Sunday, February 28, 2016

February Favourites

February might be a month of passion for some. For me it was filled with a record amount of puke, poops and farts. Before your mind starts wondering I have a two month old. Which reminds me maybe I should a must have baby products post? or an update? hmm... 
Back to the topic on hand favourites! This month had been a month of dry skin and well some surprising favourites... Basically I left the house and got reunited with an old lipstick favourite. 
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Aura 
This Mama left the house this month and went to a burlesque show! I had a blast, but darn talk about a contrast from my daily life. Makeup wise I played up the whole cat liner pin-up look, but when it came time for a lipstick selection I opted for an old favourite... Chanel Aura. 
Hydrating, glossy and with the perfect dark berry tint Aura is stunning and surprisingly very wearable.

Les Soins Jacynthe, Serum de Jacynthe
My adventures into Canadian beauty lead me to the natural skincare brand Les Soins Jacynthe. The line is beautiful, effective and feels indulgent on the skin. A personal favourite for me was the serum. Serum de Jacynthe is loaded with tons of amazing ingredients, that do everything from reduce redness and calm irritation to firm up the skin. This multi tasking product had been a go to for me especially when I don't have time to do my entire skincare routine. 
I have a whole review here!

Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream
In movies winter looks like the perfect excuse to build a snowman or cuddle up on a park bench and enjoy a hot chocolate. In reality forget about the snowmen the cold dry weather makes my skin dry as the desert floor. To combat dry skin I have been applying the Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream throughout the day. I can truly say a combination between this moisturizer and the above serum have really helped nourish and repair my irritated chapped skin. 
Again I have a whole review here

Dior Skin Nude BB Creme 
Pre baby makeup included powders, foundations but most of all makeup brushes. Post baby makeup is pretty much anything I can slap on my face in the least amount of time... hello Dior Skin BB! In comparison to other BB's I've tried this packs the most coverage yet takes seconds to apply. The finish of this is luminous, but not greasy. For work I usually opt for a fuller coverage foundation, but if you were on maternity leave, a student or just looking for an easy everyday base this is definitely one thats worth the try. 

A vampy berry toned lipstick, a foundation, a burlesque show... who is this girl? I think I'm getting too ahead of myself, because in reality the lipstick is more like a tinted lip balm and the foundation is a sheer tinted moisturizer. As for the show... it was one night, but the urge to invest in cute lingerie is very real. I'm still wondering where do you even buy rhinestone corsets or heart shaped nipple tassels? They must be custom made, but buy who? Showgirl mysteries aside I hope you all had a great month. Feel free to leave me a comment below. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Beauty Nostalgia

There are certain beauty items that even though I don't use, I can't bare to part with. These are those beauty products that mark a time in my life, beauty trend or are simply too beautiful to throw out. If you aren't into makeup your probably thinking 'you have a problem', if you are into makeup you most likely have a nostalgic stash of your own. So while sorting through the stash I  thought why not take a walk through memory lane.
Anna Sui Powder Foundation 
I was 19, had some extra spending money and everything about this powder foundation seemed like a good idea, including the cute vintage inspired packaging. I distinctly remember thinking to myself 'how cool am I going to look when I whip this out of my makeup bag' and so this compact came with me everywhere. From makeup touch up's at school to getting ready for a night on the town this Anna Sui powder takes me back 10 years to my party girl self.

MAC Hello Kitty Collection
Is it just me or did MAC use to come out with the coolest collections? The coolest among all the launches (to me anyway) was the Hello Kitty collection. I distantly remember this range of Kitty inspired makeup sold out in seconds, which instantly made the entire collection a prized possession to any beauty advocate. I was lucky enough to score two pieces of the range and to this day they still remain trophies in my stash.

MAC Marine Life Blush
Another trophy in my collection was this blush... again it was something that sold out in seconds. To this day this blush still sits in it's original packaging solely based on the fact it that its too beautiful to use.

Dior 5 Colour Eyeshadow Pallet
Last but not least and let me tell you this product is really, really old... I was in high school, got some money for my birthday and decided to spend it on a luxe eye shadow pallet. Most girls would have opted for neutral shades, but at the time a pallet of purples was more my style. Looking back what was I thinking? But in all seriousness this was my first high end makeup item I ever bought and to this day I cherish it just as much as the first day I bought it.

Hoarding tendencies aside do any of you have cherished beauty products or am I alone in this? Let me know in the comments section below. 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment Review

There aren’t too many things I love more in this world then lip balm. A bold opening statement, I know! However as a lip balm addict I relish in testing new formulas and trying new brands. Hell even new flavours of Lip Smackers are fun to try. One of my all time favourite balms is Fresh’s Sugar Lip balm, it has sleek packaging, comes in a ton of fun colours, but most importantly it has a incredible hydrating formula. So with the winter here and my experimentation game on point I thought why not get crazy and try Fresh’s Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment. 
Yes, while crazy for some might be streaking. Crazy for me is trying new lip balm... now on to the review!

There are many positives about this lip balm, but its definitely a product with an achilles heel. First let me start off by saying the Fresh Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment has a striking list of ingredients. If you were looking for a lip balm with a long list of hydrating oils and hyaluronic acid, this is for you. Also, if you were health conscious this balm is petroleum free. Even when looking for review on this product there is an overwhelming amount of online love for this. The packaging is chic yet practical, the scent is lemon-y and loveable. By all means this is an excellent lip balm that I will without doubt finish, but never repurchase. So what its it than? 

Friends the downfall to this product is the original Fresh Sugar Lip Balm. Why? Because they are more or less the same product. Both balms feature a beeswax base, from that both primarily contain caster oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil. In addition both product have the same scent, taste but most importantly they both have the same hydrating qualities. I can't say the Advanced Lip Lip Treatment is a bad product, but at $3.00 less, the added benefit of SPF and the choice of multiple colours I say stick with the original Sugar Lip Treatment. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Date Night Rituals

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Let me first start of by saying I am not the most romantic person in the world. I’m sure anyone who knows me is reading this and laughing, saying “you can say that again”. In fact the more romantic I try to be the more awkward I become. Anyone else? For me feeling sexy all goes back to confidence. So ladies if you fall in the same boat as me here are 3 date night rituals that make me feel confident and ready to take over the world... I mean date.
Start with a candle.  
Some start there pamper off with a glass of wine, chocolates or a warm bath. Don’t get me wrong I don’t completely reject the idea of a cold glass of pinot grigio, but personally I am much more of a candle girl. Even if I have 30 min to get ready subconsciously or not I always light a candle. Not only do they look pretty but beautiful scent in the background to any pamper routine just makes it feel that much more special.  My favorite candle at the moment is Voluspa’s French Bourbon Vanilla. Voluspa’s candles burn perfectly all while having beautiful packaging and original scents too.

Pick a power polish. 
Let’s face despite the upcoming nail trends we all know what polish’s looks good on. These are the kind of polishes that don’t require any second guessing, match with any outfit and every time you look at your hands you think to yourself “dang this looks good”… I like to call these power polishes! My power polish is Chanel Rouge Noir, it's dark, bold, but some how remains looking classic.

Finish a splash of fragrence.
Perfume is a powerful tool, one spritz can make you feel cute, sweet or sexy. Whatever mood you want to convey on Valentines day I say go with it and don't look back. This Valentines day I am going for one of my all time favourites Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir. Pomegranate Noir is sweet pomegranate meets notes clove and pepper, its sexy but remains very lady like.

Candles, fragrance and nail polish are my three get ready confidence beauty routine must haves. Whatever your routine consists of I hope all of you have a excellent Valentines day and an excellent weekend too. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Natural Skincare Made with Love

If you asked me 10 years ago what my thoughts on natural skincare were I would have looked at you blank expression and said something along the lines of "coconut oil?" Like everything in the world of beauty things are changing and thanks to brands like RMS, Tata Harper and Herbivore Botanicals its natural skincare that meets luxury. Not only do these brands bring luxe to the natural world, but there well curated ranges contain products that actually work. New to me is Canadian natural skincare brand Les Soins Jacynthe. 

Le Soins De Jacynthe was founded by Quebec celeb Jacynthe Rene. Jacynthe is a actress, producer, but more interestingly she is a guru on natural skincare and healthy living. Her website is seriously addicting. It not only highlights articles on beauty, but there are some inspiring reads on well-being and food too. Thank you Jacynthe I now suddenly have the urge to start juicing! 

On to the review... 
The first step to the skincare range is the Cleansing oil. This cleansing oil features some beautiful oils such at jojoba, apricot, sandalwood and ylang ylang. The cleansing oil without doubt smells beautiful, but more importantly it has enough slip to throughly massage off makeup, yet its thick enough it doesn't just fall off the face either. It's an excellent cleansing oil and  perfect first step of a double cleanse routine if you ask me. 

Next is the Rose Floral Water which again smells divine, feels refreshing, and the pretty apothecary bottle makes me want to carry this everywhere... I don't want to rush it, but I want to talk about the belle of the ball Jacynthe's Serum. This serum is an all in one serum, moisturizer and treatment combo. Which means if your in a rush this oil-based wonder might be the one stop shop you've been looking for. This serum boasts primrose oil which helps reduce redness, increase firmness and fights rough spots. The next notable oil is Sea Buckthorn oil. This oil is what I would consider the anti-aging oil out of the lot because it not only leaves skin feeling plump and hydrated, but it also helps elasticity and rejuvenates the face too. Finally Jacynthe's Serum also contains vitamin e (brightens the complexion) and Borage oil (again helps in the hydration department). 

If I had to pick Jacynthe's Serum is my personal favourite, it's a light-weight, multi tasker that leaves my skin looking hydrated and plump. With that being said all the products I've tried from Soins De Jacynthe are a perfect example of natural meets luxe. I even like the cute minimalist apothecary styled packaging!  So ladies, when it comes to the natural skincare revolution...  look no further then Le Soins De Jacynthe.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Empties #9

When ever I start an empties post I always feel the need to validate why I hoard empty bottles of cosmetics in my closet. So here it is... Tanya people in the beauty blog world do this, Mom please don't judge me. With that out of the way lets begin talking about all the empty bottles of cosmetics that temporarily live in the depths of my closet.
Still a weird concept to me...

La Vanilla Pure Vanilla Deodorant
Whither your seeking something natural or just have sensitive pits this is the only aluminum free deodorant I've tried that actually works. Undoubtedly Pure Vanilla is expensive in comparison to drugstore brands, but since it saves me from unwanted irritations and it's natural it a price well worth paying. I have repurchased this product time and time again and will continue to do so.

Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel
Throughly cleans the skin, but without any unwanted dryness or irratation. If you've seen my previous empties you will notice an empty tube in every post... basically I love this stuff!
Yes, I will continue to purchase and have already. Full review here!

Klorane Shampoo with Flax Fiber
Smells nice, left hair with a ton of volume and by all means this is an excellent shampoo. However, as an everyday hair washer this doesn't compete with my beloved Klorane Shampoo with Oatmilk. If your someone who is looking for added volume I highly suggest giving this product a try.

Kerastase Bain Oleo- Relax 
I have a natural wave to my hair, which most of the time I can easily manage. However add humidity to the mix and my hair starts to look wild. I was hoping this shampoo would be a quick fix to my crazy summer hair. With that being said this product did nothing for me and at $42.00 a pop there less expensive products out there that tame curls significantly better. This product was a huge miss for me!

Aveda Beautifying Oil
You can use Aveda’s Beautifying Oil on your face, body or hair. I also like adding a couple of drops to a hot bath for a relaxing treat. Wherever way you use this oil it leaves the skin (or hair) soft and hydrated plus it has the added benefit of smelling like a spa. Will I repurchase again? Absolutely, it’s one of my all time favourites.

Aveda Beautifying Body Cleanser
This creamy body wash smells divine and leaves your skin nourished and soft... it's an absolute treat to use especially when you pair it with Aveda's Beautifying Oil. I would repurchase, however I believe this product has been discontinued because it's no longer on Aveda's website.

Aveda Rosemary Mint Hand and Body Wash
Can you tell I was on an Aveda kick? This body wash not only leaves you feeling awake and refreshed, but it also leaves the skin with a slightly minty tingle. Usually I use gravitate towards this cooling sensation during summer months, but during my pregnancy this was the perfect pick me up my tired body needed. I love the Rosemary Mint range and will 100% repurchase.
On a side note if your pregnant I highly suggest you try this, it seriously works wonders.

Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer
Not a bad eye primer, but not the best. After 7 hours or so I still experienced my eye shadow creasing. Don't get me wrong thats not bad, but there are better, longer lasting primers out there. Currently I am using MAC's Paint in Untitled and I'm sorry Smashbox I don't think I will be going back.

Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara
I love this mascara it left my lashes long, separated and curly. I have a whole review here... I will totally repurchase again.

Clinique Air Brush Concealer
For years this was my go to concealer because it does a great job at highlighting underneath the eye. Even with the brightening effects I have always found that it slacked in the coverage department. Would I repurchase? Maybe one day, but the Clarins Instant Concealer is my new holy grail and will be for the foreseeable future. 

Now to go get some gratification by throwing these empties into the trash. If you have made it to the end of this long post thank you for reading! Have you tried any of these products let me know.

Monday, February 1, 2016

January Favourites

January's tend to be fast moving months, but you add a newborn baby to the mix and this month had seriously passed in the blink of an eye.  I don't have a handful of cutting edge lipsticks nor do I have the newest contour pallet to share with you. Nope this month has been a back to basics kind of month, but nonetheless I have some exciting classic must haves and some new discoveries to share with you. Without further ado here are my January monthly favourites!

Clinique Moisture Surge Facial Spray
Yes the winter months are among us which means I will gladly take any source of moisture I can get. What I'm trying to say is pink bottle follows me around the house throughout the day!  I seriously can't get enough of this stuff it feels great going on, but more importantly this hydrates the skin in seconds. One of my new discoveries of this year I highly recommend you try this especially if your lacking in my moisture department. You can read my full review here I did earlier this month!

Acure Radical Wrinkle Treatment
I like to leave my trucker mouth out of my beauty blog BUT this will give you that "Holy shit I look real good" even within the first application. To say this firms the skin would be an understatement, because the Acure Radical Wrinkle Treatment would be comparable to a push up bra but for the face. The finish of this product has a slight tack to it so I highly suggest popping this under your foundation. As someone who has been slacking in the sleep department I welcome any product that will take my tired droopy face to a perky well rested one.
Review here ... Outstanding ingredients, affordable price and instant results I am completely obsessed by this one!

Nuxe Reve De Meil Balm
I use to use this Reve De Meil before bed, in the winter months  and prior to any bright coloured lipsticks... who am I kidding I use to use this balm all the time! Some how I finished this balm (or possibly lost it?) and since then I have kind of forgotten about it.
Which leads me to my next point... my stay at the hospital literally destroyed my lips! So our first trip with baby was to the drugstore and the first thing in my cart was this balm. If your not familiar with Reve De Meil its a thick almost gritty balm ... it's a unique texture I'm not going to lie, but when healing really sore cracked lips Reve De Meil is my first choice.

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara
Over the past couple of years I have been on a drugstore mascara kick. Sure I stopped to try Benefit's Roller Lash along the way, but since then I have not strayed, until now. Years and years ago (before blogging times) Smashbox's Full Exposure was my go to mascara. If your into long lashes with tons of volume you need to check this out. However be weary because the big mascara wand takes some getting use to.

A mascara, lip balm, facial spray and a miracle "face lift" cream... can you tell I've been home all month? Jokes aside this months favourites might be little on the boring side from first glance, but all these products are truly must haves for me. Dare I say back to basics has never felt to beautiful!