Sunday, October 11, 2015

The 5 Min Fall Face

I always think bloggers take their time applying makeup. They sit at their vanities carefully applying eye liner, while burning a candle and enjoying a cup of their favourite organic tea. I wish I could be one of these girls, but embarrassing I am far from it. In fact I am rather lazy when it comes to makeup application. My personal makeup philosophy is invest in good, time saving products that make you polished in the least amount of time. So with fall here and I thought I would share with you my quick and very easy fall look.

The first step to my makeup routine is slapping some foundation on the face. I use the word slap specifically because more times than not I use my fingers to apply foundation. Not only does this take seconds to do but it looks the most natural too. The next step is to set the work we have just done. In warmer months I opt for a light weight powder, however since dry skin season is I have been opting for the more hydrating alternative MAC’s Fix Plus.

Now with my base done it’s off to blush-land, which is my favourite stop on the makeup tour. Some falls I opt for a berry like NARS Sin, but this fall I am all about Tarte’s Exposed. This cult shade is a perfect pinky nude shade that adds both definition and colour to the cheeks. Exposed is one of those products that takes seconds to apply, but the overall result looks like it took you a longer. 

I love bronzy smoky eyes for the fall, winged liner is also a classic option too. In reality I am a one shade wonder kind of girl and this season’s colour is MAC Soba. This mustardy medium brown doesn’t look that interesting in the pan. Somehow (dare I evenly say magically?) applied to the lid this looks like a neutral muted gold. It’s like the kind of colour that looks seasonal but in a super cool kind ‘I didn’t even try’ of way. To finish up I complete the eyes with a good coat of black mascara. Currently I am using this Miss Manga mascara, which is super black and very dramatic. 

Finally to finish up this easy fall face is a speedy application of lipstick. A quick lipstick always means it has to be comfortable to wear and easy to apply and Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shines exactly that. The colour I have loved recently is Antigone. This raspberry pinky-red colour is flattering on my pale skin and the formula is an overall pleasure to wear. If you were looking for a reddish berry but didn't want anything too purple this color has my seasonal pick. 


  1. I love Tarte Exposed! And mascara is a MUST for a quick face!

    A Little Dose of Makeup

    1. Tarte Exposed is such a good blush ... I'm glad there are more admirers of this beautiful shade.
      Thanks for visiting

  2. Ooh, I've been hearing a lot about Soba lately- looks like such a versatile shade! xo


    1. Its an excellent shade both on its own or with other shadows...
      Highly highly recommend. ;)