Monday, November 21, 2016

Men's Skincare - The Moisturizers

Let me start out with a contradicting opening statement... In my humble opinion mens skin care ranges (excluding shaving items) are marketing gimmicks. These items are usually packaged in more masculine packaging and are fragranced with cologne-y type scents. In addition I find most mens skin care ranges are loaded with unnecessary chemicals, alcohol and fragrance too. And since a moisturizer can't determine if you have penis or a vagina I highly suggest getting the man in your life to jumping ship and trying one of these moisturizers.
Dry Skin- Clarins Daily Energizer Cream
While us women love to bask in a emollient facial oils I find men typically prefer something light weight. So if your partner is a dry skin sufferer I can't recommend Claris Daily Energizer Cream enough. It's oil free, lightweight all while being quite moisturizing too. Also at $28.00 a pop this cream comes with all the Clarins skincare technology, but at a bargain of a price.

Normal Skin - Clinique Moisture Surge
Most men have normal to oily skin. I hate use sound so mater of fact, but the truth is after puberty males just produce more sebum the us. An excellent moisture for normal combination skin types is Clinique's Moisture Surge. With it's gel texture it's slightly more lightweight then the Clarins, but still does an excellent job at hydrating the skin. This also comes highly reccomended because the instant cooling sensation is perfect for post shaved skin. 

* I also wanted to point out you can use this as a hydration mask. So if you wanted to treat yourself to a mask it's always handy to have a hidden gem in your partners stash. HA, I'm so sneaky!

Oily Skin- Stone Crop Hydrating Gel
In comparison to the other moisturizers here by far Stone Crop has the lightest finish. In addition to having a completely matte finish, this gel also corrects uneven skin tone, boasts of handful of antioxidants and has anti-aging properties too. If you have oily skin I can't recommend this moisturizer enough, it's ingredients list and the convienvent pump packaging are all terrific.

I hope all of you found this post helpful! As mentioned before skincare holds no gender so these are all excellent choices for you ladies too (especially if your into light weight moisture). If you were hesitant to purchase these for partner, don't be! In my experience even the most manliest of men love a good pamper. Likewise if your a man reading this and you wanted some more male posts leave me a comment below. Until next time ladies (and gents)! 

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