Sunday, September 14, 2014

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

I have always known there were tons of people who go bonkers over 8 Hour Cream. However after reading a vogue edition of “what’s in your purse” article I was surprised about how many people love this product. Not because I didn’t believe in the powers of eight hour cream, but because I envisioned fashions elite carrying some exclusive french product that was overpriced and extremely hard to find.
Years back I was actually given a sample of the famous 8 Hour Cream. While I found it moisturizing and understood the healing properties to say I hated the scent was an understatement. I’m not one to bash a product but the scent was that of an old lipstick and it was just a no go for me.   
Years later a multipurpose balm with healing properties is still something I find appealing Despite my previous negative experiences I bought the Eight Hour Cream in the unscented version.   
So lets start of talking about the scent, which was the sole purpose of my previous negative experience. The unscented version is not actually unscented. It is kind of vanilla scented but sort of smells like the previous version. However, the scent is light so it's not offensive or in your face in the slightest. Basically what I'm getting to is if the old version didn't appeal to you I would highly suggest you try this one. 
As for the actual product this is everything a multi purpose balm should be. I've used this to tame my eye brows, moisturize my lips, nourish my cuticles, tame fly aways and as a quick dose of moisture for dry skin. 
While the formula is thick and slightly greasy however it soaks in relatively quickly. My advice to anyone who is on the market for this would be 'a little goes a long way'. 
Eight Hour Cream is one of those products that because you can use on everything it's astonishingly addictive. If you haven't tried Eight Hour Cream I can't recommend it enough. I love the hydration and with the cold weather just being around the corner I know it's something I will reach for even more.

Have you tried Eight Hour Cream? Leave me a comment!


  1. i have this to after hearing so many amazing things about it! i don't think it is as good as some people make out but i do really like it!

  2. I hated the scent too! Might have to try this version x

    1. Please do... this product is absolutely fantastic!