Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Three Things to Try- Avene

In the mix of all the product’s at the drugstore there is the french derm brand Avene. While the minimalist packaging might not bounce off the shelves this is a definitely a brand to watch out for.

Avene is all about dermatology and hydrotherapy. There healing water comes from Avene, France and have been helping people for 260 years.

Avene is one of those brands that have not only helped my skin but has really helped me. I’m sure everyone knows this story by now but here is the sort version. Years ago I had persistent, dry, blistery, itchy skin. I searched high and low for a product that would help me. I tired expensive creams, other french brands and even got some creams through the doctor nothing worked. Eventually my forehead turned into a burning scaly mess.  Then I met Avene’s Cold Cream and everything changed! Instantly my skin felt soothed and eventually my skin got better. As for me along with the healing eczema my confidence started to come back too.

Avene Cold Cream

So no surprise the first thing on this list is Cold Cream. If you have eczema or very chapped skin and you can only buy one thing let it be this. The thick cream hydrates and sooths unlike anything I’ve ever tried. It also helps rebuild that lipid layer that is often damaged in severely dry skin. For me this is my ultimate Holy Grail product, there isn’t a winter that passes that I don’t use this.

Even for chapped lips, hands or around the nose it’s amazing.

*TIP* If you skin is really dry apply a thick layer to the affected area and sleep with it overnight. When you wake up the cream will be absorbed and your dry skin is instantly healed.

Avene Soothing Moisture Mask

You know how they say you should never do masks at sleep overs, this mask would be an acceptation to that rule.

Yes, on a side note I am 27 and guilty of sleep overs! Which are always accompanied by this mask and a bottle of wine

This sleepover-safe mask and suits any type and just simply makes skin look amazing.  

With soothing thermal water this mask is great at calming red, irritated and even acne prone skin. This mask also contains palm oil which helps hydrate and safflower oil which keeps hydration stay in the skin.

This mask is perfectly balanced, super gentle but the bottom line is this leaves my skin looking amazing and glowy.

Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub

This was first introduced to me from the lovely people from Avene.  Now that I’m on my last leg of the tube I don’t think I could be without it. My skin is changing all year long in the summer it’s a little oily as where in the winter can get extremely dry. Basically what I am getting to is this wonder scrub works for me no matter what condition of skin I have.

Gentle Purifying works by exfoliating both physically and chemically. The non-abrasive Jojoba beads help physically slough off dead skin cells. The sodium salicylate chemically helps cell renewal in the gentlest way possible. I also love the gel texture of this product it makes for easy application.

Dare I say? This is my all-time favorite scrub, it’s so gentle yet effective and literally leaves my skin baby soft.

Have you tired any products from Avene?? Leave me a comment.
To read up on these products you can find more information here.


  1. Lovely picks! It's great how gentle this brand is- the moisture mask sounds wonderful for wintertime :)



    1. I love Avene ... honestly it suits my skin type to the t.
      The mask is great for winter but is all really for soothing sunburns in the summer :)
      thanks for commenting Jen!