Monday, December 19, 2016

Paula's Choice Resist Brightening Essence Review

By this point we all know I love skin care. The process, the products and off course the end result (healthy looking skin) are the pillars to my obsession. However every now and then I feel like the industry pumps out unnecessary products. Come to think about it seems like most instagram skincare stars have 18 step routines. Each to their own, but personally I put my foot down to these outrageously long routines. I expect my skin care to perform in a streamline fashion, I expect results and without any faff, gimmicks or nonsense.
New(er) to the world of skin care products is essence's. Are the worth the extra step? or is this just another step? What do they do? What are the for? Let's just start the darn review, shall we?

I've searched, tried and tested a number of essences and I can tell you right now your not going to like my findings. Essences/lotions/softeners/emulsions are more or less serums. Texture wise emulsions are lighter and generally seem to be less concentrated. I know what your thinking 'marketing ploys' but I am here to tell you there are some great ones out there. So if you were thinking of skipping out on the world of essences I say give them a shot. I personally find the lightweight texture of an essence works wonders under a emolliant facial oil. However I can also see people reaching for an essence over serum during really hot summer days. 

As mentioned earlier I've tried a handful of essences over the past couple of months. Some were watery, while some seemed ridiculously overly priced. Out of the lot the one that stuck out for me was Paula's Resist Brightening Essence. Unlike others that only boast one active ingredient Paula's Brightening Essence features many. Some of my favourite ingredients are the addition of two different hylauronic acids. This acid helps hydrate and plump the skin giving that sought after beautiful youthful glow. The next worth mentioning ingredient is niacinamide. Along with tightening pores this anti aging vitamin also helps even out skin tone, repair fine lines and strengthen the skins surface. This essence also contains soothing licorice root, age fighting antioxidants and replenishing amino acids... What I'm getting to is theres a lot of amazing things going on here. 

So should you skip out of essence's? No! Like all skin care products it comes does to the ingredients. Personally I love Paula's Brightening Essence, its loaded with amazing ingredients and makes my skin look wonderful. Used with Clarins Blue Orchid oil(review here) the combination is perfection... So ladies I will leave you with this, give the essences a try. Remember to be mindful of ingredients and always use products that work for your skin. 

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