Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Favourite Drug Store Blushes

 I have to be honest with you I’m not one to pick up any product I can’t test first. On the other hand I’m not one to rip open packaging and help myself to a swatch either. The combination of these two usually leave me purchasing more department store brands as opposite to drug store.  With that being said there are some amazing blushes at the drug store. So before I begin I want to tell you all research drug store products and look for swatches online. Because trust me nothing is worse then realizing the product you just bought was a dud!

Hard Candy Blush Crush’s
Blush Crush’s do not disappoint! I have two colors of these one in Living Doll (pink) and Pin Up (neutral shade). Both shades are pigmented, bendable and have an amazing sheen. To be quite honest these remind me of MAC’s mineralzed blushes and for a fraction of the price they are well worth the money. If you’re looking for a blush with a fun sheen to it try the Hard Candy blushes out!

ELF Blush
Finding ELF in Canada is not an easy task so when I saw this duo for 5.99 I had to pick it up. The bronzer is nice blah blah blah… but lets get down to the blush. The pinky blush with golden shimmers is stunning. It’s highly pigmented, bendable and wears long as long as some of my higher end blushes.  I can’t wait to try out more ELF blushes (expect a haul coming soon). This blush is outstanding and looks fantastic worn with a slight tan in the summer.

Bourjois Blush
Last but not least Bourjois blush! I’m sure everyone knows this but Bourjois owns Chanel so there a lot of similarities in their offerings. Bourjois blushes are very similar or almost identical to the Chanel’s.  On the whole, Bourjois blushes are bendable, pigmented, last forever, smell amazing, have that magical ability to look natural on the cheeks (like Chanel’s) AND even come with an in store tester to swatch. Bourjois blushes are a little more money then regular drugstore blushes but the quality alone makes them some of my favorites ever.

Well those are some of my drugstore favorite blushes.
Feel free to leave a comment I would love to hear some of your favorites or non- favorites!
Hope all of you are having an amazing week.


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  1. Such nice picks! I love Hard Candy blushes too- they're so underrated! xo