Sunday, October 20, 2013

More Nuxe then I can handle, HAUL

More Nuxe then I can handle, HAUL

This was a haul that should have never happened but
1.     It was a great deal
2.     I wanted to try something new
3.     And the most important, it was my birthday

Basically I purchased a lip balm from NUXE loved it and wanted to try out more of the line. In addition I’ve also read a lot of great reviews and had friends tell me nothing but positive about the entire brand. So this was a brand that was on my shopping list to buy within the upcoming months. So on a trip to Shoppers Drug Mart over the previous weekend I noticed all the NUXE summersets were massively reduced. The lady explained that they had to free up some room from their Christmas sets.

Well ladies, you all know what that means!

Comfort Cleansing Milk
This is what actually prompted this haul.
As you may know I was a little bored with my Philosophy Purity cleanser as of late. Don’t get me wrong I still love the stuff but after two years of continuous use I just need a break. So when I saw that the Nuxe Cleansing milk is a multi use product (like philosophy’s purity), and formulated for sensitive skin annnndd smelt like roses, I had to get it. While the sticker indicates $30.00 this was actually reduced to $10.00.

So this surprise at the cash was what got me to check out the rest of the sales like a true makeup addict would.

24Hour Moisturizing Lotion
This again was another $10.00 steal. I thought this smelt nice and would be a nice moisturizer to try over the dry winter months.

Crème Merviellance
This is an anti aging cream meant for normal to dry skin. I typically go for hydrating creams and this has hyaluronic acid, so for $20.00 for two products I thought this would be something I would really like.

Serum Merviellance
I love my Avene Soothing Serum but again this was $20.00 for two and I thought to myself why the heck not it’s my birthday week.

Yes, now I have more skincare then I can handle but I thought for the price it was something I couldn’t pass up.
Yes, I also have a problem!
So that concludes this week compulsive makeup purchasing,
Until next time!

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  1. Ooh I love Nuxe, you got some great products the Creme sounds amazing!