Thursday, December 8, 2016

Guerlain Super Lips Review

Some girls like matte liquid lipsticks, while others go crazy for luxury lipsticks. I however am a self proclaimed lip balm addict. I have a selection in my car, living room, bedroom, pockets ... want the kitchen knife? It's right under my kitchen lip balm collection. So when one of my favourite cosmetic companies Guerlain released  an all new lip balm I had that 'I'm going to need that moment'. So let's just into it, because I have a a lot to get off my chest. 
Lets start off with the basics this fancy lip balms costs a staggering $35.00. According to Guerlain this lip balm "soothes in a single application so that lips are left soft, smooth and plumped". The formula features moisturizing grape seed oil and hydroxyproline (line filler). Unlike so many heavily scented high-end beauty products the scent of Super Lips is suprisingly light and citrusy. As for the packaging it's squeeze tube it hygienic and practical. 

A couple of months ago I featured this lip balm in a favourites post. Now I'm not going to say I changed my mind about this one, because I like the sparkle free formula and the citrusy scent. With that being said this product just does't scream luxury to me. The formula is mildly hydrating and despite the packaging being practical I can't shake the feeling that it feels slightly cheap. So without a doubt I will happily use this and eventually finish it. However, with some many better options out there I don't think I will repurchase. 

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