Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Sheet Mask Show Down

For the longest time sheet masks were obscure beauty products only found in Asian beauty stores.  To say things have changed would be a gross understatement because you can now find these masks everywhere. From your local drugstore to your favourite high-end beauty boutique there is a sheet mask explosion happing right now people! So with these masks being a pretty trendy item right now I thought, why not have a good ole fashion show down?
Our budget friendly contender is The Face Shop's Hylauronic Sheet mask versus the pricey Dr. Jart Water Fuse Mask.

Dr. Jart Water Fuse Mask $9.00 each
I love that Dr. Jart Water Fuse Mask contains hyaluronic acid, but let’s not beat around the bush here the texture of this mask throws me off. In my experience sheet masks (even the gel kinds) are wet but Dr. Jart Water Fuse is far from it. This mask is almost rubbery in texture…its strange, unexpected and totally different than any other mask I’ve ever tried.
Application of this mask is very easy… more or less it just sticks to your face with ease. While on this mask feels cooling and refreshing, making it the perfect contrasting complement to a hot bubble bath. As far as results go I wouldn’t say this is made a huge difference in the hydration department. The one thing I did notice is that this did leave my skin feeling incredibly soft. Enjoyable, different but sort of lack luster if you ask me.

The Face Shop Essential Hyaluronic Acid Mask $2.00
 The Essential Hyaluronic Mask is another hydrating face mask using the miracle ingredient hyaluronic acid, but at a fraction of the price. Unlike the Dr. Brant the Face Shop version is a traditional style material sheet mask that comes completely saturated in liquid. I find application a little harder with this version because it tends to be slightly goopy. With that being said it’s not the end of the world because once you get this mask on it’s on.
Interestingly at 4.5 times less than the Dr. Jart the results of Essential Hyaluronic mask are far superior. Not only does this leave my skin soft, but it also leaves me with noticeably hydrated, plump and luminous too. 

I’m sorry Dr. Jart but there is a clear cut winner here! Ladies if you find change floating around in the bottom of your purse, on the ground or tucked into a sofa go grab The Face Shop’s Essential Hyaluronic Acid Mask. Beating the mask that is 4.5 times its price this budget beauty item does not disappoint.

Friday, October 23, 2015

How To Save Money On Beauty!

There is no denying that beauty products are expensive. You can now buy a $90 tube of lipstick, followed by a $60.00 bottle of nail polish. Even drugstore cosmetics are getting pricey! A quick glance around the drugstore and you’ll notice your favourite ‘cheap’ foundation is now hitting the $20.00 mark or maybe even exceeded it. However ladies there are ways for us to save money on cosmetics. Yes, you could get luxury makeup for less or sometimes even free. So here are my favourite ways to save money on beauty. 

Buy Value Sets 
November is the time of year where most companies release their holiday gift sets. Some of these sets are undeniably gimmicky. Like do I really need another cosmetic bag that I am never going to use? Probably not! However some of these sets actually pack a lot of value for what they’re worth. So if you’re looking to purchase your favourite lipstick, moisturizer perfume or whatever you might want to check out what your favourite brand has to offer. 

Mother’s Day is also an excellent time of year for these bargain deals too. 

Gift with Purchase 
I’ve seen women fight over gifts and sales associates battle over commissions… it’s a brutal gift with purchase world out there. While these GWP events terrify me the benefits can undoubtedly get you some free product and evidently save you money. So to skip the crowds and ciaos I highly suggest pre reserving your product along with your gift. Not only does this ensure you get the product that you want but it also ensures you get the gift you want too. 
Clinique and Estee Lauder both do amazing gifts, which usually include full sized products. With that being said Clarins and LancĂ´me hold their own too! 

Points Cards
Points cards basically work on the principle of the more you spend the more rewards you get in return. Some companies like Sephora allow you to pick among a bunch of sample sizes. Other companies will actually reward you with money to spend in there store on anything you like. Personally I love Shoppers Drug Marts Point system, because it gives you the to freedom to redeem points for cash value and purchase whatever you heart desires. Whatever system you like just remember free makeup is just around the corner so you might as well sign up!

What are some of your favourite beauty money saving tips? Leave me a message below!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

3 Things to Try Chanel

There are so many beautiful makeup lines out there, but nothing makes me feel as luxurious as Chanel. Yes, the prices definitely reflect the extravagance of the brand, but in my experience there excellence seems to exceed industry standards. So whether you’re an avid Chanel beauty collector or just wanted to try something from the brand here are my top 3 things to try.

Chanel Limited Edition Nail Polishes
With its timeless shades and its chemical free formula Chanel’s nail polish range is fantastic. There permanent range has many classic colours, but I say if you’re going to dabble with their polishes go for their limited edition colours. These trendy nail polish colours tend to be both unique and the most fashion forward too.
Currently I am obsessing over Chanel’s Vert Obscur, which is the prettiest blackest teal-green I’ve ever seen.  

Chanel Le Beige
I’ve never met a pressed powder that is as luminous as Le Beige. If you have dry skin or more mature skin this powder will make your skin dewy and luscious all while setting your makeup. Also I thoroughly enjoy the added SPF this powder boasts along with the gorgeous packaging too. Without added shimmer, glitter or sparkle this is power contains a convincing glow all of us dry skin sufferers have been looking for.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine
Buttery, hydrating, rose scented … Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shines are perfection! Some colours are more pigmented then others, but most are sheer wearable washes of colour.  I have to say all in all every shade I’ve tried has been a downright pleasure to wear. Come to think about it Rouge Coco Shines might be my favourite lipstick formulas ever! Some of my favourites are Chanel Boy (your lips but slightly more pinky) and Antigone (sheer raspberry red). Trust me these balm-like-lipsticks are well worth the splurge. 

There are some fantastic Chanel products out there, there limited edition highlighters and bronzers come to mind too. Actually there are some more Chanel products I would like to try as well, including their new facial massage cream and there facial mist too! I am getting way off topic here.
These three products however do not disappoint! I would love to hear what your favourite Chanel products are, so feel free to leave me a comment below.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

MAC Haul

With fall in the air and my birthday around the corner I was feeling a little spendy this weekend. A part of my shopping spree was baby related… basically I wanted to get some beauty treats to have with me when I go into labour/when I’m in the hospital. Eventually I am going to do a blog post on this, but I’m still narrowing things down. The other part of my visit was solely dedicated to underwear shopping (but this is not that kind of blog) and MAC. So without further ado here are some goodies I picked up at MAC over the past weekend.

MAC Paint in Untitled
Everyone goes on about MAC’s Paint Pots, but in my opinion MAC’s Paints are the star of the show. Untitled is a matte skin toned pink shade which translates to natural on my pale skin. As where Paint Pots have a tendency to crease, MAC’s paints don’t budge. Actually, Untitled out performs every base I’ve ever owned… why did I go so long before repurchasing?

MAC Patina Eye Shadow
Patina is one of my favourite eye shadows ever! On me this shade looks like a muted golden bronze on others this takes on a stunning purple iridescence. The bottom line is this one shade wonder is stunning, unique and flattering, but remains very wearable too. My previous Patina was broken and getting old so I’m glad to have a new one kicking around.

MAC Temping Eye Shadow
Did I need another eye shadow… no but I couldn’t help myself I was tempted by Tempting!!! This bronzy, gold eye shadow literally stopped me in my tracks. So I thought to myself let’s live on the wild side and get this beautiful eye shadow.

Small haul but a good one in my humble opinion…

Sunday, October 11, 2015

The 5 Min Fall Face

I always think bloggers take their time applying makeup. They sit at their vanities carefully applying eye liner, while burning a candle and enjoying a cup of their favourite organic tea. I wish I could be one of these girls, but embarrassing I am far from it. In fact I am rather lazy when it comes to makeup application. My personal makeup philosophy is invest in good, time saving products that make you polished in the least amount of time. So with fall here and I thought I would share with you my quick and very easy fall look.

The first step to my makeup routine is slapping some foundation on the face. I use the word slap specifically because more times than not I use my fingers to apply foundation. Not only does this take seconds to do but it looks the most natural too. The next step is to set the work we have just done. In warmer months I opt for a light weight powder, however since dry skin season is I have been opting for the more hydrating alternative MAC’s Fix Plus.

Now with my base done it’s off to blush-land, which is my favourite stop on the makeup tour. Some falls I opt for a berry like NARS Sin, but this fall I am all about Tarte’s Exposed. This cult shade is a perfect pinky nude shade that adds both definition and colour to the cheeks. Exposed is one of those products that takes seconds to apply, but the overall result looks like it took you a longer. 

I love bronzy smoky eyes for the fall, winged liner is also a classic option too. In reality I am a one shade wonder kind of girl and this season’s colour is MAC Soba. This mustardy medium brown doesn’t look that interesting in the pan. Somehow (dare I evenly say magically?) applied to the lid this looks like a neutral muted gold. It’s like the kind of colour that looks seasonal but in a super cool kind ‘I didn’t even try’ of way. To finish up I complete the eyes with a good coat of black mascara. Currently I am using this Miss Manga mascara, which is super black and very dramatic. 

Finally to finish up this easy fall face is a speedy application of lipstick. A quick lipstick always means it has to be comfortable to wear and easy to apply and Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shines exactly that. The colour I have loved recently is Antigone. This raspberry pinky-red colour is flattering on my pale skin and the formula is an overall pleasure to wear. If you were looking for a reddish berry but didn't want anything too purple this color has my seasonal pick. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Take a Break and Exfoliate

It’s like a chemical exfoliation bomb went off in the skincare world in the past couple of years. I’m not trying to write a horror movie here, but these are those acidic solutions that aim to eat away at those dead skin cells. As violent as that sounds, in most cases it’s really quite gentle and the results can be amazing too. Physical scrubs on the other hand remove dead skin cells through friction. In addition to unclogging pores and removing dead cells, physical scrubs can also help with circulation and lymphatic drainage. Two things which (in my opinion) are critical to healthy youthful looking skin! So I ask you this skincare junkies what happened to our physical exfoliation friends?
 So let’s get physical today and bask in the glory of these amazing scrubs.

Clarins Gentle Refiner
Earlier this year plastic microbeads were banned in skincare products here in Canada. Clarins Gentle Refiner contains microbeads, but there plant based which makes them non-harmful to our environment.  I felt like I needed to clear the air before I begin…
Clarins Gentle Refiner is exactly that gentle. This cream based exfoliator is somewhat hydrating, but with the perfect amount of exfoliating grit. This exfoliator leaves your skin soft and glowy but without that dreaded stripped feeling. All skin types could seek benefit from this, but I highly recommend it to those with dry skin or sensitive skin.

Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser
Tata’s products don’t come cheap, but damn are they ever effective. Using enzymes, clays and essential oils the Regenerating Cleanser works in 4 ways in unclog pores, improve radiance and increase hydration. I swear I noticed results within one application of this product!
Again this product is suitable for all skin types. Oily skin types would love this especially because of the natural form of salicylic acid this product boosts. If you were looking for a gritty cleanser that makes your skin glow … you need this.
Full review here!

Philosophy Mirco Delivery Exfoliating Wash
This is the scrubbiest scrub on my list here today. As gritty as the product feels, it doesn’t leave your skin stripped or irritated. Unlike the Tata and the Clarins this product is a gel, which produces a slight lather when mixed with water. Between the gritty texture and the beautiful lathery texture this leaves the skin baby soft right away.  Although I don’t find this product drying, oily and normal skin types would really benefit from this product. However if you have really reactive skin I would lean towards the other two.
So ladies let’s put those bottles of Glow Tonic down and try some physical scrub goodness. What are some of your favourite physical scrubs? Leave me a comment below.

Friday, October 2, 2015

September Favourites

October is here, and looking back I have no idea where September went. It feels like it was just yesterday I was writing my August favourites and preparing myself for pumpkin spice latte season. But now pumpkin spice season is here people! With fall comes a ton of fall favourites, so let’s get started shall we?
Aveda Beautifying Oil
This multi-tasking oil is perfect at giving the skin extra hydration, but has the aromatherapy benefits of smelling like a tranquil spa. You can use this oil on your face, body, hair, in the bath or basically anywhere you need some extra hydration.
As someone who has a growing baby bump this has been an excellent product to relieve itchy, tight, dry skin.

Aveda Rosemary Mint Body Lotion
I am totally having a love affair with Aveda at the moment and on the top of the list is this lotion! The Rosemary Mint lotion is non greasy and leaves your body with a refreshing minty tingle. If you were seeking an everyday light weight moisturizer give this amazing lotion a try.
Recently my favourite beauty regiment has been a hot bath, followed by a generous helping Rosemary Min lotion, a cup of hot mint tea, comfy pjs and a good movie… it’s like bringing a spa to your very own bedroom!

Tarte Exposed
Kind of pink, kind of brown, this boring looking blush actually looks quite striking on the cheeks. It’s the type of blush that adds both colour and definition to the cheeks in the most natural way possible. The formula of this blush is extremely long lasting and pigmented… come to think about it it’s probably one of the best in my collection.

Chanel Vert Obscur
Saying that Chanel’s limited edition nail polishes use to temp me would be an understatement, I was obsessed! Yes ladies I was that annoying customer who lurked my local Chanel counter hoping I wouldn’t miss out on this season’s hottest shade. Let’s just say I have come a long way, in fact my last Chanel polish purchase would have been over a year ago! I was all cool until I saw Vert Obscur.
I would describe this colour as black meets a green teal and ladies it is stunning. Not only is the quality of the polish merit the luxury price, but the colour is truly unique too.

What have some of your favourites been? leave me a comment!