Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Chanel Nail Polish Collection

I am really good at parting with old makeup. However one department I have a hard parting with are my Chanel Nail polishes. Yes, I'm well aware that some of these are old. Yes, I'm also well aware that some of these shades are 'out of style'. However spoken like a true hoarder, this luxe nail varnishes are the pride of my collection. So I thought why not have a light hearted post and talk about some of my all time favourite shades. Ladies and gents here is my Chanel nail polish collection.

Chanel Emprise 
I'm not really into pink or peach nail polishes. While they look flattering on others I find on my pale skin most shades make me look ill. Chanel however knows how to do a good peach and out of the all four peachy pink shades I know Emprise is my favourite. Emprise is a peachy nude that is perfect for the summer. With that being said Emprise is also great for formal events... its the kind of shade that tells people 'you've got your shit together' when really you might not.

Vert Obscur
I went though a phase of buying a ton of nail polish. However these day's instead of buying polish in quantity I like to occasionally splurge on a Chanel. In comparison to other brands I find Chanel has cutting edge colours and typically the formulas are better. Not always... take the golden Delight, beautiful shade, but crap formula. I am rambling, but what I am getting to is Vert Obscur was my last years fancy polish. This almost black teal is something thats totally unique to my collection, however unlike other most unique colours Vert Obscur is wearable too.

Graphite is one sexy ass colour, I would even go as far as saying this is my all time favourite nail polish colour. Graphite is a silvery grey, what makes this colour unique is at times it can look quite golden and at other times it can look green. This colour looks great all year, applies like a dream and just looks super rock and roll on.
Dear Chanel, if your reading this (what are the odds) you really need to permanent colour!

Some other favourites in my collection are Black Pearl and Rouge Noir (review here). Actually if you really wanted to splurge there nail polish remover is a pricy but a fantastic treat too. So with my Miami Peach polish going off and my Chanel Vertigo lacquer looking slightly outdated I can whole heartily say I love my little collection. 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Double Cleanse

Everyone knows I love skincare and one of the first questions people ask is "what is your skincare routine?". The truth is I don't have a set skincare routine, the products I use shift daily and let's just be real here sometimes I get lazy and a 10 step skincare routine goes out the window. One thing that I always stay loyal to is a double cleanse. Yes you heard me and for those of you who can't make it out of bed to wash your face I'm hear to say you should be washing that face of yours twice.

Step 1: The Oil Cleanse
Traditional gel or foam cleanser really struggles with breaking down makeup and sunscreen. This product build up can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. If you were thinking 'then get a stronger cleanser' your wrong because using a stripping cleanser can lead to dehydration and increased oil production. So the first step of your cleansing routine should be some sort of oil cleanser. Not only does this step give the skin extra nourishment, but the fatty oil actually breakdowns product residue effectively and gently.
If you had extra couple of minutes you could really pamper your skin and really work the oil into your skin ...aka facial message. The benefits of facial message are lymphatic drainage and increased circulation. Some people even compare the effects of facial message to Botox, just saying!

Your oil or balm cleanser doesn't have to cost you a fortune, a great drug store option is the Super Facialist (review here). Likewise if you wanted a cleansing oil for sensitive skin the Avene Lipid Replishing Cleansing Oil is one of my all-time favourites (review here). Coconut oil lovers you will be happy to hear that you can use this miracle oil too! Whatever oil your choose make sure to always apply to dry skin.

Step 2: The Final Cleanse
So with the gunk on your face throughly removed you can get the most out of your cleanser. I highly recommend using a cleanser that is best suited for your skin type. One of my favourite cleansers is the Clarins Daily Energizer CleansingGel. I find the Clarins gentle, effective and leaves my skin looking bright. Dare I even say it is good for most skin types too. Whatever cleanser you choose remember a cleanser should never feel your face feeling stripped, tight or irrtated. 

With the two step cleanse your skincare products will work better and your makeup will apply better. If your still thinking I'm nuts, I challenge you to the two step cleanse... trust me your skin will thank me for it! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ole Henriksen Nurture Me Cleansing Clothes

We all know I'm an good ole fashion cleanser and water kind of girl. However I can't deny the idea of a wipe appeals to me, especially when your pressed for time, drunk or want to get to bed. I however bought these wipes specifically to pack in my hospital bag back in December. Since going into labour back in January I have used (and finished) these wipes and dang do I have news for you. So ladies, skincare enthusiasts and face wipe lovers lets start the review shall we. 
As mentioned I am a cleansing kind of girl, so when it came time to buy wipes I put in tons of research to find the perfect product. Ole Henriksen describes these as "a package of luxe satin-spun clothes strutted with an ultra gentle nourishing formula that blankets your skin with the softest, smoothing cleaning experience". In addition they also claim that these "remove all traces of makeup" including water proof makeup. Even online reviews praise the Nurture Me Cleansing Clothes to be one of the best on the market. 

I however hate these and here's why. 
In a world of alcohol saturated facial wipes, Ole's are alcohol-free and contain many hydrating oils. The formula is groundbreaking from the outside, but once these wipes come in contact with your skin... ouch. These cult wipes, known for being 'gentle' irritated the heck out of my skin. I wish I can pinpoint the singular ingredient that caused irritation, but the truth is the ingredients are pretty solid. Maybe my skin is sensitive? Maybe it's the fragrance? Whatever the ingredient is proceed with caution. 

If the burning sensation didn't turn you off, the single reason you should pass on these wipes is there ineffective. I don't want to come off harsh, but I can remove more makeup from a baby wipe. Not that I'm suggesting you use baby wipes, but in terms of makeup removers there are better options out there. If you wear waterproof mascara my words to you are ... good luck. 

So with my face burning and makeup residue still lingering around my eyes the first thing I did after labour was properly wash my face. Moral of the story nothing beats a good cleanse. I know many of you love these wipes so I don't mean to upset anyone... BUT these wipes are a huge pass for me. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

July Favourites

From the beautiful hot weather to going to the cottage this month was quintessential summer to me. And everything summer means two things for my beauty favourites more skincare, and less makeup. Yes, I am definitely one that falls in to the no makeup category once the weather gets hot. So once again I have a skincare heavy favourites for you so lets just jump in.

Caudalie Grape Water 
This year I have discovered so many facial mists, dare I even say 2016 is the year of the facial mist. With that being said Caudalie's Grape Water is an old favourite. Like most facial sprays Caudalie's has an that addicting instant refreshing feeling. However unique to aerosol sprays the Grape Water actually comes out cool. So with the weather over 30 most days nothing feels better then a cooling, refreshing facial mist. 
Caudalie's Grape Water spray also reduces redness and clams irritation too.

Le Serum de Jacynthe
Sometimes I really like to pamper my skin, but cottage trips to me embody simplicity. So instead of packing 100 different things I made a strong emphasis multitasking products.  One of these multitask-ers was Le Serum De Jacynthe. This oil based wonder is a serum, moisturizer and treatment all in one. It's multifunctional abilities leave my skin looking glowy and feeling hydrated.
Read my complete review is here.

L'Occitane Luminous Oil
I know what your thinking 'two oils favourites in the middle of summer?'
Both oils are super lightweight and almost dry in texture, so fear not ladies.
L'Occitanes Luminous Oil can be used in the hair and on the body. I typically use this on the body because it leaves the hydrated and baby soft. With that being said it works wonderfully at smoothing hair too. With the scent of summery scent of mimosa this oil is my new all time favourite.
L'Occitane currently has this on sale for $12.50, so if your interested its an excellent time to scoop one up (link here).

Chanel Poudre Signee Illuminating Powder
For years this product sat in pristine condition and still in it's packaging. Yes, ladies I'm one of those rare breads that buys makeup to just "collect". However after doing a makeup clear-out I realized this product was too beautiful not to use, so I cracked it open and haven't looked back since.
Poudre Signee is a breath taking pale pink with a touch of gold highlight. The formula of this powder is buttery and easy to blend. It literally is the perfect highlight, especially if you have pale skin like me. Moral of the story if you have one of these use it!

Skincare, body care and a touch of highlighting powder... Can you tell I've been having a laid-back summer?  With that being said I hope all of you are enjoying the weather and thank you all for taking the time and reading.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Avene Lipid Replenishing Cleansing Oil

I love a good oil cleanser and over the years I've tried the cheap cult must haves (review here) to the all natural (review here) and just about everything in-between. However in all my experiences I've never found a cleansing oil free of essential oils and perfect for the even most fragile skin types. So if you prone to irritation, or just avoid essential oils (pregnant ladies) let me introduce you to Avene's Lipid Replenishing Cleansing Oil.

Now let me start off the basics... deodorant, makeup and sunscreen usually doesn't come off with regular soap. This product build up can lead to pimples, infections and all sorts of skincare problems. What these stubborn products need is a fatty cleanser to break them down and get them off. So in my humble opinion every skincare routine needs a oil based cleanser.

On a side note I can seriously can talk about oil cleansers all day, because I haven't even touched facial message, circulation and lymphatic drainage yet. Hmmm I see a future post here...

Avene's Lipid Replensihing Cleansing Oil can be a life saver for those with sensitive eczema prone skin. Firstly this this cleanser restores and repairs the outer layer lipid layer of the skin. Secondly for the past 12 years the good scientists from Pierre Fabre (Avene's mother company) have create a skincare ingredient called I-moduila. This innovate ingredient soothes itching, irritation and even calms redness too. It's kind of like oatmeal, except way more effective! Thirdly the addition of Avene's magical thermal water ensures skin is soothed all while keeping things baby soft. Literally this cleanser is the trifecta of perfection for sensitive skin.

Next up is texture and when it comes to a good cleansing product texture is everything. Avene's Lipid Replenishing Cleansing Oil is a cross between an oil and a gel cleanser. This perfect consistency is thin enough that it's easily worked into the skin but thick enough that it doesn't run off your face. The end result is comfortable, perfectly clean beautiful skin.

If you haven't noticed I really, really like this product. From its tear free formula to it's ability to cleanse the body and face equally well I give this Cleansing Oil a huge thumbs up. If you have sensitive skin this cleanser is a game changer. Likewise oily skin types might like this for its calming, redness reducing abilities too. Actually this worked wonders on my babies eczema prone skin too! Perfect for the whole family Avene's Lipid Replenishing Oil is a must! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What's In My Diaper Bag

You know how they say 'sleep when baby sleeps'? Well since discovering What's In My Diaper Bag posts I have neglected this rule. At first I wanted to know what kind of bags people carry, then my obsession turned into contents. Why do people carry garbage bags? Why this? How come that? Eventually all my research turned me into a sleep deprived, but well prepared mom. So ladies lets take a departure from beauty and talk about what's in my diaper bag.

The Bag
A part of me wanted to get a fancy designer diaper bag. However the realistic side of me knew I didn't want to baby my bag, so I opted for the Herschel Strand Bag. What sold me on this bag was the unisex design and build quality. After using this bag for six months I can thoroughly say I love thatnits expandable, easy to clean and durable. As an added bonus Herschel products have a lifetime guarantee and they are relatively affordable too.

The Contents

Skip In Hop Pronto Baby Changing Station
This diaper changing station has a pocket for diapers, a compartment for diaper creams and a removable change pad. The best part is this changing station conveniently folds into a clutch, which means you can literally transform any bag into a diaper bag. Likewise if you wanted to leave your diaper bag in the car this small clutch takes up no room in the bottom of  our stroller.

Burt’s Bee’s Diaper Cream
To be honest I rarely use diaper cream… however should Everleigh’s bum look a little red I like to have one on hand. The Burt’s Bee’s is a good natural diaper cream, but to be honest I find the formula a little on the thick side.

Honest Multi Surface Spray
Public change areas can be filthy… Actually the whole diaper changing business in gross, so having a multi surface spray handy can be a lifesaver.

Dr. Bronners Hand Sanitizer
Public diaper changing stations are pretty disgusting... diapers are disgusting... the whole baby changing thing can be gross, so to combat messy situations I always keep a hand sanitizer handy. My personal favourite is the Dr. Bronners (review here). 

Kleen Kanteen Kid Kanteen
I always like to keep a handy bottle of cold water close by especially on really hot days. In comparison to traditional plastic sippy cups the Kanteen keeps water cooler longer. I also happen to really like it's stainless steel body because its both light weight and durable. 

A spare set of clothes!
Babies are prone to spills, diaper accidents, spit ups and all sorts of crazy things! So to avoid these issues I always keep a spare pair of clothes handy. Typically I keep a onesie, a pair of pants and a sweater in my diaper bag. 

Aden and Anais Swaddle Blanket 
From a stroller cover to a peekaboo toy these large muslin blankets come in so handy. In comparison to other muslin blankets I've tried the Aden and Anais are by far the softest on the market. I now have well over 10 of these and don't dare leave the house without one. 
I even have a spare in my car just in case! 

Pacifier Wipes and Pacifiers 
Pacifiers because it keeps a Everleigh cool, calm and collected while we are driving. Wipes because should it the paci fall on the ground it's nice to have a wipe handy. I also like to keep some protein bars in my paci bag for myself should I get hungry while out on a walk. 

I don't go crazy with toys but I like keeping a couple in my diaper bag should the baby get fussy while we our out. Currently Everleigh favourites our her Vulli Turtle, Nubby and Vulli Raddle Keys. 

I think that is everything? Come to think about it, that seems like a lot of things... I suppose like most new moms I follow that 'I'd rather been over prepared then under prepared' principle. Thank you for reading ladies, beauty posts will resume later this week. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask

Firstly let me start by saying I've never purchased this item and usually I would be reluctant to review something I've never purchased. However over the years I've gone through 10 or more of these mini sample sizes of Ren's Radiance Renewal Masks. Come to think about it currently I have 4 mini back up's. How you ask? To be honest my local Sephora seems to constantly be giving these away. Actually even usually has point/gift with purchase incentive... With that being said this is not a post on freeloading, but actual skincare review. So without further ado here is why you need to get your hands on Ren's Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask.

We all know I love skincare and over the years I have tried multiple radiance inducing masks. Unfortunately most of these masks don't work, while the ones that do are painful as heck.  I am looking at you Glamglo, you literally feel like daggers on my skin. The good news is Ren's Radiance Renewal mask does work and even though it has a cocktail of acids it doesn't feel painful at all... Lets talk a little acid shall we? Ren's Radiance Renewal mask contains glycolic acid (from pineapple), lactic acid (from passionfruit), critic acid (from lemon) and tartaric acid (form grapes). These ingredients work together to exfoliate the face, while reducing the look of fine lines, improving skin tone all while giving you that beautiful radiant glow.

 I love that this mask only takes 10 min to use. I love that this mask doesn't make me look like a serial killer like a sheet mask. I think my baby is still traumatized from seeing me in a sheet mask. I love that this mask smells great. I love that this mask has some really great ingredients and I love that this mask lacks harsh, irritating chemicals. I you couldn't tell I am in love with Ren's Radiance Renewal Mask. And if you want noticeably, better looking skin in 10 minutes then trust me you will love this mask too.