Sunday, October 18, 2015

3 Things to Try Chanel

There are so many beautiful makeup lines out there, but nothing makes me feel as luxurious as Chanel. Yes, the prices definitely reflect the extravagance of the brand, but in my experience there excellence seems to exceed industry standards. So whether you’re an avid Chanel beauty collector or just wanted to try something from the brand here are my top 3 things to try.

Chanel Limited Edition Nail Polishes
With its timeless shades and its chemical free formula Chanel’s nail polish range is fantastic. There permanent range has many classic colours, but I say if you’re going to dabble with their polishes go for their limited edition colours. These trendy nail polish colours tend to be both unique and the most fashion forward too.
Currently I am obsessing over Chanel’s Vert Obscur, which is the prettiest blackest teal-green I’ve ever seen.  

Chanel Le Beige
I’ve never met a pressed powder that is as luminous as Le Beige. If you have dry skin or more mature skin this powder will make your skin dewy and luscious all while setting your makeup. Also I thoroughly enjoy the added SPF this powder boasts along with the gorgeous packaging too. Without added shimmer, glitter or sparkle this is power contains a convincing glow all of us dry skin sufferers have been looking for.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine
Buttery, hydrating, rose scented … Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shines are perfection! Some colours are more pigmented then others, but most are sheer wearable washes of colour.  I have to say all in all every shade I’ve tried has been a downright pleasure to wear. Come to think about it Rouge Coco Shines might be my favourite lipstick formulas ever! Some of my favourites are Chanel Boy (your lips but slightly more pinky) and Antigone (sheer raspberry red). Trust me these balm-like-lipsticks are well worth the splurge. 

There are some fantastic Chanel products out there, there limited edition highlighters and bronzers come to mind too. Actually there are some more Chanel products I would like to try as well, including their new facial massage cream and there facial mist too! I am getting way off topic here.
These three products however do not disappoint! I would love to hear what your favourite Chanel products are, so feel free to leave me a comment below.


  1. I'm glad you made this post because I've been meaning to indulge in my first Chanel products. It's been difficult to make a decision online, so I think I need to stop by a counter first......looks like my first stop will be at the Rouge Coco Shines ;)

    1. Excellent choice!!!! I highly suggest Boy as your first color... Bel Ami is really nice too!
      Come to think about it there are tons of beautiful colours in the range :)
      Thanks for commenting.