Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Beauty Nostalgia

There are certain beauty items that even though I don't use, I can't bare to part with. These are those beauty products that mark a time in my life, beauty trend or are simply too beautiful to throw out. If you aren't into makeup your probably thinking 'you have a problem', if you are into makeup you most likely have a nostalgic stash of your own. So while sorting through the stash I  thought why not take a walk through memory lane.
Anna Sui Powder Foundation 
I was 19, had some extra spending money and everything about this powder foundation seemed like a good idea, including the cute vintage inspired packaging. I distinctly remember thinking to myself 'how cool am I going to look when I whip this out of my makeup bag' and so this compact came with me everywhere. From makeup touch up's at school to getting ready for a night on the town this Anna Sui powder takes me back 10 years to my party girl self.

MAC Hello Kitty Collection
Is it just me or did MAC use to come out with the coolest collections? The coolest among all the launches (to me anyway) was the Hello Kitty collection. I distantly remember this range of Kitty inspired makeup sold out in seconds, which instantly made the entire collection a prized possession to any beauty advocate. I was lucky enough to score two pieces of the range and to this day they still remain trophies in my stash.

MAC Marine Life Blush
Another trophy in my collection was this blush... again it was something that sold out in seconds. To this day this blush still sits in it's original packaging solely based on the fact it that its too beautiful to use.

Dior 5 Colour Eyeshadow Pallet
Last but not least and let me tell you this product is really, really old... I was in high school, got some money for my birthday and decided to spend it on a luxe eye shadow pallet. Most girls would have opted for neutral shades, but at the time a pallet of purples was more my style. Looking back what was I thinking? But in all seriousness this was my first high end makeup item I ever bought and to this day I cherish it just as much as the first day I bought it.

Hoarding tendencies aside do any of you have cherished beauty products or am I alone in this? Let me know in the comments section below. 


  1. Ah, you have Marine Life!?! So bummed I never picked that one up! I should definitely do a similar post, as I have lots of older makeup that I cannot let go of due to nostalgia and pretty packaging :)



    1. I would definitely love to see all the gems you have in your stash.
      Thanks for the visit today Jen :)