Thursday, November 28, 2013

REN Skincare Overview

I have to admit I am a skincare nerd. So when I saw REN products popping up blog after blog, it was something that went on my radar.  While on a shopping trip a few months back I bought a REN trial size set from Sephora. So over the past month I’ve been testing it out and I thought I would share with you my experiences.
Glycol Lactic Renewal Mask
I love this mask! It smells great, leaves my skin looking amazing and most importantly doesn’t irritate my skin. This product has a lot of hype online and I truly think it’s worth it.
Both this and Glam Glo are radiance boosting masks and for my skin type (which is sensitive dry) I hands down prefer this. 

Bio Retinod Anti Aging Concentrate
Usually retinols and retinods irritate my skin like crazy. I am happy to report that this luxurious serum does not. This has the feel of thick oil so it’s very moisturizing but it absorbs instantly. I can truly it’s something I look forward to using each day.
Mirco Polish Cleanser
Again another great product! This leaves my skin smoother then any other scrub I’ve ever used. I credit that to the physical and chemical exfoliation this product gives. It also smells like fresh peaches…

Hydra Calm Global Protection Day Cream
While I probably won’t go out and repurchase this right away this it’s defiantly something I have enjoyed using. This day cream is both soothing as well as hydrating. If you fall into the dry skin category I think you would really see benefit from using this. However, this cream might be a little too emollient for those with oily skin.

Purity 1 Cleansing Blam
This product was a freebie with the kit and to be honest I don’t like cleansing balms. I think I’m just so use to products that lather that it feels weird washing my skin with something different.
BIO Lipovector Soothing Eye Cream
This was not included in the kit but having good luck with the concentrate I thought I would purchase this. 

So typically anti aging eye creams burn my eyes and break me out in millia. So I’m always on the search for something anti aging but delicate. This eye cream works by hydrating and replenishing the area as opposite to increasing cellular turn over. Granted I don’t have deep wrinkles around my eye are, but I would say this has definite firming qualities. If you react poorly to anti aging eye creams I definitely think you should try it out. Also for all you ladies with sensitive postmenopausal skin, I think this product is genus for you!

Overall I think the mini kit was an excellent way to try out some of REN’s best selling products. The eye cream was exactly what I was looking for and have been thoroughly enjoying that too!
Feel free to leave a comment I would love to know if you’ve tried anything from REN!

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  1. thanks for following !!! i am following you on GFC :) take care !! xx

  2. What a great little set! Glad you're loving these- REN really is a fun brand. Interested in that retinol product as it sounds pretty gentle :)


  3. I tried Hydro calm global cream and probably wont repurchase. I didn't break me out like others, but i wish it had moisturized better. I'll have to try that cleanser out!

    1. I think thats what I was iffy about too!
      I liked it but it just didn't moisturize as well as i hoped.
      Thanks for the comment!