Monday, October 31, 2016

October Favourites

From Thanksgiving celebrations to my love of all things pumpkin October is my favourite month out of the whole year and I am sincerely sad to see it go. On a completely unrelated do any of you Canadians feel like now that October is gone you have to brace yourself for winter? All of a sudden I'm craving warm socks, hearty soups and ultra hydrating skincare... Winter is coming, so expect some seasonal posts soon. Before I get ahead of myself here, we are here to talk about favourites so lets get started!

Guerlain Super Lips
 I LOVE this lip balm! It's the kind of balm you put on before bed and you can still feel it the next morning. With tons of amazing ingredients and delicious citrus scent this lip balm has been following me around the house this month. In fact its in my pocket as I type!

ESQIDO Companion Eyelash Glue
I have to confess wearing lashes isn't a regular day occurrence to me. I also have to confess because I don't wear lashes often the application process intimidates me. So while getting ready for a friends wedding earlier this month I decided to try some Esqido goodies I got at a recent beauty event. The lashes were beautiful, but the real winner for me was the lash glue. With its paint brush applicator it made application a dream. In addition after 12+ hours of wearing false lashes they didn't budge, move or start to come of in the slightest. At $10.00 a pop this latex free lash glue is the best I've ever tried... move over duo glue!

Marc Jacobs Lip Creme Lipstick in Magenta
Another product I discovered at the recent wedding I went to was this lipstick. The formula itself is long wearing and moisturizing. However what made fall in love with this product is the intensely pigmented berry toned colour. I got this as a 100 point reward at Sephora so keep your eyes peeled on your next visit. On another note... I am seriously having a full fledged moment with berry toned lips.

I love Pumpkin Spice Lattes, sweater weather and cozy scarves, but for me fall is all about the berry toned lip. The perfect compliment to this autumn colour is NARS's Sin. Like all NARS blushes this is pigment, long wearing and easy to blend. Better then there famous Orgasm blush, Sin is one of my all time favourites. 

Acure The Magical Wonderfluff
This overnight hydrating mask is downright amazing! Filled with amazing ingredients, effective and all at an affordable price have me loving this product. Plus I like that you can just quickly slap this on before bed and not worry about it... I can rave all day about this. Come to think about it I really need to review this product soon so keep your eyes peeled. 

Hydrating masks, berry toned blush and lipstick... this is become the quintessential fall beauty post. Also wanted to say I hope you all have a happy and safe halloween tonight. Until next time ladies! 


  1. Nars Sin looks so pretty! I need that blush in my life! Great favourites :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  2. I love the name of that Acure mask- how fun! Sounds lovely too. I've never owned NARS Sin, but maybe I'll remedy that soon :)


    1. Nars Sin is amazing... it looks a little weird in the pan but on the cheeks it looks so natural.