Monday, November 7, 2016

Clarins Blue Orchid Treatment Oil Review

"What is a good product for my skin" is the most common skincare question I get asked. This question is usually followed by "I don't want to use 10 things on my face". After explaining the importance of a good skin fcare routine my most recommend lazy girl product of choice is one of the Clarins Treatment Oils. The range consists of three different oils all tailored for each and every skin type. While all three oils are excellent my favourite/most reccomended oil is the Clarins Blue Orchid Oil. However despite my love for this oil, it has not been in my collection for years.
Would this live up to my expectations? Has the formula changed? The truth is because I talk about this so often I had to find out. Let's dive in shall we!

From what I remember Blue Orchid Oil smelt like a fancy spa and I'm happy to report this totally lives up to what I remember. Blue Orchid contains essential oils such as rosewood and patchouli so it has that woodsy, herbal thing going. It seriously invokes tranquility within every application! I don't recommend you purchase a product based on scent, but for me the scent elevates the skincare experience. However unlike so many skin care products that are loaded with perfumes Blue Orchid Oil contains natural essential oils only. So if you crave a little spa ... this has got you! 

Blue Orchid also has you (like in a really big way) based on the ingredients. Firstly this Blue Orchid uses hazelnut oil as a carrier. Which means your getting a large dose of hydration and anti oxidants. Interestingly this oil regulates oil production which means yes oily skin types can use this too. The next of the notable ingredients is patchouli. This ancient ingredient has been used in skin care for hundrad's of years as a soothing, anti-inflammatory. In addition patchouli oil can also aid in fighting eczema as well as dermatitis. Finally my favourite ingredient Blue Orchid! This wonder ingredient hydrates your skin by holding on to water. So if you were looking for that luminous glow this oil has got you too. 

Perfect for most skin types theres no wonder why I recommend this product to just about everyone I know. If you were still wondering, yes this oil is amazing and totally lives up to the hype. After a few weeks of use my skin looks hydrated, even toned and luminous. The best thing is even days where I feel lazy I can quickly slap this on my face and be done... why did I ever forget about you Blue Orchid Oil? So ladies just like I've recommend to so many of my friends and family you need to try Clarins Blue Orchid Treatment Oil too!

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