Saturday, November 30, 2013

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish a Review!

I love nail polish so when I saw Revlon had new perfume inspired polishes that were in vintage looking bottles I was sold.
Anyone else?
I picked up three colors from this collection so keep reading if you want to hear my thoughts.
This color is a gorgeous dark raspberry color that applies to opaque in just two thin coats. The scent of this polish lasts on me for a couple of hours and smells like black wine gums. Yummy!
This is a black color that applies to full color in almost one coat. This has to be one of the best black nail polishes I’ve tried because the formula applies evenly and without streaks. As for the smell…it starts of by smelling perfumery and ends up smells a kind of weird. Kind of like coffee breathe to be honest. With that being said it luckily only lasts a couple of hours.
Italian Leather
This is a dark green color with specks of gold, its absolutely beautiful! This doesn’t smell like leather but more like a lovely perfume.
All three colors applied easily in two coats and here’s the best part … last for four days.
While some of the scents might be a little doggy these have to be some of the best wearing nail polishes in my collection. For fewer than 10 dollars a bottle they’re well worth every penny. 
I picked up my polishes at Shoppers Drug Mart for $8.99.
Let me know if you’ve tried these and have any color recommendations in the comments section.
Thanks for reading and hope you are all having an amazing weekend.


Thursday, November 28, 2013

REN Skincare Overview

I have to admit I am a skincare nerd. So when I saw REN products popping up blog after blog, it was something that went on my radar.  While on a shopping trip a few months back I bought a REN trial size set from Sephora. So over the past month I’ve been testing it out and I thought I would share with you my experiences.
Glycol Lactic Renewal Mask
I love this mask! It smells great, leaves my skin looking amazing and most importantly doesn’t irritate my skin. This product has a lot of hype online and I truly think it’s worth it.
Both this and Glam Glo are radiance boosting masks and for my skin type (which is sensitive dry) I hands down prefer this. 

Bio Retinod Anti Aging Concentrate
Usually retinols and retinods irritate my skin like crazy. I am happy to report that this luxurious serum does not. This has the feel of thick oil so it’s very moisturizing but it absorbs instantly. I can truly it’s something I look forward to using each day.
Mirco Polish Cleanser
Again another great product! This leaves my skin smoother then any other scrub I’ve ever used. I credit that to the physical and chemical exfoliation this product gives. It also smells like fresh peaches…

Hydra Calm Global Protection Day Cream
While I probably won’t go out and repurchase this right away this it’s defiantly something I have enjoyed using. This day cream is both soothing as well as hydrating. If you fall into the dry skin category I think you would really see benefit from using this. However, this cream might be a little too emollient for those with oily skin.

Purity 1 Cleansing Blam
This product was a freebie with the kit and to be honest I don’t like cleansing balms. I think I’m just so use to products that lather that it feels weird washing my skin with something different.
BIO Lipovector Soothing Eye Cream
This was not included in the kit but having good luck with the concentrate I thought I would purchase this. 

So typically anti aging eye creams burn my eyes and break me out in millia. So I’m always on the search for something anti aging but delicate. This eye cream works by hydrating and replenishing the area as opposite to increasing cellular turn over. Granted I don’t have deep wrinkles around my eye are, but I would say this has definite firming qualities. If you react poorly to anti aging eye creams I definitely think you should try it out. Also for all you ladies with sensitive postmenopausal skin, I think this product is genus for you!

Overall I think the mini kit was an excellent way to try out some of REN’s best selling products. The eye cream was exactly what I was looking for and have been thoroughly enjoying that too!
Feel free to leave a comment I would love to know if you’ve tried anything from REN!

Thanks for reading lovelies!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What’s in my purse? Kate Spade Edition

A couple of weeks ago I got a new purse. I’m not one to buy purses on a whim but when I saw this little Kate Spade purse I fell in love.
While I carry a lap top bag to work I like the idea of having a mini purse that I tag along with me too.
So I have to warn you there is literally not an interesting thing in my purse. With that being said I seeing what people have in their purse, so keep reading if you’re interested.

Orbit Sweet Mint Gum
This gum is hands’ down my favorite gum ever. In case the name didn’t give it away it’s a sweeter then your average mint gum flavor. The only problem with this gum is you can’t get it in Canada.
Makers of orbit I hope you are reading this!

My makeup Bag
YUP! I am able to fit this in my tiny bag with no problem at all. Things in my makeup bag have honestly not changed since my last what’s in my makeup bag. If your curious about what’s my makeup bag here’s the link to that post.

Quilted Coin Purse
I got this change carrier at a Marc Jacobs store YEARS ago in Vegas. At that time they has these on promotion for around 10 dollars! Actually, they lots of things at a lower price point from a Jacobs by Marc by Marc Jacobs line… I have not seen anything from this mini collection since. But with all of that being said for a 10-dollar coin purse this has lasted me forever. Although I have to admit

Vespa Credit Card Holder
This little cardholder drew me right away by the color, when I checked the price it was only 3 dollars. So I thought why the heck not? I got this at Winners and they had plenty and they were in the men’s department… just a quick shout out to all my Canadian readers!

Silver thing peeking out of the bag… A classic Ipod!
Yup, it should actually be called more like vintage at this point. This has all my favorite music on this so I don’t dare leave the house without this.
While I have this with me everywhere I go, lets just say its seen better days. And for that reason it didn’t look cute in my picture.

Well sorry to bore you all at this point, but this is everything I carry in my purse.
Except for a tampon I keep in the back pocket… that I think is pretty standard.
Let me know what you keep in my purse in the comment section.
Thanks for stopping by and hope you are all having an amazing week.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday DIY Manicure

There’s just something about lounging in bed while watching your favorite movie and painting your nails. It has to be one of my favorite things to do and its something I try to fit in every Sunday. Personally I love doing my nails, I find it relaxing and even quite therapeutic.
No Tanya those are just the nail fumes getting to you!
So I thought I would share with you my key products to giving yourself a luxurious at home manicure. I like to keep all my products together for easy access so I keep them together in a chocolate box I got last year for Christmas.  


For me my hands are the first place to get dry, so this is my first step to manicure.  I first start with cuticle oil right now I’m using the Arbonne FC5. The FC5 is a great multi-tasking product, which you can even use on your face. If you don’t have a cuticle oil its okay because olive oil or coconut oil works wonderfully too.
My second part of my moisturizing is to apply a good hand cream. In my kit I use the L'occitane hand cream. This is probably one of my favorite hand creams because it’s hydrating, absorbs instantly and doesn’t feel greasy. There are tons of great hand creams out there and at every price point. I would avoid anything with petroleum, mineral oil or alcohol, because trust me over time they will dry out your skin.
Nail File and Nail Cutter
Lets keep things very real here. I would be lying to you if I said I file my nails each time I paint them. I simply file when I need to! A nail cutter/trimmer whatever you call it is great to have floating around your kit too.

Base Coat
After letting all the moisturizers dry it’s now time to paint your nails. While some people swear by it I always skip base coat. I always find base coats make my nail polish peel off… so on to the next step!

Nail Polish
I sucked at painting my nails. Not going to lie, I actually think sucked is an understatement. Over the years I’ve gotten better so I thought I would share with you some of my tips.
-       Resist the urge to bring your nail polish right to your cuticle
-       Take your time
-       Use thin coats
-       Start with the center of your nail and work your way to the sides
-       Avoid dark colors, since they can be unforgiving if you mess up
-       Practice makes perfect
Today I’ve used Revlon’s Parfumiere Nail polish in Bordeaux. I have a total of two of these and I am eagerly planning a review for you.
Top Coat
Do not miss this step!
If you’re like me not sitting still for a half an hour is impossible. Top coats can be your best friend because they make your nails dry quick and make your nail polish last longer. For years I used Essie’s Good to Go Top coat over the past 6 months I’ve been using Seche Vite. Both are great at getting your nail polish to dry quickly but I find the Seche Vite makes my nail polish last a bit longer.

I think if you use these steps your set for a good manicure.
Let me know if you have any tips or tricks I would love to hear.
I hope you are all having an excellent Sunday!

Thanks for reading,


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Blush Haul

After taking a good look at my collection I noticed I was don’t have many drug store blushes. So like any good makeup addict I thought I would venture out to the pharmacy and grab some.

ELF Blushes
I have always wanted to try more from ELF because everything I’ve tried thus far has not disappointed me. So while going on a trip to the states I thought I would grab a couple to try. I settled for Tickled Pink which I would describe as a natural dusty pink and Pink Passion which is a hot Barbie pink. I have not tried these on the cheek yet but they are very pigmented and bendable. For three dollars these seem like a great deal.

ELF Complexion Brush
This was another 3-dollar wonder.
I contract my previous statement saying I’ve tried has not disappointed me. I bought an ELF brush a while ago and it was honestly shit. The bristles instantly frayed and it felt scratchy on the skin. The Complexion Brush right off hand I can tell is not as high quality as MAC brushes. BUT its really really soft. This brush picks up powder like a dream and feels great brushed across the skin. I have been using this for the past couple of days but so far it's a love and a great brush for the money.

Essence Blush
I have an Essence limited edition blush, which is beautiful. However because it’s limited edition I’m always hesitant to blog about it. So in the spirit of blush week I picked up one of there permanent silky touch blushes in Adorable. The formula is silky just as the name would suggest and pretty pigmented too! Essence blush has only 4 colors at my local Shoppers Drugmart and costs $2.99.

Well that is my blush haul.

Please feel free to leave me a comment! I would love to hear your opinions of these too! I hope all of you are having an amazing weekend.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Blush Stains

Out of the whole blush category I think that blush stains are the hardest to master. Application can be disastrous with stained strips of color on your cheeks that look like look like an infection as oppose to a cute glow.  So when Lupe from left me a comment asking for my suggestions on cheek stains I thought this is a blog worthy topic.

Essence Cheek Tint in Hello Summer
I have heard nothing but raves about this product. So when I saw it on sale for $1.00 I thought it would give it try. This plumy shade actually swatches more red then it appears in the tube. I must say this product is pretty darn pigmented, sets instantly and lasts forever. I know this because I was stuck with crazy red cheeks and fingers for a whole day and couldn’t get it off.

So here are some things to avoid:
-       Products that are way too pigmented!
I find it easier to build up the right color intensity as oppose to taking it off because taking of a stain is not an easy task. I great product for this is the Tarte Cheek Stains, because they allow you to build up just the right amount of color. My personal favorite is Blushing Bride!

-       Take your skin into consideration
If you have dry skin like me you will notice stains set instantly making impossible to blend. So if you have dryer skin type like myself I always opt for a cream like stain like Becca’s Crème Blush’s.
On the other hand if you have more oily skin I would recommend a more liquid based product like Benefits Benetint. The oils in your skin will help these products blend in as where cream products might not set.

Finally my last but most important tip is…
-       Try the product out before purchasing.
To avoid catastrophes try out the product in the store! I like to try stains by working them into the back of my hand so that I can feel the texture and see how long before this product sets. Not only should you try it on but you should take it off too! If it doesn’t budge with hardcore scrubbing it’s too unforgiving and you should steer clear of.

Well that’s all for today.
I hope that helps some of you!
Hope you all have an excellent weekend and a glamorous Friday night.
Thanks for reading.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Favourite Department Store Blush’s

I love blush, as you may know by now.
Although I could never pick a favorite there are definitely brands in my collections that stick out more then others. So keep reading if you want to know what my favourite high end blushes are.

Guerlain Rose Aux Joues
Guerlain blush just oozes luxury and Parisian elegance. The darker shade in Chic Pink is a beautiful hot coral blush with golden shimmer. The lighter shade is more of a natural pink which is perfect for those no makeup, makeup days. Each color in this compact wears beautifully alone but also is breathtaking mixed together. I would say the quality of this blush is probably one of the best in my collection.
  They smell really nice too!

NARS Blushes
I actually did not like Orgasm blush when I first tried it. It wasn’t until I accidently packed it on a trip with me, that I fell in love with it. Since then I’ve used up an entire Orgasm Blush and I’m working on my second. Sin is another favorite blush and it’s my go too when I’m wearing darker lipsticks. I think any beauty addict will tell you NARS blushes are some of the best on the market and I would have to agree. From the amazing quality to the vast shade range NARS has a blush for everyone.
**NARS releases great gift sets throughout the year I highly suggest you check them out because you can try some great shades for amazing value.

Chanel Joues de Contraste
Chanel blushes have a magical formula. Yes this sounds crazy but no matter which color they release it some how looks natural on to the skin. Chanel blushes are mineral blushes but offer a variety of finishes range from shimmery pink to natural mattes.

Dior Rosy Glow Blush
Last but definitely not least is Dior Rosy Glow Blush. I have a whole review on this blush but basically it’s a color adjusting formula, which looks excellent on a variety of skin types. The packaging, the formula is amazing and I can’t recommend this enough. Dior blushes (in my opinion) can be hit or miss but Rosy Glow does not disappoint.

I love blush! I would love to try out some of the new MARC JACOBS blushes and have wanted Chanel In Love for a long time too! Let me know if you have any recommendations in the comment section.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are all having a wonderful week.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Favourite Drug Store Blushes

 I have to be honest with you I’m not one to pick up any product I can’t test first. On the other hand I’m not one to rip open packaging and help myself to a swatch either. The combination of these two usually leave me purchasing more department store brands as opposite to drug store.  With that being said there are some amazing blushes at the drug store. So before I begin I want to tell you all research drug store products and look for swatches online. Because trust me nothing is worse then realizing the product you just bought was a dud!

Hard Candy Blush Crush’s
Blush Crush’s do not disappoint! I have two colors of these one in Living Doll (pink) and Pin Up (neutral shade). Both shades are pigmented, bendable and have an amazing sheen. To be quite honest these remind me of MAC’s mineralzed blushes and for a fraction of the price they are well worth the money. If you’re looking for a blush with a fun sheen to it try the Hard Candy blushes out!

ELF Blush
Finding ELF in Canada is not an easy task so when I saw this duo for 5.99 I had to pick it up. The bronzer is nice blah blah blah… but lets get down to the blush. The pinky blush with golden shimmers is stunning. It’s highly pigmented, bendable and wears long as long as some of my higher end blushes.  I can’t wait to try out more ELF blushes (expect a haul coming soon). This blush is outstanding and looks fantastic worn with a slight tan in the summer.

Bourjois Blush
Last but not least Bourjois blush! I’m sure everyone knows this but Bourjois owns Chanel so there a lot of similarities in their offerings. Bourjois blushes are very similar or almost identical to the Chanel’s.  On the whole, Bourjois blushes are bendable, pigmented, last forever, smell amazing, have that magical ability to look natural on the cheeks (like Chanel’s) AND even come with an in store tester to swatch. Bourjois blushes are a little more money then regular drugstore blushes but the quality alone makes them some of my favorites ever.

Well those are some of my drugstore favorite blushes.
Feel free to leave a comment I would love to hear some of your favorites or non- favorites!
Hope all of you are having an amazing week.


Monday, November 18, 2013

It’s Blush Week

I love blush so I thought it would be fun to do a whole blush week.
So with my first post I wanted to share with you my blush story.

So I use to absolutely hate blush. I think is was intimidated to be honest. While blush can look flattering it can also look terrifying if over applied. I remember one instance my mom begging me to wear blush because I looked way to pale. So I settled on a Too Faced pallet, which had 4 stunning eye shadows, some lip glosses and a blush. This blush changed my whole perspective. It was a soft dusty rose with a slight sheen and it was absolutely stunning. Eventually this blush hit pan and the pallet was discounted. Since then I feel like I have been a wild goose chase to 1. Track this pallet down and 2. Find a dupe. So I guess you can say I am a blush addict at this point. I love trying new formulas and different brands. I love it all!
Expect some more blush posts this week.
Thanks for reading.
Feel free to leave a comment I would love to know what your favorite blushes are!


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Getting Ready For a Special Event

First let me tell you I am not a makeup artist but I would say I’ve dabbled enough to have my fare share of tips. So keep reading if you want to know my three tips on getting ready.

Keep it neutral.
So a few years ago while first getting into makeup I wore a rainbow themed eye makeup to a wedding. While looking back on pictures I can honestly say I look like a hot rainbow mess. So my tip to you is keep it natural. I love using my naked pallet because it has every possible neutral shade I could want.

I left my Chanel Le Beige powder at home because it has SPF in it. I’m sure many of you know but SPF flash’s back when using flash photography. Which basically means your face is going to look abnormally ghostly white while the rest of your body will look normal. So for special event makeup I like my Becca Blotting Powder Perfector. This is a great translucent setting powder that doesn’t cake up and don’t make you look too matte either.

Blush Base
I’m sure many of you can agree but blush is the first thing that fades on me. So for any special events or for long days I always like to wear a blush base. I find NARS Penny Lane is a perfect neutral color to wear underneath any blush. It’s also stunning alone!

What ever you choose remember to have fun with your makeup, because after all it’s makeup!
Feel free to share your tips with me on getting ready, I would love to hear!
Thanks for stopping by,


Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Night Before a Special Event

It’s the night before a special event, what do you do?

The night before any special event can be just as important as my makeup application the day of.  So I wanted to share some of my favorite products and tips that I like to use before any special occasion.

Hair Masks
I love hair masks because waking up with smooth shiny hair makes it incredibly easy to style. It also gives me an option of just letting it down if I want. There are a ton of hair masks out there and at every price point. I happened to use a Phyto hair mask this time, but coconut oil or any hair mask will do the trick too.

I love me a good facemask! Currently I am using the Ren Radiance Renewal Mask, which smells like fresh apricots! I like using chemical exfoliating products because they make makeup application a real breeze. Not to mention that they make you skin glow and I mean come on ladies who doesn’t like that?

Body Care
Usually during more formal events I show more skin. Trust me I’m not the tramp at the ball, at least I hope not! But evening dresses usually do show more skin that my consistent outfits of knitted sweaters and black pants. So body care is critical for me, I really like to take the time to exfoliate and use products that leave my skin looking the best. New, to my collection is the Aveda Beautifying range. With the calming scents of lavender and bergamot this line up is the perfect unwinding kit.

Some important tips I want to leave you with are:

  •        If you’re anything like me you hoard around beauty products you love for “special days”. And when those very few “special days” come you don’t use the product you’ve been saving. So my tip is go ahead use those products!
  •        Use products that you know that work for your skin. Trying any experimental masks may leave into breakouts, hives, and reactions so steer away from experiments!
  • -      Do what works for you! If you have 3 hours and seaweed around and know how to do to a seaweed wrap… go for it sister! On the other hand if you have have time for a quick show use a luxurious shower gel.
  •        I can’t stress this enough, but a good nights sleep may be the best prep advice I can give. There’s nothing worse then looking then looking and feeling sluggish!

Well that concludes my post today hope you are all having an amazing weekend!
Please feel free to leave me a comment I would love to know what are some of your favorite pampering products are or if you have any tips!
Thanks for reading,


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chanel Les Beiges

I was hesitant to do this review, because my first few experiences wearing this powder were literally an oily mess. I concluded that this was due to humidity and in the back of my makeup collection this beauty sat.
Recently the weather dramatically cooled off so I thought I would give this good go before ruling it out.
Yup, Chanel you did it again!
For me I dislike powders that completely mattify by skin because I find that they both irritate and emphasize my dry areas. With that being said I like the idea that powders can prolong the wear of your foundation. So finding a setting powder can be difficult to say the least!
I would consider Chanel Le Beige a mix between a translucent powder and a light coverage powder foundation. The very fine texture makes it impossible to over apply. Which is great if have a heavy hand or if you prefer more of a softer coverage. The fine texture in combination with sheer color makes this a no brainier finishing powder (at least for me). Don’t get me wrong, this a very nice product worn alone and perfect for those lazy Sunday looks.

I found this color range off putting to be honest, which was why I was not interested in this powder at all at first. After swatching I pleasantly surprised that the orange tint to the product does not transfer onto the skin.

If you fall in the dry skin category I think you would really like this powder. However if you have oily skin you might want to try this out before purchasing. Overall, I really like this powder. I like that is prolongs the wear time of my foundation while still giving a healthy glow to the skin. The sun protection is a nice benefit of this powder too!

Thanks for reading!
Hope you all have an excellent Friday!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sweet Treats!

Yes, I love my spicy dark scents but I have a huge soft spot for sweeter sugary scents.
While doing my lunchtime beauty routine I had a moment where I literally said to myself “I smell soooo good!” I maybe even said this out loud. But I work with all men so I honestly think they don’t listen to me half the time anyway.
So here are some of my top sweet picks so that you can have that out loud yummy moment too!

LipLicious Coconut Vanilla Lip Gloss
This stuff tastes amazing and smells like heaven. This has a slight sparkle to it making it easy to wear alone or with a lipstick. Although I consider myself more of a lipstick kind of gal Bath and Body works Lip Glosses are just way too fun to say no too!
True fact I have no idea how long this wears because I lick it off my lips so quickly.

Laura Mercier Crème Brulee Hand Cream
As mentioned this is from a Laura Mercier hand cream collection, which has been down right a pleasure to use. Crème Brulee smells scrumptious! It smells so good that you will be tempted to try some. Please don’t, because I did and I can tell you this does not taste like Crème Brulee. I know I said in the past I would not purchase this, but I think now I just might!

La Vanilla Pure Vanilla
Roll On Perfume
This smells like musky vanilla goodness! The musk adds a bit of depth to the sugary fragrance and dare I say? It makes it a bit more grown up! If you’re on the market for a vanilla perfume but I highly recommend you give this a go!

The combination of these three… mouth watering amazing.
I totally smell like a sugary vanilla coconut cookie right now, so I am off to go eat some real cookies!
Please feel free to leave a comment!
Hope all of you are having an amazing week!


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Makeup Bag Edit

So today I took the time and organized my makeup bag.
My old makeup bag was looking a little crazy!
Which basically means it boasted over 7 lipsticks, 2 body creams, candy wrappers, numerous bobby pins and just random things.
So I needed a little update to say the least.
First I changed to a much smaller makeup bag. This bag is nothing fancy but it’s much smaller size than my pervious makeup bag, which I’m thinking will help me keep minimal items with me.

Starting with the items on the left!
Nars Albatross Lip Gloss
This is a lovely sheer golden gloss which is very pretty worn alone on the lips but magical if paired with a red lipstick. I’ve tried some NARS glosses that have a weird taste and smell, I’m happy to report this one does not.

Guerlian Shine Automatique in Rose Pompom
I’m sorry I mention this once a week but it’s because I’ve been wearing the heck out of this product. With over half of the bullet gone it’s easily become one of my favorite lipstick colors ever.

Chanel Extract De Gloss in Merveille
This is like a gloss and lipstick all in one! This reddish plum has the most amazing shimmer in and looks absolutely stunning on the lips. The packaging, scent and color it’s all very luxurious!

Laura Mercier Crème Brule Hand Cream
Last year I got a gift set of four of these. I have loved each and every one of them but unfortunately Crème Brule is my last one. The formula of these is top notch and the scents are out of this world amazing.

Chanel Makeup Remover Sample
I keep this around for those just makeup emergencies and the small little bottle doesn’t take up much room in my makeup bag either.

La Vanilla Pure Vanilla Perfume
Lovely sweet scent and I adore the roll on applicator makes it perfect for travel.

La Vanilla Pure Vanilla Mini Deodorant
Smells absolutely amazing I keep this with me for just incase emergencies.

Well that concludes my fall makeup edit!
Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend.
Please leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite fall items are or how you keep your makeup bag organized.
Thanks for reading,