Saturday, July 22, 2017

Perfume Shopping Tips & Tricks!

 Chanel Coco is a fragrance that has been with me though every single monumental life event. It's a scent that I've worn at every single christmas, easter, anniversary, family weddings ... I even wore it for Everleigh's first birthday.While makeup and skincare are a passion of mine, it all started with perfume. Don't get me wrong buying a new face mask or moisturizer is exciting but there is nothing in this world like treating yourself to a perfume. So before you invest in a fragrance you should really think about these 5 things.

Go alone
Remember your buying this fragrance for yourself, which means you are the one that is going to be living with it. So if your mom wants you to get a classic fragrance, while you best friend is telling you to smell like vanilla icing my advice to you is shop alone. Think about perfume shopping as a treat, grab lunch, maybe a glass of wine and shop at your own speed.

Head to the mens department
If you can't find anything in the women's department I highly suggest checking out the mens. Often times 'mens' fragrances can be fresher and slightly more easy to wear. Remember perfumes don't come with gender detectors so if you like a more masculine scent go for it girl!

Forget the idea of a seasonal scent
Fresh in the summer and spicy in the winter is generally what look for when picking out a scent. However don't let this old rule stop you, because it's all about wearing what yo like. If you want to wear a lemony scent in the winter theres no reason why you can't.

Ask for samples
Perfumes are expensive and prior to purchasing I always ask for a sample. Stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Sephora can actually make samples for you and generally they have exceptional customer service. Should samples not be available I reccomend spraying and letting it work it's magic on your skin. Generally within two hours I know if a scent works for me or not.

It's okay to leave empty handed
Don't rush it and don't settle for a fragrance your not in love with. Since perfume can be such a personal thing it is absolutely fine to walk out empty handed.

I think generally it's good to have an open mind when purchasing a perfume. Don't worry about your friends or partners, don't worry about the time just go for sometime you really love. If you have any perfume shopping tips I would love to hear them in the comment section below!
Thank you all for reading and we will catch up soon.

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  1. So glad you loved the CC Foundation from It! I recently tried the CC + Luminizer and its so glowy its insane! Look like I'm about to hit the runway with a model esque glow. Super impressed with It Cosmetics! Will be trying more. thanks for the recommendations! xo -Lauren Will