Friday, January 20, 2017

Benefit Wow Your Brows Review

At the end of last year Benefit launched a massive brow collection. This brow collection is absolutely massive and it comprises of new launches and older fan favourites. Among the 10 products I’ve tried 4 and let’s just say I have some strong opinions to share with you. So ladies if you wanted to know the in’s and outs of Benefit’s Wow Your Brows collection keep reading. 

Goof Proof Brow Pencil 
Let’s start with one of my favourites products out of the lot! Over the past few years of have tried a number of eye brow pencils. Now I’m no beauty scientist, but to me brow pencils have to be the perfect mix of pigmentation and creaminess. With that being said overly pigmented brow products can make you look like your constantly frowning. Goof Proof has that perfect balance of pigmented definition but at the same time it doesn’t make you look crazy. To make matters better the triangle shape makes the pencil easy to grip and the fine spooly brushes through the brows with precision. If you looking for a brow product Goof Proof is an absolute win. 

Gimme Brow 
Gimme Brow is a tinted fibre brow gel. It seems like every blogger loves this stuff but I am honestly not a fan. I get that this can add fullness to sparse brows, but on me the fibers get everywhere. If you were looking to tame, add colour and fullness to the brows this might be something worth checking out With that being said try it before purchasing because you’re anything like me it might cause a hot fiber-y mess. 

Browvo! Conditioning Primer 
In recent years I have tried my hardest to buy less makeup.  Typically I’m pretty good, but even after years of self-taught discipline I still have a soft spot for new products… basically what I’m getting to is I never heard of a brow primer before so the beauty lover in me had to try it. Now I wasn’t sure what to expect from a brow primer but Browvo is pretty good. Benefit describes this product as a clear, nutrient rich formula that primes and conditions for fuller healthier looking brows. Now I’m sort of wishy washy on this because while I do love how this smooths my brows and keeps them in place, I don’t see any additional fullness in my brows. 

Ready Set, Brow! 
My second favourite product is this clear eyebrow gel. I love this this keeps your brows in check all day, but doesn’t give you that hard crunchy feeling some eyebrow gels do. In addition I love the brush, the small brushed side allows for sculpting, while the larger side allows for you to brush through your brows with ease. Ready, Set Brow is an excellent product and in my opinion a highlight out of the collection. 

With its hits and misses there we have my thoughts on the Benefit Brow Range… I think overall this massive range of products has you covered no matter if you need to tame, plump up or fill in your brows. However just like all things beauty I can’t stress testing and sampling the range prior to purchasing.   
If you’ve tried any of Benefit Brow range of product leave a message in the comment section below

Sunday, January 15, 2017

How to Relieve Dry Skin Fast

Winter is the season for hot chocolate, family gatherings and if your anything like me dry skin. Yes we all know I love a good skincare product, but today I'm I thought we would talk tips. So if you have seasonally dry skin and you want to do something about it here are my some of favourite tips for relieving dry skin fast.

If your finding your favourite skincare items not working you might want to try exfoliating. Contrary to popular belief exfoliating does not dry out your skin. Instead exfoliator removes dead skin cells and therefore product can better penetrate the skin. Many people love products with 'scrubbies' in them personally I love acid exfoliators. For the most part I find them less irritating, less messy and yet more effective.

Avoid Hot Water
Hot water can make dry skin worse. So my first tip for you is to limit your exposure to hot water. Now I'm not saying take a cold shower, but instead of boiling hot water opt for warm water instead. Another way to limit your exposure is taking less baths and shorter showers.

Moisturize Right After Washing
Water is a humectant, which means it draws moisture from the skin. So after taking a shower or bath the first thing you should do is moisturize. Sure, you could get fancy and use an expensive moisturizer or you can be like me and use one from the drugstore. Whatever you choose the key is to pat dry your skin and get that lotion on asap!

Overnight Treatment
Did you know you can just about slather anything on your face before bed and wake up with soft moisturized skin? Okay thats not entirely true. What I'm saying is if you have a favourite moisturizer, or oil you could totally apply double the amount and use it as an overnight face treatment. So before you purchase the next 'it' sleeping mask, you probably have some fantastic options in your collection.

Humidify during Cold Dry Months
It's the middle of winter and your house, work... hell even your car are all filled with dry synthetic heat. So when all else fails give a humidifier a try. In my own experiences humidifiers can make the world of difference to combating dry skin. There are some excellent affordable options out there, the important thing to remember is to keep it beside your bed while you sleep. This added night time humidity will help replenish your skin.

As a longtime dry skin sufferer I can with certainty tell you these tips work. So instead of thinking you need more skincare, new skincare or more expensive skincare I say try these tips. If you have any dry skin tips I would love to hear them in the comment section below. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Fresh Sugar Lemon Perfume Review

It’s a new year and that means fresh beginnings. For me my new beginning means me concluding maternity leave and going back to work. On a completely unrelated note I have to say I have the upmost respect for working moms, because not only is it heartbreaking leaving you child every day, it’s been a real struggle balancing work life and home life… I am absolutely and utterly exhausted. One thing (besides coffee) that’s put a bounce back into my step is Fresh’s Lemon Sugar Perfume. So I thought why not share one of my new favourites?

When we think of lemon-y scented things the first thing that comes to mind is cleaning products. Now I am no perfumer but I would say there is a fine line between smelling lemony fresh and stinking like cheap toilet cleaner. A part of me can’t believe I said that, because Fresh Sugar Lemon is so far removed from the world of cleaning products that I consider this fragrance a masterpiece. Scent wise this perfume boasts bergamot, lychee flower, caramel and orange blossom.  These notes work together to make a fragrance that resembles the nostalgic scent fresh lemonade, yet the florals elements work to make the overall finish very refined, invigorating and surprisingly addictive.

If you couldn’t tell by now I absolutely love this perfume! The crispness compliments cold winter days to a t. Likewise this juicy lemon scent would be an excellent choice for warmer months too. So while I’m sitting here missing my daughter, sleep deprived and hungry (I forgot lunch) I can’t shake the feeling that this perfume just puts a smile on my face and a bounce back to my walk. If you’re looking to try out a new perfume this winter I cannot recommend Fresh Lemon Sugar enough.

Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 Beauty Favourites

I can honestly say that 2016 was the best year in my life. If you are new to my blog here, I had a baby last January and she wholeheartedly made my year pretty darn epic. From her first laugh to watching her explore the world around her this little girls drive, humour and loving heart brings me to tears. Beauty wise this year has been excellent too, in addition to discovering new products I've definitely rediscovered some favourites loves too. So without further ado let's get this round up started.

Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray
I have always liked facial mists, but 2016 was the year I fell in love with them. From natural rose facial mists to drugstore finishing sprays I tried just about anything I could get my hands on. My hands down favourite out of the lot was the Clinique's Moisture Surge. In comparison to others this facial mist is more hydrating and the mist just slightly more fine. Personally I love using moisture surge in my skincare routine but you can easily use this as a primer too.
Review here.

c.Booth Clean Vanilla Bean Body Wash and Body Butter
c.Booth makes some amazing products that are not only affordable but have great ingredients too. Out of the lot of products bunch I've tired from this brand my favourite is the Clean Vanilla Bean range. This sexy, musky vanilla scent smells absolutely divine on the skin, while the quality of these products surpass department store brands. At less then $10.00 a bottle the next time your at your local Wal-Mart you must to give these a try.
Review here.

Lancome Juicy Shaker Mangos Wild
This sheer lip oil has an excellent formula, but what makes this product a standout is simple,its fun! I think we often times get too caught up in sleek packaging or revolutionary finishes and at times we forget that makeup is fun. So next time you pick up that tube of lipstick think lip oil cocktail instead.
Review here.

Eminence Firm Skin Acai Cleanser
 If you suffer from dehydrated skin this cleanser is the perfect way to add an extra dose of hydration into your routine. With that being said this cleanser also adds a heavy punch of age fighting antioxidants and skin plumping hylauronic acid too. So if you want more hydrated, more youthful, more plump skin you really need to get your hands on this cleanser. Excellent ingredients with immediate results. Every time I use Frim Skin Acai Cleanser I fall more and more in love.
Review here.

Pat McGrath Lust 004 Lipstick
I've tried some excellent lipsticks over the years, but Pat McGrath's has to be one of my all time favourites. It's rich in pigment, ultra creamy and super easy to apply... it's so easy to apply that you don't even need a lip liner. I'm not sure if these are still available, but if you can find these online I can't recommend these lipsticks enough. 
Review here.

Clarins Blue Orchid Oil 
Oldie but a goodie! To be honest I almost forgot about this oil, it wasn't until I mentioned it to a friend that I had that "I need to get that back in my life" moment. If your looking for something nourishing enough for dry, winter skin you need this in your life. I think a lot of people would like Clarins Blue Orchid Oil because it's easy. Personally I love using this alone on clean skin, but for more nourishment it's also great in replace of a serum too. 
Review here

Avene Xera Calm AD Lipid Replenishing Cream
When it came down to fighting Everleigh's eczema I tried everything... natural, medicated, drugstore, department store... literally everything! Nothing worked until I tried this Avene's Lipid Replenishing Cream. Everleigh has now eczema free for months and its truly this cream we have to thank. 
Review here

Well ladies there we have all of my favourites! I hope all of you had an excellent holiday's and are throughly enjoying the start of 2017. I would also like to thank each and every one of you for supporting my blog over the past year, your comments and emails me the world to me. 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

L'Oreal Voluminous Review

2016 has been the year where I couldn't stay loyal to a single mascara. Who I kidding this has been a reoccurring theme throughout my life! I remember months back telling myself to 'Tanya go ahead splurge on a tube of Better Then Sex'. Let me be clear by Better Then Sex I mean the Too Faced Mascara not some sort of sexual device that comes in a tube. Erotic toys aside, what I'm getting to here is I had the full intent to purchase the Too Faced and here we are talking about something else. Can you blame me Voluminous was the very first mascara that I ever tried and I craved a little walk down memory lane, so here we go.

From what I remember this mascara made my lashes long, curly and the black formula made my eyes pop. Maybe I had such fond memories my experience in the mascara world was minimal? What I'm getting to here is this definitely does not live up to the hype. The first couple of times I applied Voluminous my lashes were long, fluttery and curly. However not even two weeks into this product and I can throughly say this has gone from perfection to a hot clumpy mess.

The one thing about this mascara I like is the brush. To be honest I find it a refreshing to use a bristle brush especially one that isn't crazy big. Another thing I like about Voluminous is the price, this tube cost me just over $5.00. With that being said I cannot recommend this mascara. It comes down to there are better, less clumpy and yet affordable options out there. So while it was fun to try an old favourite my hunt for the perfect mascara still continues. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Life Style Favourites Christmas Edition

Instead of talking about the best red lipstick or my favourite spicy holiday perfume I thought why not get a little crazy and talk lifestyle favourites? Plus I've done a post on Christmas red lipsticks (here) and on perfume (here). So today I'm talking about those little Christmas-y things that elevate your entire holiday experience.
So Delicious Coconut Eggnog
I am not vegan, nor am I lactose intolerant but I am someone who finds the thickness regular eggnog kind of gross. So when I saw this pop up at my local grocery store I had that “I like coconut milk and this that might be good” moment. I find the texture off this eggnog thinner and just generally speaking I find the flavor better. I may have went a little crazy with this because currently I have 8 bottles stacked in my pantry. You can enjoy this alone, with rum or with my next favourite…

Nespresso Limited Edition Holiday Pods
My current drink of choice is a Gingerbead Nespresso pod and a splash of coconut eggnog. In addition Nespresso has released a banana bread flavor and a pumpkin spice flavour. I wish I could pick a favourite, but to be honest I love all three. If you have a Nespresso machine I can’t recommend these festive flavour’s enough.

Scentsy and Wax’s
Recently I purchased some Christmas inspired wax bars and I have to say I have fallen in love with this wax burner all over again. Currently I love the very Christmas-y Iced Pine and the very warm scented Apple S’mores. Another personal favourite is Blueberry Cheese Cake, but proceed with caution this scent smells so yummy it may make you hungry.

Le Creuset Traditional Pot

Another food favourite, can you tell I’ve been eating a lot lately? In my opinion Christmas/winter is the best season for warm hearty meals. So when it comes to cooking soups, pasta sauces, stews and chilis nothing is better then the Le Creuset Traditional Pot. Like all Le Creuset’s this pot is easy to clean, durable, has excellent heat distribution, but the round shape lends itself better to soups and other liquid-y dishes. 

So with a pot of soup on the stove and a baby up to no good in the living room I hope each and every one of you have an excellent Christmas. Remember to be safe, eat plenty and enjoy time with family. Merry Christmas guys and thank you for your continued support over the past year. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Paula's Choice Resist Brightening Essence Review

By this point we all know I love skin care. The process, the products and off course the end result (healthy looking skin) are the pillars to my obsession. However every now and then I feel like the industry pumps out unnecessary products. Come to think about it seems like most instagram skincare stars have 18 step routines. Each to their own, but personally I put my foot down to these outrageously long routines. I expect my skin care to perform in a streamline fashion, I expect results and without any faff, gimmicks or nonsense.
New(er) to the world of skin care products is essence's. Are the worth the extra step? or is this just another step? What do they do? What are the for? Let's just start the darn review, shall we?

I've searched, tried and tested a number of essences and I can tell you right now your not going to like my findings. Essences/lotions/softeners/emulsions are more or less serums. Texture wise emulsions are lighter and generally seem to be less concentrated. I know what your thinking 'marketing ploys' but I am here to tell you there are some great ones out there. So if you were thinking of skipping out on the world of essences I say give them a shot. I personally find the lightweight texture of an essence works wonders under a emolliant facial oil. However I can also see people reaching for an essence over serum during really hot summer days. 

As mentioned earlier I've tried a handful of essences over the past couple of months. Some were watery, while some seemed ridiculously overly priced. Out of the lot the one that stuck out for me was Paula's Resist Brightening Essence. Unlike others that only boast one active ingredient Paula's Brightening Essence features many. Some of my favourite ingredients are the addition of two different hylauronic acids. This acid helps hydrate and plump the skin giving that sought after beautiful youthful glow. The next worth mentioning ingredient is niacinamide. Along with tightening pores this anti aging vitamin also helps even out skin tone, repair fine lines and strengthen the skins surface. This essence also contains soothing licorice root, age fighting antioxidants and replenishing amino acids... What I'm getting to is theres a lot of amazing things going on here. 

So should you skip out of essence's? No! Like all skin care products it comes does to the ingredients. Personally I love Paula's Brightening Essence, its loaded with amazing ingredients and makes my skin look wonderful. Used with Clarins Blue Orchid oil(review here) the combination is perfection... So ladies I will leave you with this, give the essences a try. Remember to be mindful of ingredients and always use products that work for your skin.