Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Take a Break and Exfoliate

It’s like a chemical exfoliation bomb went off in the skincare world in the past couple of years. I’m not trying to write a horror movie here, but these are those acidic solutions that aim to eat away at those dead skin cells. As violent as that sounds, in most cases it’s really quite gentle and the results can be amazing too. Physical scrubs on the other hand remove dead skin cells through friction. In addition to unclogging pores and removing dead cells, physical scrubs can also help with circulation and lymphatic drainage. Two things which (in my opinion) are critical to healthy youthful looking skin! So I ask you this skincare junkies what happened to our physical exfoliation friends?
 So let’s get physical today and bask in the glory of these amazing scrubs.

Clarins Gentle Refiner
Earlier this year plastic microbeads were banned in skincare products here in Canada. Clarins Gentle Refiner contains microbeads, but there plant based which makes them non-harmful to our environment.  I felt like I needed to clear the air before I begin…
Clarins Gentle Refiner is exactly that gentle. This cream based exfoliator is somewhat hydrating, but with the perfect amount of exfoliating grit. This exfoliator leaves your skin soft and glowy but without that dreaded stripped feeling. All skin types could seek benefit from this, but I highly recommend it to those with dry skin or sensitive skin.

Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser
Tata’s products don’t come cheap, but damn are they ever effective. Using enzymes, clays and essential oils the Regenerating Cleanser works in 4 ways in unclog pores, improve radiance and increase hydration. I swear I noticed results within one application of this product!
Again this product is suitable for all skin types. Oily skin types would love this especially because of the natural form of salicylic acid this product boosts. If you were looking for a gritty cleanser that makes your skin glow … you need this.
Full review here!

Philosophy Mirco Delivery Exfoliating Wash
This is the scrubbiest scrub on my list here today. As gritty as the product feels, it doesn’t leave your skin stripped or irritated. Unlike the Tata and the Clarins this product is a gel, which produces a slight lather when mixed with water. Between the gritty texture and the beautiful lathery texture this leaves the skin baby soft right away.  Although I don’t find this product drying, oily and normal skin types would really benefit from this product. However if you have really reactive skin I would lean towards the other two.
So ladies let’s put those bottles of Glow Tonic down and try some physical scrub goodness. What are some of your favourite physical scrubs? Leave me a comment below.

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