Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Nursery Must Haves

When it comes to babies there are certain things you can never prepare yourself for. The crying, the pooping, the sleepless nights and surprisingly just how much time you spend in your babies bedroom.  From nursing to play time I some times feel like I spend all day in Everleigh's room. So with all this time spent in my baby girls nursery I've come with my essentials. So if your a new mom or have new mom in your life here are must haves that make mom life that much more comfy.

A Footrest
If you only get one thing out of this whole post let it be this, no nursery is complete without a footrest. In the early days your up all night and having elevated feet makes everything just that much more comfortable. Now that Everleigh's older and night time feedings have nearly diminished we use the footrest as a play table... for some reason she also finds it hilarious that she can crawl underneath it. Babies, they find the strangest things funny! By all means you can spurge, however there are tons of affordable options out there. I found my woven footrest (technically they consider this a bench) at Target on sale a couple a years or so ago.

At first I bought these decorative hooks based entirely on aesthetic. Basically it came down to I needed to fill a space and this was a cost effective way to do it. From hanging wet towels to displaying cute outfits these hooks have come extremely useful over the past 11 months. I've even used them to store my spare sweater. Further more once Everleigh is older these hooks (theres two, only one pictured) can be used for her backpack, winter coat or any pretty outfits she wants to display. I bought these pretty bird hooks at Anthropologie.

Toy Basket
Wooden toy boxes cost a small fortune, not to mention they also take up a lot of floor space. So to save on money and space I opted for a small wicker basket. This basket stores some of Everleigh's favourite stuffed animals and since the basket is small she can easily pull out whatever stuffy she chooses. Once she gets older this basket can store books, magazines, socks or a spare throw. This bargain stylish toy storage cost around $30.00 and I bought it at my local Winners store.

Little Things Storage
From baby eczema creams to diaper rash ointments it didn't take me long to realize that by the end of the day Everleigh's dresser/change table becomes a total disaster. To combat this baby induced product explosion I highly suggest purchasing some sort of storage counter storage. I am currently using a decorative bird cage to house all of her baby things. However there are tons of beautiful inexpensive options out there, check out your local Home Sense.

When we think of nursery essentials we think crib and rocking chair. While those are obvious must haves its the little things that make all the difference. Espeically a footrest... I can't stress how nice it is to have your feet up at 3:00 am in the morning. So if your pregnant or know someone who is expecting I don't think you can go wrong with gifting some of these nursery must haves. 

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