Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why I Blog

My blogging story is a simple and dare I even say non magical. I am not a renowned makeup artist or a facial-ist. With that being said I do have some experience in skincare and makeup and love reading up on new products. But what I am getting at is I’m not giving advice in vogue
I am just an average girl who happens to love beauty.
I really started committing time to blogging while I was unemployed last summer. Told you non-magical but it was something that kept me busy between interviews and looking for work online. Shortly after I got my current job and loved blogging so much I kept up with it. So why do I blog?

Jay has hockey, my father has golf and my mother is a travel enthusiast. For me my interest has always been the science of skincare and the artistry of makeup. From trying different products to reading about them I absolutely love the world of beauty.

Tarte Tanya is not the most popular beauty blog online but I am proud of my little site. Each month I see my blog grow little by little and it’s something I can honestly say I am proud of.

Beauty Break
Some of you may know this but for those of you that don’t I work with all men. I love my job and love the no bullshit attitude of the industry.  However, my girly little blog offers really good balance for me. I can be an over the top girly girl and still have the mouth of a trucker.
Kidding kidding… kind of.

I always heard "the beauty community this" and "beauty community that"but always looked at it as a exclusive non-welcoming bunch of girls. Yes, I let my own insecurities get a hold of me on that one. The beauty community is very much real, very supporting and non-mean in the slightest. The bottom line is we all stick up for each other and wish the best for everyone... now how often can you say that in real life? 

Yes, today we got up close and personal! 
I know a ton of you have blogs so leave me a comment. Why do you blog? 


  1. I started blogging about six months ago because I was out of work nursing a knee injury. I discovered that the thing I like the most about blogging is the community.
    :) Alice

    1. A bunch of women together... I think some would think claws would be out.
      However that is not at all the picture, we are supportive and kind.
      Living proof we don't need men (kidding, kidding...kind of)
      Glad you have been loving blogging and thanks for leaving a comment :)