Sunday, December 27, 2015

Paula’s Choice Resist Skin Firming Liner Minimizer Review

There is nothing that generates more opinions then the topic of anti-aging. Even in my immediate family there are Botox advocates, serum worshipers, retinol lovers and a handful of ladies who plan on letting nature take its course. My personal mantra is a simple one … prevention and treatment. This means my routine is rich in hydration and SPF to keep wrinkles and sun spots from appearing. Should things get crazy and fine lines appear I follow with a treatment accordingly. 

I can ramble all day about anti-aging, but I will spare you … at least for now. 

Now approaching my 30’s I have noticed fine line around my eyes, forehead and mouth. Not all women experience this, but as a dry skin sufferer it’s easy for my skin to look a little prune like (no matter what moisturizer I use). For the past couple of years I have always resorted to retinol treatments to battle these lines.  Recently since becoming pregnant I have avoided these trusty but irritating (sometimes) treatments. With my old tricks not working what is a girl to do?

Introducing Paula’s Choice Skin Resist Firming Line Minimizer! This treatment claims to improve fine line, wrinkles and firmness around the eyes and mouth. How you ask? Similar to retinol based Paula’s Skin Resist uses amino acids amp up cellular turnover. In addition to the increasing cellular turnover this treatment also helps repairs damaged elastin and increases collagen production. Basically it’s the trifecta approach to making your skin look bouncy, plump, juicy… also known as youthful. 

You know there are a ton retinol creams out there that are great. With that being said there are a tons of people find these products irritating. There are also many women (such as myself) who avoid retinols while pregnant too. Whatever side of the fence you fall on Paula’s Firming Line Minimizer is a powerful, yet gentle wrinkle reducer perfect for those who want to avoid conventional retinols. The smart dropper applicator, the impressive ingredient list, but ultimately the results of this treatment really make it worth checking out.

You can find this product here!

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