Friday, September 12, 2014

Back- Back, Back It Up

 I’m not a diva but… a comment that automatically no matter what makes you sound like a complete diva. As I was saying I’m not a diva but there are a few beauty items that I can’t be without. Hell maybe I am a little bit of a princess but you can’t blame a girl for wanting a clean face, right? Without further rationalizing my need to go to sleep with a clean face here are my three products that I always have back up of.

Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel
This is my new favorite cleanser. I did a whole review on this here so I won’t go to in depth about this. But I will say this … it builds a great lather, isn’t stripping in the slightest and is gentle enough to use around the eye area. Plus, it has a long list of fantastic ingredients and best part is it’s only $16.00. I won’t be without a cleanser and the Clarins just happens to be my favorite so I always leave a back-up just in case.  

I love Bioderma as I’m sure most of you do. The appeal lays in its super gentle yet effective formula. For me I couldn’t go without Bioderma it’s my go to all-purpose makeup remover. We are very lucky here in Canada to have so many french brands available to us.
So why do I always keep a bottle hanging around you ask? It’s simple as I can usually find a bottle on promotion at my local drug store. This time I found the Hydrobio dry/sensitive skin formula on promotion for $14.00. The Hydrobio formula is something that is new to me and I thought the added hydration might be nice for the colder upcoming months. 

Shisedo Facial Cotton
In my brief stint of working in cosmetics it wasn’t long before I noticed people going absolutely nuts for these facial cotton squares. Honestly women from all walks of life purchasing these super expensive cotton and claiming them to be “addictive” and “the best”.  One day a woman in complete panic grabbed four packs of these and bolted for the cash. While cashing her through she told me her local store was out and also warned me “never to try these”. I remember the lady so vividly and thinking at the crap I need to try these.
 Am I really going on about facial cotton now? Basically what I am getting to is I'm now that panicky lady. There are tons of dupes for these out there but nothing compares to the baby soft Shisedo cotton. I will never be without, they are living changing, I love them so much … don’t buy these.

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