Sunday, July 30, 2017

NOID Sanskrit Saponins Review

Where have I been? The quick answer to this is summering, which basically for means going to the splash pad and walking to the local ice cream shop daily. However as time has passed I’ve noticed myself talking to strangers, family and co-workers about beauty, which means one thing to me… start blogging. 

Today I’m coming to you with Niod review. Noid is a part of the Deciem family, sister to the highly popular and highly coveted Ordinary skincare range. Unlike the basic (but amazing) Ordinary, Noid is the high tech and innovative old sister. Family semantics aside for me Sanskirt Saponins (SS) is one heck of an interesting product so lets get get into the nitty and gritty of things. 
When I think of a cleansing balm, I think of a thick, maybe even an oily product that helps break down make up. Deciem/Noid describes SS as a balm and I suppose it is, but it's not the type of cleansing balm I'm use to. The consistency of SS that of a thick paste and almost mud like. Once applied onto the skin it doesn't foam nor does it make a lather. The finish of the this product is slightly drying, thanks to the saponins, what is basically natures natural soap.  In addition to cleansing Saponins also have anti oxidant and have anti inflammation properties too.

I'm slightly everywhere with this product but despite the slightly drying finish and weird consistency, I love it!

Let's say you may have been at the beach for the day or may have taken a hot yoga class. Or let's be real here maybe you consumed way too much wine, followed by a eating a whole pizza at 3:00am and you wake up and just feel... dirty.  This product is for you! 

Whenever I am feeling like I need a deep cleanse this is the perfect addition my skincare routine. While the finish is slightly drying it surprisingly passes quickly and the formula is relatively gentle. I've heard about people using this as a mask for a more heavy duty treatment. Personally, I haven't tried it but i thought I would put it out there. So where are we with SS, it's weird but it works incredibly well. If your someone who has normally congested skin or if your looking for a deep cleaning treatment (like me) I can't recommend this enough. 

Link to product here

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