Thursday, October 15, 2015

MAC Haul

With fall in the air and my birthday around the corner I was feeling a little spendy this weekend. A part of my shopping spree was baby related… basically I wanted to get some beauty treats to have with me when I go into labour/when I’m in the hospital. Eventually I am going to do a blog post on this, but I’m still narrowing things down. The other part of my visit was solely dedicated to underwear shopping (but this is not that kind of blog) and MAC. So without further ado here are some goodies I picked up at MAC over the past weekend.

MAC Paint in Untitled
Everyone goes on about MAC’s Paint Pots, but in my opinion MAC’s Paints are the star of the show. Untitled is a matte skin toned pink shade which translates to natural on my pale skin. As where Paint Pots have a tendency to crease, MAC’s paints don’t budge. Actually, Untitled out performs every base I’ve ever owned… why did I go so long before repurchasing?

MAC Patina Eye Shadow
Patina is one of my favourite eye shadows ever! On me this shade looks like a muted golden bronze on others this takes on a stunning purple iridescence. The bottom line is this one shade wonder is stunning, unique and flattering, but remains very wearable too. My previous Patina was broken and getting old so I’m glad to have a new one kicking around.

MAC Temping Eye Shadow
Did I need another eye shadow… no but I couldn’t help myself I was tempted by Tempting!!! This bronzy, gold eye shadow literally stopped me in my tracks. So I thought to myself let’s live on the wild side and get this beautiful eye shadow.

Small haul but a good one in my humble opinion…


  1. I didn't know MAC still makes Paints! Will have to give them a peek again. Tempting is one of my faves! :)


    1. Tempting is beautiful... its a great alternative for those who find Woodwinked too orange too!
      Thanks for commenting :)