Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment Review

There aren’t too many things I love more in this world then lip balm. A bold opening statement, I know! However as a lip balm addict I relish in testing new formulas and trying new brands. Hell even new flavours of Lip Smackers are fun to try. One of my all time favourite balms is Fresh’s Sugar Lip balm, it has sleek packaging, comes in a ton of fun colours, but most importantly it has a incredible hydrating formula. So with the winter here and my experimentation game on point I thought why not get crazy and try Fresh’s Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment. 
Yes, while crazy for some might be streaking. Crazy for me is trying new lip balm... now on to the review!

There are many positives about this lip balm, but its definitely a product with an achilles heel. First let me start off by saying the Fresh Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment has a striking list of ingredients. If you were looking for a lip balm with a long list of hydrating oils and hyaluronic acid, this is for you. Also, if you were health conscious this balm is petroleum free. Even when looking for review on this product there is an overwhelming amount of online love for this. The packaging is chic yet practical, the scent is lemon-y and loveable. By all means this is an excellent lip balm that I will without doubt finish, but never repurchase. So what its it than? 

Friends the downfall to this product is the original Fresh Sugar Lip Balm. Why? Because they are more or less the same product. Both balms feature a beeswax base, from that both primarily contain caster oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil. In addition both product have the same scent, taste but most importantly they both have the same hydrating qualities. I can't say the Advanced Lip Lip Treatment is a bad product, but at $3.00 less, the added benefit of SPF and the choice of multiple colours I say stick with the original Sugar Lip Treatment. 


  1. I love the Fresh Sugar products, they are amazing products!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

    1. They really are!
      I also really happen to love there body lotions too :)

  2. Great balm. I love the lemony scent to it.