Sunday, October 27, 2013

Skin Soothing Sunday

I woke up today with extremely dry irritated skin. I’m pretty sure it’s a combination of a mask I did yesterday and the heater going on last night.
So today my goal is to sooth my irritated skin.

First I used the Avene Soothing Mask and wowzers!
The bottle says to put on a thick layer and wait 15 minutes. Then follow with a spritz of Avene Thermal water and wipe the remainder off.
The whole experience is amazing from the scent to how extremely soft this leaves your skin. In combination with the Avene Thermal water it honestly feels very fancy and it’s very effective.

Next I used Dermaglow Beauty Mist, which is a toner/makeup setting spray. First off this product instantly cools the skin, which is great instant gratification if you have irritated skin. This amazing mist also contains hyaluronic acid, which helps the skin retain moisture. For me this helps me get the most out of my moisturizer while still calming and soothing my skin.

I’m sure this is no surprise, but next I used my Clairns Blue Orchid Oil. I’ve blogged about this a ton as of late, but in a nut shell these oils are packed with nourishing ingredients and they have on for every skin type so if you can go try these out!

Finally I added some Dior Crème De Rose on my lips. Not that my lips were chapped but simply because there’s something about this balm that is so darn luxurious!

I was very impressed by the Avene facemask and can’t wait to put it on again.
With that being said I can honestly say my skin is happily normal now!
Let me know what some of your favorite masks are?
 or what you use to calm irritated skin?

Well ladies thanks a ton for reading and hope you are all having a lovely Sunday.

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  1. You have done it again! I may need that Clarins oil now that I see that they also make one for oily skin. Clarins has some amazing skin care!
    xo, Kate

    1. Thanks for the comment! :)
      These oils are amazing, I have one at work too!
      I know someone who uses the oily one and they have had amazing results.

  2. I really want to try the clarins oil! Very jealous. You've sold the avene mask to me too, great post x

    1. Thanks for the comment!
      The mask is amazing I should have done a before and after these products worked wonders on my skin!

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  4. Ooh, nice picks! You always tempt me with the Clarins oil. Sounds great!