Thursday, October 27, 2016

My Planning Obsession & Etsy Sticker Haul

I am someone who needs a planner. Literally if you were to take away my Moleskine I would be lost. While I have always loved stationary the world of planner decor is new to me. Stickers, customized book marks, pretty post-it's? Have I been living under a rock? So my current obsession is planning, washi tape and Etsy stickers. I have no ideas on departing the world of beauty, however I thought it would be fun to share with you my newest fad.
The Planner
For the past 10 years I have been using a Moleskine Weekly Pocket Planner. Usually I opt for the soft cover in Black, however this year I went with the hardcover in Grape Violet. After years of use I can throughly say I like that Moleskine's are small, durable and functional. 
I bought this agenda here, its on sale too!

The Stickers
Typically stickers are made for much larger planners such as the Erin Condren planner or the Life Planner. With that being said if you have a smaller planner you can cut stickers and make them work for you. Also there are some shops that sell pocket sized stickers too. Okay on to the Etsy stuff...

High Glow Designs
To wet my feet into the sticker world I decided to purchase one of there Glitch bags. For $5.00 you get 5 sheets of stickers, with minor defects. The defects were so minor that to be honest I didn't notice any.  Fast shipping and affordable, I would definitely order a glitch box again.
Shop here,

Shells Scribbles
My order with High Glow Designs had me addicted. However this time I wanted to try something made for a pocket sized planner. To curb my addiction I ended up ordering three pockets sized kits from Shell's Scribbles. Each kit I ordered is not only functional, but the design and detail in each sticker kit is stunning. I have to say everything from Shell's Scribbles came beautifully packaged and there was a cute shell bookmark freebie thrown in too. 
If you have a Moleskine, these sticker kits fit perfectly! 
Shop here.

Elegant and Organized 
My final purchase was from Elegant and Organized... I'm telling you I have a seriously sticker problem! For this order I purchased two of her 'daily sets' and one grab bag. Although she didn't have pocket sized packages like Shell's and Scribbles I thought her daily sets would be a good match for my tiny sized planner. The grab bag was an absolute bargain and the weekly sets will work wonderfully in my planner. 
Shop here.

I'm not sure what got over me but I am seriously into the planning business. Let me know if you like seeing these kinds of posts and I would be happy to provide more.
Until next time ladies. 

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