Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist Review

Over the years I’ve forced my drunken friends to wash their faces and encouraged my non-skincare-caring friends to take care of their skin. I call this an act of good will, while they might see my tactics as slightly assertive. Yes, in my group of friends we have fair share of uninhabited partiers, lovey cat ladies but I reserve the spot of the uninhabited skincare enthusiast. So when the conversation switches from ‘my cat knows when I’m drunk’ to I tried this amazing facial mist, I take note. Actually I take paragraphs trying to capture as much information as possible. So with an overwarming amount of recommendation and after a month of testing here are my thoughts on Pixi’s Hydrating Milky Mist.

Pixi describes this mist as “deeply hydrating” and the “ultimate remedy for dry skin”. My friend boasted that this mist alone ‘cured’ her dry skin. In addition I feel like every blogger out there has boasted about this mist from one time to another. 

What I’m trying to get to is this hydration mist lives up to the hype because its down right exceptional. I would even go as far as to say as this is one of the best facial mists I’ve ever tried. 

My love for this starts with the ultra-nourishing formula. This mist features moisturizing black oat, hydrating hyluronic acid and the ever so skin plumping linoleic acid. While most mists mildly hydrate I would consider this mist a liquid moisturizer. Interestingly while Hydrating Milky Mist features a hydrating formula I find the mist incredibly light and non-greasy. 

Another notable triumph for me is the in the packing. Now there are three things I really like. Firstly and probably the least important I love the shade of green Pixi products use... random fact, but I like it so I thought I would put it out there. Next, I love the plastic packaging because it's lightweight and drop proof. Finally and probably the most important is Pixi's Hydrating Milky Mist has a wonderful fine mist. This delicate mist allows you to apply this on top of makeup, but at the same time doesn't smear your mascara. 

Drunken cat stories aside Pixi's Hydrating Milky Mist is one solid skincare product. It's hydrating, glow inducing, travel friendly and extremely addictive. If you have oily skin you could use this in replace of your moisturizer or if you fall into the dry skin category you can use this as a hydrating toner. With that being said if your like me, you can just mist yourself all day long! If you couldn't tell by now I absolutely love this stuff and can't recommend it enough. 

I bought this for $20.00 at my local Shoppers Drug Mart. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Sunday Riley Luna Review

Bloggers, magazine editors and pretty much every beauty expert out there seems to go crazy for Sunday Riley products. Personally, I’ve tired two products out of the line, Good Gene’s (review here) and Luna. While Good Gene’s was a clear cut love, my relationship with Luna is slightly more complex. So without spilling all the beans in the first paragraph let’s get the show on the road. 

Luna is an anti-aging facial oil, that helps firm, smooth out wrinkles and diminish large pores. This facial oil contains a cocktail of 12 different oils that leave your skin supple, smooth and nourished (yet not oily). However the Luna’s claim to fame is the anti-aging retinoid. Retinoid is basically the easier, less irritating sister to retinol (and retinol is the only scientifically proven way to fight signs of aging). Now this oil shouldn’t irritate the skin, however you might notice some dryness to the skin. So you best believe me when I say the addition of 12 nourishing oils is a truly pleasant touch.

Good formula, good ingredients but the one thing I can’t get over is the addition blue dye. Sunday claims the colour of this product encourages users to massage the product deep in the skin. The more you work the product in the more translucent it gets (duh). In the addition while this isn’t intended to be a colour correcting product I like that the blue tint temporally evens out my skin tone. Now I am a total fan of facial massage and colour correcting anything, but I look at this added blue colouring as a marketing ploy. Blue, Luna, night time treatment… I the message it, but I just think it’s unnecessary. 

I am but wishy, washy with Luna, because at the core I do think Luna is an excellent product. However I also think that Luna is insanely expensive for what you get. Since retinoid’s are not a ground breaking technology you best believe you can get a decent retinoid at a fraction of the price (see my review for Avene’s retinoid here). Take what you will, I’ve been using Luna for well over a month and my bottle looks barely touched, it’s a beautiful luxury oil, but should you want to save some money you could definitely find cheaper alternatives. 

Can be bought at and in select stores. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Rose Water Benefits

The season of love is here which means it’s officially of season of giving roses. Now you can either ask for a bouquet of roses, rose scented bath products or if you’re a skincare nut like me rose water. Jay if you’re reading this … hint, hint! If you don’t have a Valentine there is absolutely no shame in treating yourself because you’re going to need this and here’s why:

1. Rose water is an anti-inflammatory which means reduces redness and calms irritated skin.

2. Rose water is an anti-bacterial making an excellent, natural oil reducing product for acne prone skin types. 

3. Rose water is jammed packed with nutrients which help hydrate the skin. However since a spritz of rose water is so light it’s suitable for every skin type at any time of the day. 

4. The scent of rose has actually been scientifically proven to combat insomnia. In addition rose has also been used as an aroma therapy aid to help combat stress and tension. 

5. It’s cheap. With all these amazing skincare benefits I bet you were thinking ‘this is going to cost a fortune’, it doesn’t. You can actually get rose water from your local grocery store. Likewise you could always opt for a luxe rose water such as Herbivores Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water. 

Rose water can be used as a toner, to set makeup or misted on the go for a quick refresh. Since rose water is perfect for all skin types I seriously think everyone’s skincare regiment could benefit from a little rosewater. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

In Flight Essentials

The truth is it’s been years since of flown anywhere so I don’t want to come off as a globe-trotting blogger, because I’m actually the opposite. A homebody, working professional and mother of one, sweat pants wearing, top knot enthusiast…you get the picture. Back in the day I use to take the time to sprawl out, listen to music and pamper my skin. This flight is different because not only am I traveling with 18 family members I’m also traveling with a one year old. So lades (and gents) here are my in-flight must haves no faff, no pointlessness, no stupidity just easy to use essentials.  

Face Mist 
I’m sure we all know it by now, but I have a passion for face mists. I love that mists have toning, moisturizing and makeup setting qualities. However my favourite thing about all facial sprays is that they are instant and to me there is no better place for instant skincare then on a plane. Currently I am using (and loving) Pixi’s Milky Hydrating Mist and it works wonders when it comes to nourishing and repairing dry skin. The fact that this mist also soothes irritated sun kissed skin also makes it a handy beach bag item too.

Aroma Therapy 
I wouldn’t go as far as to say I am scarred of flying, but I would definitely consider myself as a nervous flyer. To combat my anxiety I always take some sort of aroma therapy oil with me. Typically I bring along lavender, however this trip I am bringing Saje’s Sleep Well Oil. This oil contains soothing chamomile, relaxing jasmine and balancing orange oil. It’s literally relaxation in a bottle. Just like the facial mist Saje’s Sleep Well can be applied in moment’s time. 

Big Scarf 
Car trips, train trips, plane trips… one of my all-time favourite travel essentials is a big scarf. The best thing about a big scarf is it acts a blanket on cold plane rides, but once you reach your destination it can be used as a shawl on cold nights. Typically I travel with a large poncho, however this time around I am traveling with my Lululemon Vinyasa scarf. I love that this scarf can be worn many different ways, the handy snaps also allow this scarf to be transformed into a handy cardigan too.   

Comfy Pants
In my opinion it takes a brave person that would want to travel in anything other than some sort of stretchy pants. I feel like this is common knowledge, but I thought I should put it out there; yoga pants, leggings, jogging pants are a MUST. 

Lip Balm
As we all know planes are extremely dry, and since traveling with a humidifier is frowned upon you'll notice a reoccurring hydration theme here. I am bringing two lip balms with me on this flight, one being Dior's hydrating, tinted lip balm Lip Glow and the other is the repairing and nourishing Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment. 

Face Mask
90% of the time I have easy going, normal skin. However if you put dryness into the equation my skin transforms to sensitive and eczema prone in an instant. So whenever I travel I without fail always bring an SOS skincare mask. For this trip I am bringing Laneige's Multiberry Yogurt Repairing Mask. While I've never tired this mask it claims to sooth irritated skin while delivering a huge does of hydration and nourishment. This mask is clear so should I forget to take it off I won't have mud stuck to my face upon landing. 
'Hi customs officer, no my face isn't normally purple... I just have a crying baby and dry skin' You get the picture. 

Well people this is my last post before I leave. I wish you all an excellent week and I have a new skincare tips post coming out on the 13th I'm super excited to share with you. So ladies/gents until next time! 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

January Favourites

 I can’t believe January has come and gone! I have to say a part of me was terrified to go back to work. How would I cope with Everleigh being in daycare? When would I have time to blog? Will I have time for anything? Turns out everything has sort of fallen into place and in the mist of daycare pick-ups to busy days at work I even have some excellent beauty favourites to share with you. So ladies and gents here are my January Favourites!

Fresh Sugar Lemon Perfume 
I love spicy fragrances in the fall, floral perfumes in the spring and fresh body sprays in the summer. However all year I crave something fresh, something crisp and something that smells clean... Fresh Sugar Lemon is all of these things. If you want something zingy, yet classy you need to give this a go.  
If you didn’t read my review you can check it out here!

Benefit Beyond Sexy Lipstick in Lusty Rose 
Lip liner, lipstick all in one, makes lips look bigger, plumper… Benefits new lipstick comes with many claims. However the only thing that you need to know about these lipsticks is the formula is fantastic. It’s creamy, hydrating long wearing and super pigmented. The packaging allows for precise application, eliminating the need for any lip liner. Totally wish Benefit would come out with a whole range of lipsticks using the same packaging and formula. 
Totally forgot lusty rose at work...forgive me. You can see swatches here.

Sunday Riley Good Genes
I love this product… okay I know I love all these products but I really, really, really like Good Genes. This product totally lives up to all the rave reviews because it makes you skin look like perfection. I did an in depth review (here) but in a nutshell this exfoliating treatment makes your skin really glow. In comparison to other exfoliating products I’ve tried nothing compares to the results of Good Genes. Expensive but totally worth it this skincare item is a new must have for me.

Saje Peppermint Halo 
Maybe it’s the early mornings? But I have been headachy more than normal. So instead of popping Tylenol 24-7 I have resorted to homeopathic remedies and my favourite out of the bunch is Peppermint Halo. This tingle inducing oil is meant to be applied on to the temples and for lack of better words it makes your head feel like a peppermint stick. This delightful tingle is amazing for relieving headache pain… seriously this stuff is a new office must have for me. 

New perfume, new lipstick, New Year … new women! As mention above I started work this month and as hard as it is somehow everything has fallen into place. If you have any favourites please let me know in the comments section below. In addition thank you for taking the time to reading.