Thursday, September 25, 2014

Christian Louboutin Polish The Review

When I heard the talks of a Christian Louboutin nail polish I was very excited. The story is that Louboutin famous red sole was actually inspired when his assistant was painting her nails at the office.
Rumors flew around online that this famous red was actually a mysterious Revlon Polish. Apparently the color was Revlon Red? In my adventures into finding that perfect Louboutin red nothing seemed to be a dupe for the actual red sole.
Then this earlier this summer I found out that the red sole master would be launching a line of nail polishes. My excitement was soon dampened prematurely because shortly after that I found that these would be selling for $50.00. Crazy right? Then I saw pictures of the towering 8” bottle, I won some money at work and so I treated myself to the bottle.
The polish is an exceptionally pigmented red, which applies with ease. There’s no doubt the formula is top notch! The brush allows for precise application and the weighted handle is a darn nice touch too. Louboutin wanted the user to feel like an artist and I would whole heartedly say he accomplished that.
In terms of longevity I this polish lasted 4 days on my nails. In those 4 days I did not hold back ladies! I gave it the full go by cooking, cleaning and doing yard work and it held up surprisingly well.

The gradient bottle and the towering 8” wand honestly look enchanting. Pictures don’t do this bottle justice because it’s absolutely huge and downright beautiful. If you are a makeup collector this is definitely something to store on your mantle.

This is where I am torn! I love this polish, the formula and the bottle, but I can’t get over the price. $50.00 is way too much money for a nail polish, especially since there are so many drugstore brands that are putting out fantastic formulas and colours. With that being said I can’t think of a brand (both drugstore and high end) that have as amazing packaging as this either. So do I recommend it? I would say yes, this is a fantastic nail polish and if you wanted to dabble in the ultimate luxurious this would have my recommendation. If you have enough money to purchase every colour go for it! Personally, I don’t! So while I love trying extravagant products I don’t see myself being a regular at the Louboutin counter, unless someone happens to buy me every polish or I win the lottery. If that was the case the sales associates would know my first name.


  1. Thanks for the review! Everything about these polishes looks lovey (such fab packaging), but don't think I could go for that price. Craziness! Have a great weekend, Tanya :)


    1. I know the price is absolutely nuts, I still actually kind of feel guilty.
      Thanks for commenting :)
      Hope you have a great weekend, the weather is suppose to be amazing!