Saturday, February 13, 2016

Date Night Rituals

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Let me first start of by saying I am not the most romantic person in the world. I’m sure anyone who knows me is reading this and laughing, saying “you can say that again”. In fact the more romantic I try to be the more awkward I become. Anyone else? For me feeling sexy all goes back to confidence. So ladies if you fall in the same boat as me here are 3 date night rituals that make me feel confident and ready to take over the world... I mean date.
Start with a candle.  
Some start there pamper off with a glass of wine, chocolates or a warm bath. Don’t get me wrong I don’t completely reject the idea of a cold glass of pinot grigio, but personally I am much more of a candle girl. Even if I have 30 min to get ready subconsciously or not I always light a candle. Not only do they look pretty but beautiful scent in the background to any pamper routine just makes it feel that much more special.  My favorite candle at the moment is Voluspa’s French Bourbon Vanilla. Voluspa’s candles burn perfectly all while having beautiful packaging and original scents too.

Pick a power polish. 
Let’s face despite the upcoming nail trends we all know what polish’s looks good on. These are the kind of polishes that don’t require any second guessing, match with any outfit and every time you look at your hands you think to yourself “dang this looks good”… I like to call these power polishes! My power polish is Chanel Rouge Noir, it's dark, bold, but some how remains looking classic.

Finish a splash of fragrence.
Perfume is a powerful tool, one spritz can make you feel cute, sweet or sexy. Whatever mood you want to convey on Valentines day I say go with it and don't look back. This Valentines day I am going for one of my all time favourites Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir. Pomegranate Noir is sweet pomegranate meets notes clove and pepper, its sexy but remains very lady like.

Candles, fragrance and nail polish are my three get ready confidence beauty routine must haves. Whatever your routine consists of I hope all of you have a excellent Valentines day and an excellent weekend too. 

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