Monday, November 14, 2016

Acure The Magical Wonderfluff Review

I'm always on the lookout for a good face mask, more specifically a good hydrating mask. Yes we all know I love radiance inducing masks and purifying masks, but as a dry skin sufferer I have a huge soft spot for everything hydration. New to my hydration collection is Acure's Magical Wonderfluff, so lets begin!

Let me first say, I don't see a lot of reviews for Acure products. With that being said I absolutely love this brand. This company prides itself on it's family operated roots, sustainability and cruelty free business practices. Also there products contain no harsh chemicals and considering the quality there products are extremely affordable too. Thus far I have tried a few things from there baby range and a couple things from there skincare line as well, each and every item has blown me away. I swear I can go on for ages... now let's actually start this review. 

Sometimes I start reviews by going on about scent or packaging, but for The Magical Wonderfluff it's all about the ingredients. With the addition of Acai extract, Black Berry extract and Rosehip oil this mask is a powerhouse of antioxidants. These antioxidants can help battle early signs of aging as well as help fight signs of aging by repairing damaged skin cells. The next notable ingredients are  calendula and camomile. These two work together to sooth and nourish irritated skin. Finally this mask closes with a cocktail of hydrating oils which is what really packs in the moisture. No kidding they call this 'Magical' because skin looks more even toned and luminous instantly. 

As for application I prefer to apply this an hour before bed. That way I give the mask a fair amount of time to soak in before my head hits the pillow. You could however slap this on right before bed and enjoy while sleeping. Whatever way you decide to apply this mask, at $20.00 a pop this mask is an excellent addition to a any winter skincare routine. If you were looking for something hydrating, nourishing, calming and easy to use I can't recommend The Magical Wonderfluff enough. 

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