Monday, February 20, 2017

Sunday Riley Luna Review

Bloggers, magazine editors and pretty much every beauty expert out there seems to go crazy for Sunday Riley products. Personally, I’ve tired two products out of the line, Good Gene’s (review here) and Luna. While Good Gene’s was a clear cut love, my relationship with Luna is slightly more complex. So without spilling all the beans in the first paragraph let’s get the show on the road. 

Luna is an anti-aging facial oil, that helps firm, smooth out wrinkles and diminish large pores. This facial oil contains a cocktail of 12 different oils that leave your skin supple, smooth and nourished (yet not oily). However the Luna’s claim to fame is the anti-aging retinoid. Retinoid is basically the easier, less irritating sister to retinol (and retinol is the only scientifically proven way to fight signs of aging). Now this oil shouldn’t irritate the skin, however you might notice some dryness to the skin. So you best believe me when I say the addition of 12 nourishing oils is a truly pleasant touch.

Good formula, good ingredients but the one thing I can’t get over is the addition blue dye. Sunday claims the colour of this product encourages users to massage the product deep in the skin. The more you work the product in the more translucent it gets (duh). In the addition while this isn’t intended to be a colour correcting product I like that the blue tint temporally evens out my skin tone. Now I am a total fan of facial massage and colour correcting anything, but I look at this added blue colouring as a marketing ploy. Blue, Luna, night time treatment… I the message it, but I just think it’s unnecessary. 

I am but wishy, washy with Luna, because at the core I do think Luna is an excellent product. However I also think that Luna is insanely expensive for what you get. Since retinoid’s are not a ground breaking technology you best believe you can get a decent retinoid at a fraction of the price (see my review for Avene’s retinoid here). Take what you will, I’ve been using Luna for well over a month and my bottle looks barely touched, it’s a beautiful luxury oil, but should you want to save some money you could definitely find cheaper alternatives. 

Can be bought at and in select stores. 

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