Monday, December 21, 2015

Make it a Coco Christmas

One of my biggest passions in beauty is perfume. I love the bottles, the scents, but most of all I love the memories perfume invokes. The perfume that I have the strongest memories with is Chanel Coco. To me this might as well be called Chanel Christmas. So with Christmas just around the corner I thought why not take a trip down memory lane?

Years back as a Christmas spurge I bought myself a bottle of Chanel Coco. At the time I was a broke college student looking for a fiery fragrance to wear on winter nights out. Now these were the years that most girls wore Juicy Couture, I however opted for the complete opposite. Yes, a part of me wanted to stand out from the crowed of girls wearing sweet white florals. However the other part of me thought the notes of Bulgarian rose, sexy amber and sweet vanilla would complement flirting and a glass of a red wine to a T.  So for a very brief time Chanel Coco became my signature night out scent. 

I’m not sure what prompted me to carry such a large fragrance in my purse. Was this a thing that people did? Do people still do this? Mind you looking back perhaps big purses were in. Questions aside Christmas morning came and when it came time to pick my fragrance for the day the obvious choice was Coco. Plus it helped that I lugged this refillable bottle with me everywhere. On that Christmas day this perfume instantly transformed for me. The notes of clove and mandarin complimented the spicy notes of Christmas. At the same time the scent of sandalwood, tonka bean and vanilla captured the warmth of a big family get together.

From being in teens and helping my mom with Christmas dinner to now being an adult and celebrating Christmas in my own house Coco marks the past 10 years in holidays for me. With Coco I traded my party girl heels for the comfort of a huge family get together and I’m so glad I did. If you if you can stop for a quick spritz of this perfume I can’t recommend this masterpiece enough.

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