Sunday, October 6, 2013

Product Fails

I hate when products don’t work, not only is it a huge waste of money but it’s also a let down when things don’t work.
I must say I don’t mean to bash any company, I just think every brand has things that they do great and some things that are subpar. So with out further ado here are my product fails.

NARS Femme Fatale
I love NARS eye shadow duo’s Kalahari, Alahambra, Exotic Dance all amazing stuff. Femme Fatale is simply crap. This duo consists of a shimmery icy white and a shimmery teal. Not only do these shades lack pigment but they also are extremely chalky. I had high expectations for this but unfortunately it did not perform.

Maybelline Fresh Dream BB
I tried to like this; I really did however the color did not match my skin. I love tinted foundations but this formula lacked pigmentation. I ended up wearing double the amount of product, which gave me an ompa loompa like glow… not pretty.

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre
Man oh man… I heard everyone talking about this, always saying how they loved it, how they recommend it, how they think its awesome. I can honestly say I did not like this, simply because it creased like crazy. I’ve tried everything primer, eye shadow bases and nothing seems to work. For that simple reason I can’t recommend this product.

Cover girl Lipsticks
Another cult favorite that that I didn’t like! The colors I have 300 and 335 I must admit are very creamy and well pigmented. I just don’t like these because of the scent. They smell like old lipstick that’s been covered by a sickly sweet vanilla scent, so gross. I know tons of people that like these but I recommend you smell them before purchasing.

Well that concludes my product fails.  
Let me know what your fails are I would love to hear!

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  1. Ah, sorry these didn't work out! But it's definitely helpful to read about what was disappointing. I'm a huge NARS fan but their eye shadows really are hit and miss!