy the product’s you love!

Well on that note it’s time to cuddle up and watch a movie.
Hope you all enjoyed my post.
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Have a great night lovely ladies!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Product Fails

I hate when products don’t work, not only is it a huge waste of money but it’s also a let down when things don’t work.
I must say I don’t mean to bash any company, I just think every brand has things that they do great and some things that are subpar. So with out further ado here are my product fails.

NARS Femme Fatale
I love NARS eye shadow duo’s Kalahari, Alahambra, Exotic Dance all amazing stuff. Femme Fatale is simply crap. This duo consists of a shimmery icy white and a shimmery teal. Not only do these shades lack pigment but they also are extremely chalky. I had high expectations for this but unfortunately it did not perform.

Maybelline Fresh Dream BB
I tried to like this; I really did however the color did not match my skin. I love tinted foundations but this formula lacked pigmentation. I ended up wearing double the amount of product, which gave me an ompa loompa like glow… not pretty.

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre
Man oh man… I heard everyone talking about this, always saying how they loved it, how they recommend it, how they think its awesome. I can honestly say I did not like this, simply because it creased like crazy. I’ve tried everything primer, eye shadow bases and nothing seems to work. For that simple reason I can’t recommend this product.

Cover girl Lipsticks
Another cult favorite that that I didn’t like! The colors I have 300 and 335 I must admit are very creamy and well pigmented. I just don’t like these because of the scent. They smell like old lipstick that’s been covered by a sickly sweet vanilla scent, so gross. I know tons of people that like these but I recommend you smell them before purchasing.

Well that concludes my product fails.  
Let me know what your fails are I would love to hear!

Thanks for reading and hope your enjoying your weekend,
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Black Cherry

Deep red colors are always my favorite around this time of year.
I love how sexy and chic they look on lips and nails. Commonly blackish red shades can be hard to apply and intimidating to beginners. Don’t be scared of this beautiful shade ladies because I’m here to share with you some of my all time favorites that are super easy to apply.

Essence Blush in Renesmee Red
Have you ever put on a dark red lipstick and thought, “this looks strange?” 9 times out of 10 it’s probably because you weren’t wearing enough blush. Don’t get me wrong you don’t have to pile it on. But applying a tad bit more after you’ve put on your lipstick can really complete your look. Renesmee Red is my favorite blush to wear with dark lips. It’s incredibly bendable, pigmented and doesn’t grab onto the skin weird like other red blushes. Love this product!

Benefit Benetint
This is a love/hate product for me. I love that this is a no fuss product that you can apply this with fingers and this looks great on both the lip and cheeks. However, I hate when I have dry skin and this sets before I can blend it. Right now my skin is a little oilier then normal so I have been wearing this all the time. Nevertheless, as a warning this might not suit you if you have dry skin, so give it a good test before purchasing.

Chanel Glossimer in Crushed Cherry
This product is a beauty. I love that you can apply a little to give you that stained look but also apply more to give you that dark vampy look. This product is great for makeup beginners because you have the option to wear it sheer and still get that black cherry vibe.
Yes this product gives a vibe!

Anna Sui in 461
This is one of those incredibly intimidating lipsticks when you first look at it.
You’ll have to trust me on this one but its way more wearable then it looks. I love the rose scent and adore how moisturizing it is. This is a product I go back to every year and can’t recommend it enough.

Illamasqua Scarab
This is a gorgeous blackish red that I absolutely love in the fall. The wear time is amazing in the polish, not to mention it’s almost opaque in one coat. There’s something about the tone of this polish that looks incredibly sexy on the nails.

I love blackish red’s for this time of the year! Not only are they really flattering but they can be really easy to apply as well. 
I would love to hear what your favorite fall makeup colors are, so feel free to leave a comment.
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