Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Favorites

I have so many favorites to share with you this month. Some are seasonal favorites and some are just good-all-rounder products. So let’s just dive in, shall we?

MAC Soba
For the longest while I never knew how to wear Soba. Its unique mustardy brown hue is completely different then anything I've ever owned. For some reason this month I paired this with a golden eye shadow and it’s like the clouds opened to heaven! Soba has similar coloring to gold yet its non-shimmery (almost) so it’s the perfect way to tone down a metallic gold. This paired with a NARS’s Exotic Dance… match made in eye shadow heaven!

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Berry
Earlier on a Sephora trip I had the full intent to buy my beloved YSL Sheer Candy in Mouth Watering Berry. My fancy lipstick trip was soon halted because I thought to myself “what if I could find a cheaper alternative?” So after some serious lipstick swatch-ing my findings lead me to the Sugar Berry lip balm. The textures between the two are slightly different but the colour is more or less the same.  I have to say I really do love the Berry shade and Fresh lip balms are great in general. For almost half the price as the YSL version this is a deal without sacrificing on quality.
Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Room Spray  
I love Pomegranate Noir it’s dark, spicy, sweet. Basically it’s the kind of perfume where people go out of there way to ask what you’re wearing. Then I found out that they do this in a room spray and I’m not sure what came over me but I was like “yes, I need this” and bought it. The room spray smells exactly like the perfume and with a just couple of squirts my whole house smells like Pomegranate Noir. It’s pretty much heaven in a bottle! This room spray is absolutely an indulgence but I think it’s something I am going to have for a while.  

Dove Purely Pampering Pistachio Cream with Magnolia
I never really talk about but I love Dove. In my humble opinion they do affordable, easy to get beauty really well. Plus there marketing campaigns are incredibly inspiring. Which I have to say I am truly a sucker for!
So when I saw that this Pistachio body wash was a dupe for the famous Laura Mercier I was all over it. Well it turns out they don’t smell alike at all so I was actually kind of confused at first. Although the two scents are not identical Dove's just as beautiful . The combination of pistachio and magnolia is yummy sweet, but still very grown up. As for the body wash itself this is moisturizing, creamy and builds a nice lather. This creamy body wash holds its own, smells great and makes your skin very smooth. Honestly it’s one of the best body wash's I’ve ever tried drugstore or high end.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
Why do I like this? 8 Hour Cream has a greasy texture and a somewhat smelly formula, it just doesn’t make sense? The thing about 8 Hour Cream is it’s the ultimate multipurpose product. You can use it on cuts, bug bites, dry lips, dehydrated skin, burns, cuticles, slit ends and just about 1000 other things. I have been using this all month because you can literally use it on everything!

 Dearest 8 Hour Cream I am completely hooked.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Empties #4

You know when you can’t seem to finish anything? I feel as if though this is the opposite. Just as the summer seems to suddenly end so did my products.  So without further ado here are my empties.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy
This is one of my all-time favorite lip sticks. If you’re not into nude lipstick this might be something that will tickle your fancy. I have talked about this pinky nude lipstick 100 times so I won’t go on.
Am I looking forward to spending $39 on a tube of this …no.
But will I? Yes, I love this lipstick!

 Philosophy 3-1 in Senorita Margarita
 This is a summer staple for me and each June I look forward to cracking into a new bottle. It’s light, citrusy and very moisturizing. While $21.00 seems pricy for a bottle of shower gel be assured this massive bottle is built to last. Usually I can get 3-4 months out of a single bottle, so is it cheaper than the drug store stuff? I don’t know but it’s not that expensive when you think about how much you get.
See you next summer Senorita Margarita.

Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel
I always have a back-up of these because I love this stuff! I have written about this here and here so I will keep this simple … 1.It’s the best cleanser I’ve ever tried 2. It’s only $16.00 3. It’s gentle and leaves your skin baby soft. You need some of this in your life.

Klorane Shampoo with Oat Milk 
“Another month another Klorane product” Should be my new moto on a side note.
Oatmilk Shampoo is prefect for those who wash their everyday, which I am completely guilty of. This ultra-mild shampoo nourishes, adds shine and detangles but without being too heavy. It also happens to smell amazing and builds a good lather, which are winning qualities for me. Would I repurchase … yes absolutely this has to be one of my all-time favorite shampoos.

Klorane Leave in Spray with Magnolia
I can spend hours perfecting my makeup but when it comes to my hair I am guilty of being a slacker. My hair care philosophy has always been using simple products that leave my hair healthy looking. I would have to say the Leave-in Spray is one of these products. Couple of quick squirts into damp hair and it’s instantly easier to brush. Once my hair dries this leaves my hair shiny and super soft but not greasy in the slightest. I love this stuff but before I repurchase I plan finishing up the Klorane Leave in Cream with Date.

The Body Shop’s Shea Body Butter
I have been using the Body Shop’s Body Butters on and off for the past 10 years. My first love was for the coconut but now I find I am more of a shea girl. Shea smells soft but still creamy slightly nutty and very warm. This huge tub took me months and months to finish to it’s quite the accomplishment. I have the new Aragen body butter to use next but I can see myself coming back to the Shea scent.

Clarins Gentle Refiner
I am sad to see this leave my routine to be honest. This very gentle creamy exfoliator is hydrating yet still gives you that really deep scrub. I really liked this for a good deep clean especially in the summer when my skin can be a touch oily. I will repurchase this but I just have other products to work through before I do. 

I have two of these I finished. I love Bioderma, I’m sure we all know this by now and I’m sure some of you guys love it too. I think everyone should try Bioderma at least once in their life! it feels like water yet removes makeup like a dream. The small bottles are great for travel but also great if you wanted to try the magical water. Why don’t they sell the small bottles all year? I repurchased a backup of this in the dry skin formula, more on that coming soon.

Ever find you suddenly finish almost everything all at once?
 Have you tried any of these products? Leave me a comment.
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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Seasonal Switch Up: Fall Eye Shadow

Every season is more or less a natural eye shadow season for me. I admit this fall I am getting a little wild because I am whipping out some colour  I use colour very loosely because the color I am talking about is gold.  Now let me just give you the rundown of my makeup application skills by first saying I am no makeup artist and I do like fairly natural looks. I mean if I needed to I could whip up a smoky eye but I am all about the quick natural makeup looks. So here is eye showdown selection for this fall.

Clinique In Dust

Despite Clinique’s popularity I can honestly say I haven’t tried too much from this brand. So while repurchasing my concealer I was surprised to see just how pretty there eye shadows were. Wanting to purchase all of them I settled for In Dust. In Dust is a pretty almost coppery gold, it’s both pigmented and easy to blend. Applied on the lid and just underneath the lid with a ton of mascara it looks makes my blue eyes really pop.

NARS Erotic Dance

LOVE this shadow set and my love is only based on one shade.  That shade is the antique gold because it’s buttery, smooth, and pigmented. I do admit for a colour is very wearable it’s also very unique and hard to dupe too. This on the lids and a little brown through the crease and it’s such a simple, natural golden fall look.

MAC Soba

Why don’t I talk about this more? This mustard-y all-most matte brown looks beautiful alone or with any other colours. The problem I’ve always had with gold shadows is they can sometimes look too metallic for every day. This is where Soba becomes a game changer! Not only does it tone wise look pretty but it also takes the metallic edge off gold’s and makes them very wearable. My favorite way to wear this is blended though the crease with a gold shadow on the lid.

Yes, this has been quite a simple list but these just look stunning alone or mixed with each other. What shades have you been loving? Leave me a comment! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Christian Louboutin Polish The Review

When I heard the talks of a Christian Louboutin nail polish I was very excited. The story is that Louboutin famous red sole was actually inspired when his assistant was painting her nails at the office.
Rumors flew around online that this famous red was actually a mysterious Revlon Polish. Apparently the color was Revlon Red? In my adventures into finding that perfect Louboutin red nothing seemed to be a dupe for the actual red sole.
Then this earlier this summer I found out that the red sole master would be launching a line of nail polishes. My excitement was soon dampened prematurely because shortly after that I found that these would be selling for $50.00. Crazy right? Then I saw pictures of the towering 8” bottle, I won some money at work and so I treated myself to the bottle.
The polish is an exceptionally pigmented red, which applies with ease. There’s no doubt the formula is top notch! The brush allows for precise application and the weighted handle is a darn nice touch too. Louboutin wanted the user to feel like an artist and I would whole heartedly say he accomplished that.
In terms of longevity I this polish lasted 4 days on my nails. In those 4 days I did not hold back ladies! I gave it the full go by cooking, cleaning and doing yard work and it held up surprisingly well.

The gradient bottle and the towering 8” wand honestly look enchanting. Pictures don’t do this bottle justice because it’s absolutely huge and downright beautiful. If you are a makeup collector this is definitely something to store on your mantle.

This is where I am torn! I love this polish, the formula and the bottle, but I can’t get over the price. $50.00 is way too much money for a nail polish, especially since there are so many drugstore brands that are putting out fantastic formulas and colours. With that being said I can’t think of a brand (both drugstore and high end) that have as amazing packaging as this either. So do I recommend it? I would say yes, this is a fantastic nail polish and if you wanted to dabble in the ultimate luxurious this would have my recommendation. If you have enough money to purchase every colour go for it! Personally, I don’t! So while I love trying extravagant products I don’t see myself being a regular at the Louboutin counter, unless someone happens to buy me every polish or I win the lottery. If that was the case the sales associates would know my first name.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Three Things to Try- Avene

In the mix of all the product’s at the drugstore there is the french derm brand Avene. While the minimalist packaging might not bounce off the shelves this is a definitely a brand to watch out for.

Avene is all about dermatology and hydrotherapy. There healing water comes from Avene, France and have been helping people for 260 years.

Avene is one of those brands that have not only helped my skin but has really helped me. I’m sure everyone knows this story by now but here is the sort version. Years ago I had persistent, dry, blistery, itchy skin. I searched high and low for a product that would help me. I tired expensive creams, other french brands and even got some creams through the doctor nothing worked. Eventually my forehead turned into a burning scaly mess.  Then I met Avene’s Cold Cream and everything changed! Instantly my skin felt soothed and eventually my skin got better. As for me along with the healing eczema my confidence started to come back too.

Avene Cold Cream

So no surprise the first thing on this list is Cold Cream. If you have eczema or very chapped skin and you can only buy one thing let it be this. The thick cream hydrates and sooths unlike anything I’ve ever tried. It also helps rebuild that lipid layer that is often damaged in severely dry skin. For me this is my ultimate Holy Grail product, there isn’t a winter that passes that I don’t use this.

Even for chapped lips, hands or around the nose it’s amazing.

*TIP* If you skin is really dry apply a thick layer to the affected area and sleep with it overnight. When you wake up the cream will be absorbed and your dry skin is instantly healed.

Avene Soothing Moisture Mask

You know how they say you should never do masks at sleep overs, this mask would be an acceptation to that rule.

Yes, on a side note I am 27 and guilty of sleep overs! Which are always accompanied by this mask and a bottle of wine

This sleepover-safe mask and suits any type and just simply makes skin look amazing.  

With soothing thermal water this mask is great at calming red, irritated and even acne prone skin. This mask also contains palm oil which helps hydrate and safflower oil which keeps hydration stay in the skin.

This mask is perfectly balanced, super gentle but the bottom line is this leaves my skin looking amazing and glowy.

Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub

This was first introduced to me from the lovely people from Avene.  Now that I’m on my last leg of the tube I don’t think I could be without it. My skin is changing all year long in the summer it’s a little oily as where in the winter can get extremely dry. Basically what I am getting to is this wonder scrub works for me no matter what condition of skin I have.

Gentle Purifying works by exfoliating both physically and chemically. The non-abrasive Jojoba beads help physically slough off dead skin cells. The sodium salicylate chemically helps cell renewal in the gentlest way possible. I also love the gel texture of this product it makes for easy application.

Dare I say? This is my all-time favorite scrub, it’s so gentle yet effective and literally leaves my skin baby soft.

Have you tired any products from Avene?? Leave me a comment.
To read up on these products you can find more information here.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Blush Tag

  I use to hate blush and now it is my absolutely favourite makeup product. I think it’s because I am so pale it’s easy for me to cross that porcelain skin into just looking dead. That’s where the magic of blush comes in! Even on days where I don’t wear makeup a quick pop of colour on the cheeks really makes the world of difference.

How many blushes do you own?
Firstly I would like to say too many but the actual number is 47.

What is your favorite blush brush?
I love the real techniques contour brush and for months I have been using it for brush. I love that the rounded tip makes it so easy to blend and makes blush so natural looking too.

 Cream vs. Powder
I love the look of cream blush but I usually opt for a powder. Powder is just really simple to apply and usually lasts longer then its cream counterpart.

Peach vs. Pink and favourites of each
Pink … I love a good pink blush. Among my favorites are ELF’s Tickled Pink which is natural barely there pink and Dior’s Rosey Glow which is that great hot pink flush.
I do fancy a good coral blush too.

Drugstore vs. High End and favourites of each
I would have to say high end blush wins this battle. As far as brand I would have to give the honor to NARS blushes. I know that’s a “typical” choice but they are just amazing. The color range and quality… they are on another level. Trust me if you haven’t found your blush color yet there’s a NARS blush for everyone.
Drugstore, I would have to give this one to ELF, they are pigmented, blend-able and wear for hours. I have two of these blushes and I am itching to try more. At $4.00 CAD they are very budget friendly and better than most department store brands.

Most overrated?
I love Chanel blushes as far as a natural long lasting flush these can be your best friend. However after trying the Bourjois blushers there is no denying that the two are identical. While both are fantastic I can’t help but to feel that Chanel should be bringing more to the table besides fancy packaging.

MAC’s Mineralized Blushes everyone seems to love these however I just can’t get them to blend into my skin properly or evenly. The one I have is Supernova and one cheek always looks pinker then the other, to try to even out the look I have a tendency to over apply. The next thing you know I look like a clown.

Most Underrated?
Essence is an inexpensive drugstore brand and for me there blushes are fan-freaken-tasktic. I will say in terms of selection the range kind of slacking. I believe they have 4 colors and they all seem to be pretty light. However they are buttery, pigmented and easy to blend.  So for the fair skinned ladies these are really really good.

Guerlain blushes are pricey but are oh so good. I’m not sure why more people don’t talk about these but they are some of the best in my collection. I love that they come with a lighter blush colour it makes it super easy to tone things down should you need too.

Worth the hype?
NARS Orgasm is totally worth the hype and for one good reason … it’s flattering on just about anyone.  It’s one of the very few blushes that I have that I can wear with any look and at any time of the year.
The coral color brightens up the whole face while the golden shimmer highlights your cheeks in the prettiest way possible. If you haven’t tried Orgasm, I really think everyone should try it at least once in their life.

Top 5 blushes everyone should own
NARS Orgasm- see above* but really it’s a stunner! I can wear this all day every day and be perfectly content.

MAC Margin- I don’t talk about this blush often but it has been a go to for years. It’s a natural kind of dusty coral with some subtle shimmer. Translated on the cheeks it looks like a natural contour-y kind of blush. I love this blush especially with a smoky eye and a nude lip.

Dior Rosey Glow – This is one of those “self-adjusting” products, which in my opinion seemed a little gimmicky at first.  Rosey Glow however is an excellent product and gives you that “glow from within” look. The best part is because this doesn’t have shimmer it looks very convincing. Just saying … on natural makeup days this will be your BFF.

NARS SIN- NARS are the blush masters! They know what they are doing and do it extremely well. SIN is a berry blush with golden shimmer running through it. At first glance you might think who would want purple berry cheeks but trust me you do. This gives that “it’s cold outside” glow to your cheeks which the golden shimmer warms up the look. Sin is my pick for the fall/winter and goes great paired with red lipstick.

Tarte Exposed- A widely popular blush I would put Tarte’s Exposed in the same family as Margin. While Margin is more on the dusty coral side Exposed leans towards a dusty rose. Again this has that contour-y feel like Margin but without the all the added shimmer. This blush is just a great natural everyday colour.

What blushes are on your wish list?
I want to try Tarte's Blushing Bride.. way back when I use to have the cream formulation of this. Hourglass's blushes also make this list.

Final thoughts
I am obsessed with blush!
I am a blush addict and if your a blush addict I tag you to doing this tag.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why I Blog

My blogging story is a simple and dare I even say non magical. I am not a renowned makeup artist or a facial-ist. With that being said I do have some experience in skincare and makeup and love reading up on new products. But what I am getting at is I’m not giving advice in vogue
I am just an average girl who happens to love beauty.
I really started committing time to blogging while I was unemployed last summer. Told you non-magical but it was something that kept me busy between interviews and looking for work online. Shortly after I got my current job and loved blogging so much I kept up with it. So why do I blog?

Jay has hockey, my father has golf and my mother is a travel enthusiast. For me my interest has always been the science of skincare and the artistry of makeup. From trying different products to reading about them I absolutely love the world of beauty.

Tarte Tanya is not the most popular beauty blog online but I am proud of my little site. Each month I see my blog grow little by little and it’s something I can honestly say I am proud of.

Beauty Break
Some of you may know this but for those of you that don’t I work with all men. I love my job and love the no bullshit attitude of the industry.  However, my girly little blog offers really good balance for me. I can be an over the top girly girl and still have the mouth of a trucker.
Kidding kidding… kind of.

I always heard "the beauty community this" and "beauty community that"but always looked at it as a exclusive non-welcoming bunch of girls. Yes, I let my own insecurities get a hold of me on that one. The beauty community is very much real, very supporting and non-mean in the slightest. The bottom line is we all stick up for each other and wish the best for everyone... now how often can you say that in real life? 

Yes, today we got up close and personal! 
I know a ton of you have blogs so leave me a comment. Why do you blog?