Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What's in my hospital beauty bag?

Before you roll your eyes at me let me explain!
I don’t plan on wearing a full face of makeup during labour. Nor do I care if I look tired, ill or pale after birth. My beauty bag is solely based on the principal of 'I want to have things to make me as comfortable as possible during my stay at the hospital'. Yes, I realize childbirth isn’t a fashion show but I just can’t help that beauty takes me to my zen place. So ladies and gentleman (I’m sure most men have clocked out by now) these are the contents of my hospital beauty bag.

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Balm  
From what I’ve read lip balm is a must during childbirth. I’m not sure if this is from the intense breathing or the dry hospital air, but I don't want to added discomfort of cracked lips. To combat this pesky inconvenience I have selected the Fresh Advanced Therapy. Why you ask? Basically I read a ton of good reviews and thought it sounded like a good idea.

Clinique Moisture Surge Facial Mist
Beauty guru, journalist and a complete kick ass, Sali Hughes mentioned this spray was a must have during child birth. It’s refreshing, hydrating and ultimately if it’s good enough for Sali its good enough for me. Total diva product, but everything about this spray sounds like a good idea.

Lavender Aromatherapy Spray
Will lavender aromatherapy spray work as a natural from of an epidural? I don’t think so. With that being said I do like the scent of lavender and I’m willing to try just about anything to keep me calm during labour. This natural aromatherapy spray was an affordable $10.00, so I thought to myself why not?
On a side note I think this would make a lovely affordable pillow spray as well.  

Ole Henriksen Nurture Me Cleansing Clothes
I am a proper cleanse kind of girl through and through! AND I recommend you always take the time to properly cleanse your skin, but I’ve heard sometimes in labour things get crazy and your skincare routine goes out the door. So while I am still bringing a proper cleanser with me I thought these whips could come in handy should I need them. Again I bought these based on rave reviews; let’s hope they live up to the hype!

Dior Skin BB Cream
I love Dior’s BB cream because it’s light weight, natural looking, moisturizing and you can apply it with your fingers. Should I want to spruce myself up a bit this seems like the perfect handy must have product.

Clarins Instant Concealer
Again if I feel like getting slightly dolled I thought this might be good to have in my bag. As for the product itself this is my go to, high coverage, long lasting concealer of choice. I have a whole review on this product here. I can’t tell you how much I love this stuff it’s probably one of the best products I’ve tried this year.

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara
Mascara makes your eyes look brighter, bigger and more awake. For the seconds it takes to apply mascara is a must for me and barely takes any room in my bag too.

The slew of samples!
The Honest Company Face and Body Lotion - I am prone to dry skin so I thought this mini tube would come in handy especially since hospitals are prone to being so dry.

The Honest Company Body Wash-Our hospital tells you to bring your own body soap, again I had a tube of this kicking around in my sample stash.

The Honest Company Lavender Hand Soap- Not really sure why I am bringing this, but it smells nice so its coming with me!

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Shea Butter-This nourishing cleanser is both gentle and hydrating. For those who know me know I can't be without a proper cleanse.

Clarins Blue Orchid Oil- A dry, sensitive skincare must! This oil is so nourishing I'm not even worried about taking a serum or a traditional moisturizer with me. 

So with the baby coming any day now, I welcome any suggestions what did back in your hospital bag? I am actually I'm surprised I haven't put myself into labour by this long winded post. 
I hope all of your enjoyed your holidays and have a Happy New Years ... until next time!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Paula’s Choice Resist Skin Firming Liner Minimizer Review

There is nothing that generates more opinions then the topic of anti-aging. Even in my immediate family there are Botox advocates, serum worshipers, retinol lovers and a handful of ladies who plan on letting nature take its course. My personal mantra is a simple one … prevention and treatment. This means my routine is rich in hydration and SPF to keep wrinkles and sun spots from appearing. Should things get crazy and fine lines appear I follow with a treatment accordingly. 

I can ramble all day about anti-aging, but I will spare you … at least for now. 

Now approaching my 30’s I have noticed fine line around my eyes, forehead and mouth. Not all women experience this, but as a dry skin sufferer it’s easy for my skin to look a little prune like (no matter what moisturizer I use). For the past couple of years I have always resorted to retinol treatments to battle these lines.  Recently since becoming pregnant I have avoided these trusty but irritating (sometimes) treatments. With my old tricks not working what is a girl to do?

Introducing Paula’s Choice Skin Resist Firming Line Minimizer! This treatment claims to improve fine line, wrinkles and firmness around the eyes and mouth. How you ask? Similar to retinol based Paula’s Skin Resist uses amino acids amp up cellular turnover. In addition to the increasing cellular turnover this treatment also helps repairs damaged elastin and increases collagen production. Basically it’s the trifecta approach to making your skin look bouncy, plump, juicy… also known as youthful. 

You know there are a ton retinol creams out there that are great. With that being said there are a tons of people find these products irritating. There are also many women (such as myself) who avoid retinols while pregnant too. Whatever side of the fence you fall on Paula’s Firming Line Minimizer is a powerful, yet gentle wrinkle reducer perfect for those who want to avoid conventional retinols. The smart dropper applicator, the impressive ingredient list, but ultimately the results of this treatment really make it worth checking out.

You can find this product here!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Make it a Coco Christmas

One of my biggest passions in beauty is perfume. I love the bottles, the scents, but most of all I love the memories perfume invokes. The perfume that I have the strongest memories with is Chanel Coco. To me this might as well be called Chanel Christmas. So with Christmas just around the corner I thought why not take a trip down memory lane?

Years back as a Christmas spurge I bought myself a bottle of Chanel Coco. At the time I was a broke college student looking for a fiery fragrance to wear on winter nights out. Now these were the years that most girls wore Juicy Couture, I however opted for the complete opposite. Yes, a part of me wanted to stand out from the crowed of girls wearing sweet white florals. However the other part of me thought the notes of Bulgarian rose, sexy amber and sweet vanilla would complement flirting and a glass of a red wine to a T.  So for a very brief time Chanel Coco became my signature night out scent. 

I’m not sure what prompted me to carry such a large fragrance in my purse. Was this a thing that people did? Do people still do this? Mind you looking back perhaps big purses were in. Questions aside Christmas morning came and when it came time to pick my fragrance for the day the obvious choice was Coco. Plus it helped that I lugged this refillable bottle with me everywhere. On that Christmas day this perfume instantly transformed for me. The notes of clove and mandarin complimented the spicy notes of Christmas. At the same time the scent of sandalwood, tonka bean and vanilla captured the warmth of a big family get together.

From being in teens and helping my mom with Christmas dinner to now being an adult and celebrating Christmas in my own house Coco marks the past 10 years in holidays for me. With Coco I traded my party girl heels for the comfort of a huge family get together and I’m so glad I did. If you if you can stop for a quick spritz of this perfume I can’t recommend this masterpiece enough.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Cream Review

Over the past year I’ve become more conscious about the ingredients that are in beauty products. Granted I still use some products that contain nasties, but my overall outlook is avoid bad when possible. A brand that peeked my interest over the past year is Antipodes and the first thing on the ‘to try’ list is the Vanilla Pod Hydrating Cream.

Usually I start my skincare reviews by ingredients, formula or my personal experience with the product. However with a name that sounds so delicious I thought let’s just start with scent. Now I am a vanilla lover. From the cheap vanilla scents to more sophisticated ones too, I love everything vanilla. If you were worried about this smelling like generic vanilla body wash I am happy to report the scent of this cream is definitely on the sophisticated side. In fact this smells like vanilla pods mixed with honey and clemintine… its lovely and it’s something I look forward to using each any every morning.
I wish this cream was edible, because darn would this make a beautiful tasting dessert.
Antipodes describes this as a “light but intensive” day cream… I don’t want to be a pain in the butt, but I can’t say I completely agree.  In terms of moisturizing this product boasts shea butter, rose hip oil, macadamia oil and grape seed oil. This blend of hydrating ingredients pretty much guarantees your skin is left supple and nourished. The texture of this cream is on the thicker side, which is great for us dry skin suffers but might be a little to emollient oily skinned ladies.

Oily skin sufferers don't stop reading because this cream has got your back too. In addition to absorbing into the skin beautifully this moisturizer boosts honey. Honey is an excellent natural anti-bacterial, which aids to keeping skin clear and spot free. So fear not oily skin types, this moisturizer is equally suited for your skin type too.

This cream makes my dry, sometimes sensitive skin glow. In addition to be hydrating I love that this cream also boasts anti-oxidants. These powerful anti-oxidants keep your skin protected from environmental aggressors during the day. In my humble option this cream is a pleasure to use and honestly something I look forward to each day.  From the enchanting scent to the intense hydration Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Cream is the perfect way to finish any morning skincare routine.  

You can get this cream here for $48.00 CAD.

Monday, December 7, 2015

The Ultimate Pregnancy Beauty Must Haves

Pregnancy update: I can no longer see my feet. This means that tube of lipstick that fell out of my purse and somewhere on the bedroom floor… it might as well be lost forever!  In pregnancy there are a certain things us ladies need. These “Must Have” lists usually outline a list of prenatal vitamins combined with a selection of maternity clothes. Now I’m not disputing you don’t need those things, but there are certain beauty things we need to. So ladies here is my pregnancy beauty must haves!
As a girl who used to bounce around the house I have now become a step closer looking like a waddling penguin women. I have to say I’m cool with my new found stride, but as the boobs and belly get bigger I’m finding I am prone to back pain. To combat the persistent back pain I get massages and ladies it works freaken wonders. Not only it release tension, feel great but it also helps me sleep like a baby at night. If you’re pregnant I would highly suggest prenatal massage because it will make you feel like a million bucks.

Intense Belly Hydration
There no nice way to put it, but growing bellies and itchy skin come hand in hand. This means over the past few months I’ve tried belly oils, butters, balms, lotions and I’ve come to two conclusions:
The greasier the better… BUT
I will gladly use anything you throw at me, because some moisture is better than no moisture!
I really like Aveda’s Beautifying Composition Oil and The Honest Companies Belly Balm. However I also like to have a portable option in my purse too such as a The Body Shops Mini Body Butters.  Yes, portable options, because trust me it’s never a bad time to moisturize your growing belly.

Bath Time
As mentioned before the pregnant body is prone to all sorts of aches and pains.  Another way I combat these symptoms is a relaxing bath. If you want a fancy bath by all means whip out your favourite Lush bath balm and light your favourite candle. Personally I find a bath using Epsom salts gives the most relief to those achy body pregnancy symptoms. My favourite Epsom salts are Target’s Up & Up Lavender Bath Salts. Not only are they extremely affordable (about $4.00 for a 3 pound bag), but the lavender scent is super soothing too.

As a dark circle sufferer concealer has always been a really good friend. However since becoming pregnant I have made a best friend out of this makeup live saving product! Okay I’m exaggerating about the life saving part, but concealer is a must have for the pregnant women. Why? Well first a common pregnancy symptom is red blotchy skin. For me my red blotchy area is around my nose and a little concealer does wonders at masking my persistent Rudolph nose. Secondly, because of all those raging hormones we pregnant women are prone to sassy-ness and pimples. Concealer will be your best friend during those times too! Finally is the lack of consistent sleep can cause some serious dark circles under the eyes. Ladies concealer has your back during those groggy mornings too!
Basically what I’m saying is invest in a good concealer ladies…

Thursday, December 3, 2015

November Favourites

I’ve said this before but I will say it again… in my mind I like to think I'm cool, calm and collected, but in reality I'm far from it. In the past couple of weeks I've been on a rampage of cleaning, setting up the nursery and getting everything ready for Christmas. So far the nursery is done, the baby’s hospital bag is packed and the Christmas presents have been bought and wrapped... I believe they call this "nesting". Anyways in these crazy "nesting" times I have accumulated some favourites so without further ado let’s get started. 
Bobbi Brown Corrector 
Basically I had been using this concealer in the wrong shade for years. Yes, years because I was too afraid to try the darker, pink-ier shade even though it was the right shade all along. Beauty mistakes aside this concealer does an excellent job and both correcting and covering those dark circles. The Bobbi Brown corrector was a great product all along, but I have a new found love for this since purchasing my correct shade. 
Go pink with your concealer ladies, full review here!

Target’s Up & Up Lavender Bath Salts 
I truly believe in the power of taking a bath with Epsom salts. I also believe that the combination of wrapping presents and decorating the tree has totally messed up my back. To get relief I have been using these budget friendly bath salts. In addition to pain relief the lavender scent also helps calm and soothing the mind before bed too.  At $3.67 for a 3 pound bag this bargain beauty buy is worth checking out.

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant
I have really, really been loving this chemical exfoliator over the past month. Aveda’s Exfoliant boasts a cocktail salicylic acid, lactic acid and witch hazel. Sounds intense, but it’s actually extremely mild. If you wanted to get your glow on, but without the added makeup you’re going to need a bottle of this.
This product also works wonders on ingrown hairs, TMI I know, but it just had to be said.
Full review here!

Chanel Le Beige & Bourjois Silk Edition
As a dry skin sufferer I avoided pressed powders like the plague. However after finding a few luminous pressed powders my feelings on the product have changed over the past year. Two of my all-time favourites are the Bourjois Silk Edition and the Chanel Le Beige. Bourjois is my week day warrior long lasting setting powder and the Chanel is my fancy and more luminous weekend setting powder. Each powder has a huge place in my heart, but unfortunately I have hit pan on both.
This is becoming a full fledge ramble at this point, but basically what I am getting to is I don’t know which ones I should repurchase? Or do I try something new?
Makeup made confusing on this double favourite. 

What are some of your favourites leave me a comment below!
Or if you have any suggestions for a luminous setting powder I would love to hear them.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Top 10 in Skin Care Under $20.00

I personally love splurging on fancy beauty products. Weather it’s a fancy lipstick or an expensive moisturizer, nothing feels better then pampering yourself in luxury. Well that is a lie… there is one thing that feels better and that is the bargain beauty buy. To be bargain beauty buy a product has to be inexpensive, but it also has to rival the luxury beauty goods too. So today let’s step into the world of skincare and talk about all the amazing, kick ass products you can get under $20.00.

Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel $17.00
I love this cleanser! It’s effective at removing makeup, yet doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped. If you were looking for a really good everyday cleanser this is one you must check out.It also neutralizes hard water and smells really nice too!
You can see my whole review here.

NSPA Hot Cloth Polish $13.97
If you wanted to dabble with the double cleanse this is a great inexpensive option to try. Its creamy texture melts makeup off your face while giving your skin the nourishment it needs. This product truly feels like a luxurious treat for the skin and comes with a beautiful muslin cloth too.
Review here!

Super Facialist Skin Renew Cleansing Oil $11.99
Again another double cleanse product but this time in a form of an oil. I have tried luxury cleansing oils in the past and they do not measure up to this bargain beauty buy. Beauty bloggers and editors go nuts for this product which is a testament to how amazing this cleansing oil is. I love that this oil is slick enough for facial massage, yet doesn’t leave the slightest residue on your skin when you wash it off.
A new must have product for me, you can see my in depth review here.   

Palmers Skin Thearpy Oil $10.00
With a handful of anti-aging ingredients, including retinol and rosehip this oil is perfect for those who want to eliminate those pesky lines. Even if you weren’t worried about fine lines this is a great preventative product to pick up. For $10.00 this you get chemical free oil, that boasts skincare ingredients found in products over ten times it price.
I genuinely can’t believe this oil is as affordable as it is, see my in depth review here.

Caudalie Grape Water $19.00
From setting your makeup to cooling you off in the heat of the summer, face mists are a handy product to have around. My personal favourite way to use a face mist is as a toner and my favourite out of the bunch is the Caudalie Grape Water. This light mist reduces redness, while mildly moisturizing the skin. I’m not going to lie face mists might be a diva step, but thoroughly look forward to using my Caudalie Grape Water every night.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream $15.00
With ingredients like shea butter and oatmeal this face cream is a dream come true for dry- sensitive skin types. Personally this is a go to for me during harsh winter months and for $15.00 for almost 60ml it should be yours too.
This cream also works wonders on the body, so if you’re prone to eczema on the body you really need to check this stuff out.

Nivea Honey and Milk Lip Balm $1.99
Like most beauty obsessed ladies I always have an assortment of beauty products floating around my purse. BUT when it comes to really dry lips I always resort to my Nivea Milk and Honey Lip Balm. If you have severely dry, cracked lips this lip balm is more hydrating and more repairing then any high-end lip balm I’ve ever tried. Move over Le Mer and make room for a little Nivea.

Bioderma Sensibio $19.95
When it comes to gentle makeup removers Bioderma has it going on. This water like formula doesn’t irritate the eyes nor does it leave any residue on the skin. Personally I don’t think many makeup removers measure up the Bioderma, which is probably the reason it’s been in every empties post I’ve ever done. If you were looking for a gentle makeup remover give this cult product a go.

Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm $17.00
To be honest this gritty, matte lip balm isn’t a day time favourite for me. However when it comes to bed time this lip balm has it going on! If you were looking for a nourishing night time treatment for the lips I highly, highly suggest the Nuxe Reve De Meil.  
I love this stuff…

Boiron Homeoplasmine/Cicadermine $4.99
Homoplasmine (Cicadermine in North America) is a thick ointment that soothes, products in hydrates the skin. If your familiar with Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream this is basically the french version of it. In my opinion I find Homoplasmine less greasy and better smelling then the 8 Hour Cream, but that is just my opinion. Excellent repairing cracked skin, hydrating dry lips, smoothing eyes brows or even as a primer there are so many uses for this multi-tasking product. Trust me one of this 5 dollar bargain will be in every purse, jacket and makeup bag you own.
Cicadermine can be a pain in the butt to find in stores, so talk to your local pharmacist they can usually order this in for you with ease.  

Sunday, November 22, 2015

5 Must have MAC Shadows

My beauty goals this year were to buy less makeup and to condense my collection. This is not a post on organization, but you have to believe me when I say this my eye shadow collection was terrifying. My old stash came complete with a healthy amount of duds, broken shadows and a MAC pallet with only neon colours. These days my collection only has the best… well at least in my opinion. So with only a few MAC shadows on hand here are my top 5 must have MAC shadows.
MAC Shroom
Shimmery beiges eye shadows can look too metallic, while matte beige’s can look chalky. Shroom however is the perfect subtle shimmery beige eyeshadow. It the kind of eye shadow that dances between a shimmer and a matte and does it extremely well. For my pale skin Shroom works best as an all over lid shade, but darker skin tones might really like this as a highlight shade. The formula of Shroom is pigmented and buttery. This classic shade has been a favourite of mine since high school continues to be a favourite over 10 years later.
Holy hell does that statement ever make me feel old… next shadow!

MAC Patina
I’ve tried to describe Patina so many times, but no words can capture just how pretty this shade is. But in a nutshell Patina is a cool toned golden brown. This stunning shade also has a slight irradiance to it which makes it almost impossible to dupe. This shadow works well paired with other shadows, however it’s interesting enough to be worn alone too. Unique, flattering and beautiful Patina is a stunning product that has to be in every makeup lover’s collection.

MAC Satin Taupe
Another classic MAC shade however this one makes my list not because it’s unique or special. Granted it’s a stunning taupe, but there are tons of similar colours out there. What makes Satin Taupe is amazing is the quality of this shadow, its pigmented, buildable and very bendable. Personally I think taupe is a handy neutral to have around and MAC’s Satin Taupe one of the best out there.

MAC Soba
Soba is a mustardy brown coloured shadow, which I have to say doesn’t look all that flattering in the pan. On the eyes however Soba makes a beautiful crease shade, especially paired with a gold shadow on the lid. Soba is an almost matte which make it the perfect complement to both shimmery and matte eye shadows.

MAC Tempting 
Tempting is one of the newest shadows in my collection and darn is it ever pretty. I would describe Tempting as a brown- bronze shimmer that is pigmented and bendable. If you find MAC’s Woodwinked too orange toned this is a great option for you. With a quick swipe on the lids and a little blended through the crease you can create the perfect Olsen twin bronze smoky look.

With my collection sorted I have to say I have thoroughly given these 5 shadows good use over the past few months. What are some of your favourite MAC shadows?
 Leave me a comment below.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant Review

I have very fond memories of Aveda. Come to think about it every product I’ve tried smell like a spa and it’s hard to make bad memories when you’re feeling so darn relaxed. Their body care range is amazing, there haircare products are outstanding and there composition oils are on another level of excellence. Surprisingly although I’ve been using Aveda products for over a decade I have yet to dabble with the skincare. So feeling like a little risky and in need of a good chemical exfoliation I purchased the Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant.

Chemical exfoliating is the act of using an acid to remove dead skin cells. Why would you want to remove dead skin cells you ask? Well firstly it will make your skin glow, because you’re seeing the newest purist skin. Secondly, it will improve the performance of your skincare. Thirdly, makeup will apply smoother and with more ease. Fourthly (I can go on for days) basically exfoliation is a vital part of a skincare routine it you want to achieve healthy beautiful skin.

Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant dead skin sloughing ingredients are salicylic acid and lactic acid. Lactic acid is that mild chemical exfoliator that literally eats its way through dead skin cells. Sounds like a horror story, but this gentle ingredient has to be one of my all-time favourites. The other acid this uses is salicylic which is commonly used in products for oily prone skin types. I found the combination of acids mild yet effective at reducing shine, increasing clarity and give you that sought after glow.

Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant also boasts Witch Hazel. Personally, I think many skin types can seek benefit from a little witch hazel. Oily skin types will find Witch Hazel helps reduce the size of pores, removes blackheads and prevents spots too. In addition Witch Hazel has also been found to treat psoriasis and eczema too.

Witch Hazel and a duo of acids? Sounds intimidating, but rest assured Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant is gentle, glow inducing goodness. Aveda suggests this product can be used on every skin type and I couldn’t agree more.  I also have to say the relaxing lavender scent is a nice spa-like touch to my nightly skincare routine too. At $30.00 CAD a bottle I can’t recommend this affordable, effective treatment enough.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Bobbi Brown Correction

I have been using Bobbi Browns corrector on and off for about 3 years now. Its thick consistency combined with its intense pigmentation made it ideal for those heavy concealer days. I had used porcelain bisque for years and although it offered full coverage concealing I can’t say it ever corrected those blue-ish circles.

Makeup artists, friends, family and the online beauty world claim that this corrector, correctors like no bodies business… Was this a case of a difference or had I been using this product wrong the whole time?

On a recent trip to Sephora my world got shaken and I’m not talking about the premature Christmas displays people. I’m talking about my beloved Porcelain Bisque was sold out. I’m really making this sound dramatic, but as a dark circles sufferer I didn’t want to frighten my co-workers, friends or family. So what is one with such circles to do when in time of need? Settle for the next shade!

Light Bisque undeniably is pinker in colour then my original porcelain bisque. The orangey- pink colour actually looks a little terrifying if you ask me. However I took the risk and …

PEOPLE I have been using this corrector in the wrong for years. See I totally get that this salmon toned correctors neutralize dark circles, but I was afraid to the plunge. The fact of the matter is I shouldn’t have been frightened at all. The pinker porcelain bisque once applied doesn’t look so pink, yet my dark circles are completely eliminated. I liked Bobbi Browns corrector even when I was using it wrong, however I have been loving this corrector since I've been using it right.
So ladies … take a chance and get pink with your Bobbi Brown Corrector you will discover the miracle product that this truly is.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October Favourites

 Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Baby Showers and Halloween… October has been a very, very busy month. I’m not going to lie a part of me hates to see it go, but the other part of me welcomes a slower paced November. As far as beauty goes, when things get hectic I always find the best beauty products. So grab your favourite Halloween Candy because here we go!

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien  
Since there release the beauty world had been going crazy over these lip pencils. Call me crazy but a pencil that you have to sharpen and then put on your lips just didn’t appeal to me.
Pencil shavings are kind of disgusting if you ask me! Also if you were anything like shavings can also be very messy too.
BUT Satin lip pencil is downright amazing, it’s long lasting, creamy and comfortable to wear. The shade Rikugien is beautiful wearable Rosey Pink that would complement most skin types. Thank you Sephora for introducing me to the world of NARS Lip Pencils, I’m sure my new found love will turn into full-fledged addiction some time soon.

MAC Fix Plus
I’ve used Fix Plus in the past, but between you and me it was a long, long, long time ago. It was so long ago where I am now starting to question if this even occurred?
I was under the impression that Fix Plus was an alcohol based setting mist. Well people I’m happy to report this mist is not alcohol based.  Instead Fix Plus is filled with hydrating and soothing indigents that aim to hydrate and replenish your skin instead of drying it out. In addition to feeling soothing and hydrating this setting spray does an excellent job at setting your makeup too.

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb
Flowerbomb is not the typical woodsy, rose scents I am usually drawn too. With that being said Flowerbomb has its time and place and this October has to be one of them. To me this smells like warm vanilla, musk with hints of patchouli. The patchouli note in Flowerbomb is very wearable and non-intimidating, which is why I think so many people are drawn to the fragrance.  There is something about Thanksgiving pies, Halloween candy that makes October so sweet… Flowerbomb is the perfect complement to it.

Bubbles and Squeak Belly Butter
A growing belly and itchy skin is very much a real thing during the 8th month of pregnancy. The key to relief is moisture so I bring my belly butter stick with me everywhere. The ingredients are hydrating yet non-sticky meaning it was transfer on to your clothing. I love this stuff so much… My cousin bought this belly butter at a small shop by her cottage, if I find a website I will add the link below. If your pregnant or know someone who’s pregnant these belly butter products come highly recommended.
Link to website here
What are some of your favourites? Leave me a message below!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Sheet Mask Show Down

For the longest time sheet masks were obscure beauty products only found in Asian beauty stores.  To say things have changed would be a gross understatement because you can now find these masks everywhere. From your local drugstore to your favourite high-end beauty boutique there is a sheet mask explosion happing right now people! So with these masks being a pretty trendy item right now I thought, why not have a good ole fashion show down?
Our budget friendly contender is The Face Shop's Hylauronic Sheet mask versus the pricey Dr. Jart Water Fuse Mask.

Dr. Jart Water Fuse Mask $9.00 each
I love that Dr. Jart Water Fuse Mask contains hyaluronic acid, but let’s not beat around the bush here the texture of this mask throws me off. In my experience sheet masks (even the gel kinds) are wet but Dr. Jart Water Fuse is far from it. This mask is almost rubbery in texture…its strange, unexpected and totally different than any other mask I’ve ever tried.
Application of this mask is very easy… more or less it just sticks to your face with ease. While on this mask feels cooling and refreshing, making it the perfect contrasting complement to a hot bubble bath. As far as results go I wouldn’t say this is made a huge difference in the hydration department. The one thing I did notice is that this did leave my skin feeling incredibly soft. Enjoyable, different but sort of lack luster if you ask me.

The Face Shop Essential Hyaluronic Acid Mask $2.00
 The Essential Hyaluronic Mask is another hydrating face mask using the miracle ingredient hyaluronic acid, but at a fraction of the price. Unlike the Dr. Brant the Face Shop version is a traditional style material sheet mask that comes completely saturated in liquid. I find application a little harder with this version because it tends to be slightly goopy. With that being said it’s not the end of the world because once you get this mask on it’s on.
Interestingly at 4.5 times less than the Dr. Jart the results of Essential Hyaluronic mask are far superior. Not only does this leave my skin soft, but it also leaves me with noticeably hydrated, plump and luminous too. 

I’m sorry Dr. Jart but there is a clear cut winner here! Ladies if you find change floating around in the bottom of your purse, on the ground or tucked into a sofa go grab The Face Shop’s Essential Hyaluronic Acid Mask. Beating the mask that is 4.5 times its price this budget beauty item does not disappoint.

Friday, October 23, 2015

How To Save Money On Beauty!

There is no denying that beauty products are expensive. You can now buy a $90 tube of lipstick, followed by a $60.00 bottle of nail polish. Even drugstore cosmetics are getting pricey! A quick glance around the drugstore and you’ll notice your favourite ‘cheap’ foundation is now hitting the $20.00 mark or maybe even exceeded it. However ladies there are ways for us to save money on cosmetics. Yes, you could get luxury makeup for less or sometimes even free. So here are my favourite ways to save money on beauty. 

Buy Value Sets 
November is the time of year where most companies release their holiday gift sets. Some of these sets are undeniably gimmicky. Like do I really need another cosmetic bag that I am never going to use? Probably not! However some of these sets actually pack a lot of value for what they’re worth. So if you’re looking to purchase your favourite lipstick, moisturizer perfume or whatever you might want to check out what your favourite brand has to offer. 

Mother’s Day is also an excellent time of year for these bargain deals too. 

Gift with Purchase 
I’ve seen women fight over gifts and sales associates battle over commissions… it’s a brutal gift with purchase world out there. While these GWP events terrify me the benefits can undoubtedly get you some free product and evidently save you money. So to skip the crowds and ciaos I highly suggest pre reserving your product along with your gift. Not only does this ensure you get the product that you want but it also ensures you get the gift you want too. 
Clinique and Estee Lauder both do amazing gifts, which usually include full sized products. With that being said Clarins and LancĂ´me hold their own too! 

Points Cards
Points cards basically work on the principle of the more you spend the more rewards you get in return. Some companies like Sephora allow you to pick among a bunch of sample sizes. Other companies will actually reward you with money to spend in there store on anything you like. Personally I love Shoppers Drug Marts Point system, because it gives you the to freedom to redeem points for cash value and purchase whatever you heart desires. Whatever system you like just remember free makeup is just around the corner so you might as well sign up!

What are some of your favourite beauty money saving tips? Leave me a message below!