Thursday, December 10, 2015

Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Cream Review

Over the past year I’ve become more conscious about the ingredients that are in beauty products. Granted I still use some products that contain nasties, but my overall outlook is avoid bad when possible. A brand that peeked my interest over the past year is Antipodes and the first thing on the ‘to try’ list is the Vanilla Pod Hydrating Cream.

Usually I start my skincare reviews by ingredients, formula or my personal experience with the product. However with a name that sounds so delicious I thought let’s just start with scent. Now I am a vanilla lover. From the cheap vanilla scents to more sophisticated ones too, I love everything vanilla. If you were worried about this smelling like generic vanilla body wash I am happy to report the scent of this cream is definitely on the sophisticated side. In fact this smells like vanilla pods mixed with honey and clemintine… its lovely and it’s something I look forward to using each any every morning.
I wish this cream was edible, because darn would this make a beautiful tasting dessert.
Antipodes describes this as a “light but intensive” day cream… I don’t want to be a pain in the butt, but I can’t say I completely agree.  In terms of moisturizing this product boasts shea butter, rose hip oil, macadamia oil and grape seed oil. This blend of hydrating ingredients pretty much guarantees your skin is left supple and nourished. The texture of this cream is on the thicker side, which is great for us dry skin suffers but might be a little to emollient oily skinned ladies.

Oily skin sufferers don't stop reading because this cream has got your back too. In addition to absorbing into the skin beautifully this moisturizer boosts honey. Honey is an excellent natural anti-bacterial, which aids to keeping skin clear and spot free. So fear not oily skin types, this moisturizer is equally suited for your skin type too.

This cream makes my dry, sometimes sensitive skin glow. In addition to be hydrating I love that this cream also boasts anti-oxidants. These powerful anti-oxidants keep your skin protected from environmental aggressors during the day. In my humble option this cream is a pleasure to use and honestly something I look forward to each day.  From the enchanting scent to the intense hydration Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Cream is the perfect way to finish any morning skincare routine.  

You can get this cream here for $48.00 CAD.

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  1. I am very tempted by this one! I'm such a huge fan of Antipodes and the scent sounds amazing. My skin is oily, but needs a bit extra hydration in Wintertime. Must check it out soon :)