Monday, December 7, 2015

The Ultimate Pregnancy Beauty Must Haves

Pregnancy update: I can no longer see my feet. This means that tube of lipstick that fell out of my purse and somewhere on the bedroom floor… it might as well be lost forever!  In pregnancy there are a certain things us ladies need. These “Must Have” lists usually outline a list of prenatal vitamins combined with a selection of maternity clothes. Now I’m not disputing you don’t need those things, but there are certain beauty things we need to. So ladies here is my pregnancy beauty must haves!
As a girl who used to bounce around the house I have now become a step closer looking like a waddling penguin women. I have to say I’m cool with my new found stride, but as the boobs and belly get bigger I’m finding I am prone to back pain. To combat the persistent back pain I get massages and ladies it works freaken wonders. Not only it release tension, feel great but it also helps me sleep like a baby at night. If you’re pregnant I would highly suggest prenatal massage because it will make you feel like a million bucks.

Intense Belly Hydration
There no nice way to put it, but growing bellies and itchy skin come hand in hand. This means over the past few months I’ve tried belly oils, butters, balms, lotions and I’ve come to two conclusions:
The greasier the better… BUT
I will gladly use anything you throw at me, because some moisture is better than no moisture!
I really like Aveda’s Beautifying Composition Oil and The Honest Companies Belly Balm. However I also like to have a portable option in my purse too such as a The Body Shops Mini Body Butters.  Yes, portable options, because trust me it’s never a bad time to moisturize your growing belly.

Bath Time
As mentioned before the pregnant body is prone to all sorts of aches and pains.  Another way I combat these symptoms is a relaxing bath. If you want a fancy bath by all means whip out your favourite Lush bath balm and light your favourite candle. Personally I find a bath using Epsom salts gives the most relief to those achy body pregnancy symptoms. My favourite Epsom salts are Target’s Up & Up Lavender Bath Salts. Not only are they extremely affordable (about $4.00 for a 3 pound bag), but the lavender scent is super soothing too.

As a dark circle sufferer concealer has always been a really good friend. However since becoming pregnant I have made a best friend out of this makeup live saving product! Okay I’m exaggerating about the life saving part, but concealer is a must have for the pregnant women. Why? Well first a common pregnancy symptom is red blotchy skin. For me my red blotchy area is around my nose and a little concealer does wonders at masking my persistent Rudolph nose. Secondly, because of all those raging hormones we pregnant women are prone to sassy-ness and pimples. Concealer will be your best friend during those times too! Finally is the lack of consistent sleep can cause some serious dark circles under the eyes. Ladies concealer has your back during those groggy mornings too!
Basically what I’m saying is invest in a good concealer ladies…

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