Saturday, November 2, 2013

October Favorites

 I love the month of October and I’m not going to lie I’m kind of bummed out to see it go. Without getting to mushy these are my monthly favorites.

Make Up Forever HD Primer
After loving my sample Clarins Beauty Flash Balm I had a moment where I thought to myself “why don’t I use primers anymore?” With that in mind I shopped my collection only to find Make Up Forever HD primer. I don’t know why I stopped using this? I love that this primer feels moisturizing and makes makeup application effortlessly. I highly recommend this to people with dryer skin because it doesn’t emphasis dry areas like other primers.

Guerlain Shine Automatique in 264 Rose Ponpom
I knew I was going to get good wear out of this color this fall. I love this plumy toned lipstick has beautiful shimmer but doesn’t feel gritty. This has been a go to lipstick for me this fall and I’m not going to lie I’ve been wearing this almost everyday.

Bourjois Kajal Liner
When I first swatched this I was skeptical it seemed dry and to lack pigment. Well I’m happy to report that I have been wearing this day ever since! First off the packaging is brilliant! Unlike any eyeliner I’ve ever tried this comes in a portably small tube similar to a lipstick. The liner itself actually doesn’t lack pigment and the drier formula actually helps the longevity of this. This product exceeded my expectations and I can’t recommend it enough.
L’Occitane Hand Cream
This is such a cult favorite and for good reason. Not only is it super moisturizing but it’s also fast absorbing. I’ve put this to good use over the past couple of months and I’m in desperate need for a new one.

Last but definitely not least…
Clarins Blue Orchid Oil
I literally talk about this in every post I’ve done lately so it should be no surprise that this made it’s way to my favorites list this month. Basically I use this oil underneath my moisturizer and it makes my dry sensitive skin look luminous and moisturized even during the dry winter months. 

Well that is all of my monthly favorites.
I just wanted to send a huge thank you to all my readers and followers. I’ve been blogging for three months and every comment, friend and page view still blows my mind.
So thank you everyone!
Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what your monthly favorites are.



  1. WOW TT!! Love the new blog look!!! I'm always looking for a new hand cream...these poor old hands are a dried out mess!!! Where can I get this wonderful cream??

  2. There's a L’Occitane store at Sherway and Yorkdale, you can also get them on
    This is actually my favourite time of year for hand cream my skin gets so dry in the change between seasons.
    If I'm I see one I will make sure to pick one up for you! :)
    Thanks for the comment Beth.

  3. Nice picks! I love Guerlain's Rouge Automatique lipsticks and the candy corn is such a cute touch :)


    1. The Guerlain Rouge Automatique have definitely become one of my favourite formula.
      Thanks for the comment! :)