Sunday, February 28, 2016

February Favourites

February might be a month of passion for some. For me it was filled with a record amount of puke, poops and farts. Before your mind starts wondering I have a two month old. Which reminds me maybe I should a must have baby products post? or an update? hmm... 
Back to the topic on hand favourites! This month had been a month of dry skin and well some surprising favourites... Basically I left the house and got reunited with an old lipstick favourite. 
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Aura 
This Mama left the house this month and went to a burlesque show! I had a blast, but darn talk about a contrast from my daily life. Makeup wise I played up the whole cat liner pin-up look, but when it came time for a lipstick selection I opted for an old favourite... Chanel Aura. 
Hydrating, glossy and with the perfect dark berry tint Aura is stunning and surprisingly very wearable.

Les Soins Jacynthe, Serum de Jacynthe
My adventures into Canadian beauty lead me to the natural skincare brand Les Soins Jacynthe. The line is beautiful, effective and feels indulgent on the skin. A personal favourite for me was the serum. Serum de Jacynthe is loaded with tons of amazing ingredients, that do everything from reduce redness and calm irritation to firm up the skin. This multi tasking product had been a go to for me especially when I don't have time to do my entire skincare routine. 
I have a whole review here!

Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream
In movies winter looks like the perfect excuse to build a snowman or cuddle up on a park bench and enjoy a hot chocolate. In reality forget about the snowmen the cold dry weather makes my skin dry as the desert floor. To combat dry skin I have been applying the Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream throughout the day. I can truly say a combination between this moisturizer and the above serum have really helped nourish and repair my irritated chapped skin. 
Again I have a whole review here

Dior Skin Nude BB Creme 
Pre baby makeup included powders, foundations but most of all makeup brushes. Post baby makeup is pretty much anything I can slap on my face in the least amount of time... hello Dior Skin BB! In comparison to other BB's I've tried this packs the most coverage yet takes seconds to apply. The finish of this is luminous, but not greasy. For work I usually opt for a fuller coverage foundation, but if you were on maternity leave, a student or just looking for an easy everyday base this is definitely one thats worth the try. 

A vampy berry toned lipstick, a foundation, a burlesque show... who is this girl? I think I'm getting too ahead of myself, because in reality the lipstick is more like a tinted lip balm and the foundation is a sheer tinted moisturizer. As for the show... it was one night, but the urge to invest in cute lingerie is very real. I'm still wondering where do you even buy rhinestone corsets or heart shaped nipple tassels? They must be custom made, but buy who? Showgirl mysteries aside I hope you all had a great month. Feel free to leave me a comment below. 


  1. wow that lipstick means business ! I am loving it what a beautiful deep colour. :)

    1. it's a stunning colour!
      LOL I should have included a swatch its not as dark as it looks.

  2. Thanks for sharing Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream Tarte. #lovethearoha

    1. no problem, thank you for taking the time and commenting :)