Sunday, September 3, 2017

August Favourites

So long summer, Hello Fall.
I know this isn't what we want to hear as we are approaching the colder months, but there is something about this time of year that makes me more productive then ever. So while I welcome the fall with arms open and a pumpkin spice latte in hand here are my August favourites/ my last kick at the can with summer.
Burrberry Pale Barley Eye Shadow
Years ago this eye shadow was all the rage and naturally it was sold out everywhere. Finally (almost 3 year later) I was able to get my hands on the cult eye shadow. 
On a side note my local Sephora had a ton of stock. 
Where was I? 
Pale Barley is a medium neutral brown with subtle golden shimmer. It's the kind of colour that seems ordinary but once applied its actually quite unique. As for the formula its pigmented, buttery, and overall a joy to work with. It's the kind of colour I could easily wear alone everyday or add it to other eye shadows for a more complex look. If you were on the fence about this colour or simply just forgot about it I can't recommend it enough. 

It Cosmetics CC Cream
With tons of amazing skincare ingredients, SPF of 50 and decent amount coverage this CC cream is one of the best foundations/bases I've ever tried. I did a whole review earlier this month so you can check it out here. If your someone who wants has rushed mornings or just want something easy that you can kind of just slap on your face, this product is for you. 

Moschino Bear Highlighter
Usually my favourites are well thought out, but I confess this highlighter is only here because I think the packaging is absolutely adorable. The Moschino range was both fun and affordable I really hope Sephora comes out with more collaborations like this. 

Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara 
I have to say this mascara seemed slightly gimmicky to me at first. However after giving this a good test I realized Noir Interdit was more then just a bendy mascara wand a funky looking brush. This mascara give a ridiculous amount of volume and the formula is more long lasting then any other mascara I've ever tried. You can see my full review here for more info! 

Batiste Dry Shampoo 
Another cult like product I've never tried, clearly I've been living under a rock over here. I'm sure everyone knows this but Batiste is a dry shampoo. Batiste can give the hair a slightly powder-y look so my favourite way to use this is to spray generously before bed and really work it into the scalp with my fingers. The next morning I wake up with perfectly clean hair and a surprising amount of volume too. To make matters more fun Batiste offers a wide selection of scents and...yeah where the heck have I been? My favourite scent thus far is Sweetie and Violet is really nice too! 

A dry shampoo for hot summer days, a long lasting mascara perfect for those summery downpours... So long summer 17 it's been fun! Now on to all those plum toned lipsticks and burgundy nails polishes, mixed with a good helping of hydrating face masks. Thanks for taking the time and reading, and I wish all of you a happy Labour Day long weekend! 

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