Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Blush Tag

  I use to hate blush and now it is my absolutely favourite makeup product. I think it’s because I am so pale it’s easy for me to cross that porcelain skin into just looking dead. That’s where the magic of blush comes in! Even on days where I don’t wear makeup a quick pop of colour on the cheeks really makes the world of difference.

How many blushes do you own?
Firstly I would like to say too many but the actual number is 47.

What is your favorite blush brush?
I love the real techniques contour brush and for months I have been using it for brush. I love that the rounded tip makes it so easy to blend and makes blush so natural looking too.

 Cream vs. Powder
I love the look of cream blush but I usually opt for a powder. Powder is just really simple to apply and usually lasts longer then its cream counterpart.

Peach vs. Pink and favourites of each
Pink … I love a good pink blush. Among my favorites are ELF’s Tickled Pink which is natural barely there pink and Dior’s Rosey Glow which is that great hot pink flush.
I do fancy a good coral blush too.

Drugstore vs. High End and favourites of each
I would have to say high end blush wins this battle. As far as brand I would have to give the honor to NARS blushes. I know that’s a “typical” choice but they are just amazing. The color range and quality… they are on another level. Trust me if you haven’t found your blush color yet there’s a NARS blush for everyone.
Drugstore, I would have to give this one to ELF, they are pigmented, blend-able and wear for hours. I have two of these blushes and I am itching to try more. At $4.00 CAD they are very budget friendly and better than most department store brands.

Most overrated?
I love Chanel blushes as far as a natural long lasting flush these can be your best friend. However after trying the Bourjois blushers there is no denying that the two are identical. While both are fantastic I can’t help but to feel that Chanel should be bringing more to the table besides fancy packaging.

MAC’s Mineralized Blushes everyone seems to love these however I just can’t get them to blend into my skin properly or evenly. The one I have is Supernova and one cheek always looks pinker then the other, to try to even out the look I have a tendency to over apply. The next thing you know I look like a clown.

Most Underrated?
Essence is an inexpensive drugstore brand and for me there blushes are fan-freaken-tasktic. I will say in terms of selection the range kind of slacking. I believe they have 4 colors and they all seem to be pretty light. However they are buttery, pigmented and easy to blend.  So for the fair skinned ladies these are really really good.

Guerlain blushes are pricey but are oh so good. I’m not sure why more people don’t talk about these but they are some of the best in my collection. I love that they come with a lighter blush colour it makes it super easy to tone things down should you need too.

Worth the hype?
NARS Orgasm is totally worth the hype and for one good reason … it’s flattering on just about anyone.  It’s one of the very few blushes that I have that I can wear with any look and at any time of the year.
The coral color brightens up the whole face while the golden shimmer highlights your cheeks in the prettiest way possible. If you haven’t tried Orgasm, I really think everyone should try it at least once in their life.

Top 5 blushes everyone should own
NARS Orgasm- see above* but really it’s a stunner! I can wear this all day every day and be perfectly content.

MAC Margin- I don’t talk about this blush often but it has been a go to for years. It’s a natural kind of dusty coral with some subtle shimmer. Translated on the cheeks it looks like a natural contour-y kind of blush. I love this blush especially with a smoky eye and a nude lip.

Dior Rosey Glow – This is one of those “self-adjusting” products, which in my opinion seemed a little gimmicky at first.  Rosey Glow however is an excellent product and gives you that “glow from within” look. The best part is because this doesn’t have shimmer it looks very convincing. Just saying … on natural makeup days this will be your BFF.

NARS SIN- NARS are the blush masters! They know what they are doing and do it extremely well. SIN is a berry blush with golden shimmer running through it. At first glance you might think who would want purple berry cheeks but trust me you do. This gives that “it’s cold outside” glow to your cheeks which the golden shimmer warms up the look. Sin is my pick for the fall/winter and goes great paired with red lipstick.

Tarte Exposed- A widely popular blush I would put Tarte’s Exposed in the same family as Margin. While Margin is more on the dusty coral side Exposed leans towards a dusty rose. Again this has that contour-y feel like Margin but without the all the added shimmer. This blush is just a great natural everyday colour.

What blushes are on your wish list?
I want to try Tarte's Blushing Bride.. way back when I use to have the cream formulation of this. Hourglass's blushes also make this list.

Final thoughts
I am obsessed with blush!
I am a blush addict and if your a blush addict I tag you to doing this tag.


  1. Such a great tag especially since you own 47 blushes wow! I love your top 5 picks and pretty much everything you mentioned haha! really wanna invest in a Guerlain blush at some stage in my life, didn't realise how gorgeous they are x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Aw thanks for the comment.
      I bought the Guerlain and a little birthday treat to myself last year... its a really great blush.

  2. Love this tag. I can't do it because I only have 2 blushes...3 if you count it as another color when I layer them together. Ha ha! Blush is so great though. I feel like once I even out my skin tone and get rid of redness in weird places, the blush puts the color back where I actually want it. If I were to get another blush I think I'd want to be adventurous and try a cream blush.
    :) Alice

    1. Thanks for stopping by.
      I love cream blush ... It's great especially if you have dry skin, because it adds that lovely glow!

  3. Great tag! 47 is a pretty great collection- I'm sure it was tough picking favourites. I've been wanting to try MAC Margin for ages and I really should give Essence a go! xo


    1. Essence has some great picks!
      MAC Margin so so so nice...thanks for the comment Jen glad you liked.