Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Natural Skincare Made with Love

If you asked me 10 years ago what my thoughts on natural skincare were I would have looked at you blank expression and said something along the lines of "coconut oil?" Like everything in the world of beauty things are changing and thanks to brands like RMS, Tata Harper and Herbivore Botanicals its natural skincare that meets luxury. Not only do these brands bring luxe to the natural world, but there well curated ranges contain products that actually work. New to me is Canadian natural skincare brand Les Soins Jacynthe. 

Le Soins De Jacynthe was founded by Quebec celeb Jacynthe Rene. Jacynthe is a actress, producer, but more interestingly she is a guru on natural skincare and healthy living. Her website is seriously addicting. It not only highlights articles on beauty, but there are some inspiring reads on well-being and food too. Thank you Jacynthe I now suddenly have the urge to start juicing! 

On to the review... 
The first step to the skincare range is the Cleansing oil. This cleansing oil features some beautiful oils such at jojoba, apricot, sandalwood and ylang ylang. The cleansing oil without doubt smells beautiful, but more importantly it has enough slip to throughly massage off makeup, yet its thick enough it doesn't just fall off the face either. It's an excellent cleansing oil and  perfect first step of a double cleanse routine if you ask me. 

Next is the Rose Floral Water which again smells divine, feels refreshing, and the pretty apothecary bottle makes me want to carry this everywhere... I don't want to rush it, but I want to talk about the belle of the ball Jacynthe's Serum. This serum is an all in one serum, moisturizer and treatment combo. Which means if your in a rush this oil-based wonder might be the one stop shop you've been looking for. This serum boasts primrose oil which helps reduce redness, increase firmness and fights rough spots. The next notable oil is Sea Buckthorn oil. This oil is what I would consider the anti-aging oil out of the lot because it not only leaves skin feeling plump and hydrated, but it also helps elasticity and rejuvenates the face too. Finally Jacynthe's Serum also contains vitamin e (brightens the complexion) and Borage oil (again helps in the hydration department). 

If I had to pick Jacynthe's Serum is my personal favourite, it's a light-weight, multi tasker that leaves my skin looking hydrated and plump. With that being said all the products I've tried from Soins De Jacynthe are a perfect example of natural meets luxe. I even like the cute minimalist apothecary styled packaging!  So ladies, when it comes to the natural skincare revolution...  look no further then Le Soins De Jacynthe.

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