Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chanel Les Beiges

I was hesitant to do this review, because my first few experiences wearing this powder were literally an oily mess. I concluded that this was due to humidity and in the back of my makeup collection this beauty sat.
Recently the weather dramatically cooled off so I thought I would give this good go before ruling it out.
Yup, Chanel you did it again!
For me I dislike powders that completely mattify by skin because I find that they both irritate and emphasize my dry areas. With that being said I like the idea that powders can prolong the wear of your foundation. So finding a setting powder can be difficult to say the least!
I would consider Chanel Le Beige a mix between a translucent powder and a light coverage powder foundation. The very fine texture makes it impossible to over apply. Which is great if have a heavy hand or if you prefer more of a softer coverage. The fine texture in combination with sheer color makes this a no brainier finishing powder (at least for me). Don’t get me wrong, this a very nice product worn alone and perfect for those lazy Sunday looks.

I found this color range off putting to be honest, which was why I was not interested in this powder at all at first. After swatching I pleasantly surprised that the orange tint to the product does not transfer onto the skin.

If you fall in the dry skin category I think you would really like this powder. However if you have oily skin you might want to try this out before purchasing. Overall, I really like this powder. I like that is prolongs the wear time of my foundation while still giving a healthy glow to the skin. The sun protection is a nice benefit of this powder too!

Thanks for reading!
Hope you all have an excellent Friday!



  1. Sounds great! I find completely mattifying powders don't work very well either, they end up cakey. I got the Clarins oil you recommended and did a blog post on it!

  2. Thanks for the comment and thanks a ton for the mention on your blog!

  3. Such a lovely product! A makeup artist used this one me during a Chanel makeover earlier this year and it really was nice! I agree- this may be not mattifying enough for my oily skin, but I've thought of getting a darker tone of this and using it as a bronzer :)


    1. A bronzer honestly sounds like a heavenly idea!!!