Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sweet Treats!

Yes, I love my spicy dark scents but I have a huge soft spot for sweeter sugary scents.
While doing my lunchtime beauty routine I had a moment where I literally said to myself “I smell soooo good!” I maybe even said this out loud. But I work with all men so I honestly think they don’t listen to me half the time anyway.
So here are some of my top sweet picks so that you can have that out loud yummy moment too!

LipLicious Coconut Vanilla Lip Gloss
This stuff tastes amazing and smells like heaven. This has a slight sparkle to it making it easy to wear alone or with a lipstick. Although I consider myself more of a lipstick kind of gal Bath and Body works Lip Glosses are just way too fun to say no too!
True fact I have no idea how long this wears because I lick it off my lips so quickly.

Laura Mercier Crème Brulee Hand Cream
As mentioned this is from a Laura Mercier hand cream collection, which has been down right a pleasure to use. Crème Brulee smells scrumptious! It smells so good that you will be tempted to try some. Please don’t, because I did and I can tell you this does not taste like Crème Brulee. I know I said in the past I would not purchase this, but I think now I just might!

La Vanilla Pure Vanilla
Roll On Perfume
This smells like musky vanilla goodness! The musk adds a bit of depth to the sugary fragrance and dare I say? It makes it a bit more grown up! If you’re on the market for a vanilla perfume but I highly recommend you give this a go!

The combination of these three… mouth watering amazing.
I totally smell like a sugary vanilla coconut cookie right now, so I am off to go eat some real cookies!
Please feel free to leave a comment!
Hope all of you are having an amazing week!


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  1. Nice picks! I really have to check out that Laura Mercier range- sounds great :)