Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Make-Up Graveyard

In the sprit of Halloween I wanted to take time and share with you some of my all time favorite limited edition products.
So grab some candy corn and keep on reading.

Chanel Dragon Lip Lacquer
I know a lot of people were shocked when this product was discontinued because was such a cult favorite. Dragon is a blackish red liquid lip color, which is so beautiful and extremely flattering. I have not been able to find a dupe for this product which to be honest really bums me out.

MAC Watch me Simmer lipstick
This is the more coral out of the two and it has to be one of my favorite summer lipsticks ever. This super pigmented vibrant coral is magically super flattering. It’s a very fun color to wear! Gosh’s Shocking coral is very similar.

MAC Venus
This is such a pretty pink and more than likely the color I will wear on my wedding day. I would describe Venus as a medium pink with subtle golden shimmer. I can’t talk about this lipstick too much because it breaks my heart that it’s limited edition.

MAC why are all your limited lipstick colors so darn epic?

MAC Twilight Falls
This was a recommendation from a friend who worked at MAC. She described this as the “the prettist one color eye shadow look ever!”
I couldn’t agree more! The different colors in Twilight Falls definitely make this more interesting then just your typical brown eye shadow. With a sweep on the lids I can get a whole look that looks like I’ve spent time on, when in reality it’s taken me 30 seconds.

Guerlian Meteorites Pressed
Yes, Guerlain has a pressed Meteorites but I’m telling you that one is not the same as the limited edition kind. This has all the amazing benefits of Guerlain’s Meteorites expect it’s pressed, which I find much easier to apply and to travel with.  Such a genius concept, which makes me wonder why isn’t this a part of there permanent line?

MAC MSF in Blonde
MAC’s limited edition MSF’s are amazing, but blond has to be one of my favorites. I typically use Blonde as a blush and usually through the winter when I am at my fairest. There’s beautiful sheen to this product which and gives the slightest baby pink glow.

MAC pallet
Finally I wanted to give a quick shout out to my MAC pallet (golden compact). This pallet contains some amazing winter colors like Retrospeck, Club and Cranberry, which you can still get at MAC. With that being said I wanted to give this some love because how pretty is the packaging?

Well hope you are all enjoying Halloween Night!
Please leave a comment and share with me some of your favorite discontinued or limited edition products.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great night!



  1. What a great post idea! I have and love Watch Me Simmer. The gold MAC palette looks beautiful x

  2. So many lovely picks! MAC really does make some incredible LE items. Redhead MSF is one of my faves! And I had that MAC eye shadow palette and dropped it in the toilet- still sad about that ;) And I definitely wish I would have picked up Chanel Dragon- such a pretty red! xo


  3. The Redhead MSF looked beautiful.
    That was a great collection!
    Thanks for the comment! :)