Sunday, October 13, 2013

Glam Glo a review!

So everyone and their best friend seems to be talking about this lately, but what really did me in was a UK blogger that described this as her “can’t live without product”. I don’t know about you but those are some pretty powerful words so on my previous trip to Sephora I decided to pick up a mini. Let me tell you these babies are not cheap. The tiny mini bottle set me back a whopping 20 bucks. Fortunately/surprisingly the little tub lasts about 5-6 applications.

The first thing you will notice is this mud mask smells great, like super refreshing floral sort of scent. It smells so nice that Jay even commented, “is that your face?” which I gather in man means ‘that mask smells nice’. According to Glam Glow you are to apply a thin even layer. I found this hard because of the large pieces of seaweed kind of fell off my face and the coloring of the mask was kind of hard to see against my skin. Not all is bad because it actually dries way more even that it looks.

Next you put this sucker on your skin and your going to feel … a tingling burning sensation. I know I’m a wimp but this brought tears to my eyes. I opted to take a piece of paper and fan my face to reduce that burning sensation. After about a min or two the burning goes away and you are left with a pleasant smelling mud mask.

After 5 minutes you take this off and I was honestly left with a much clearer complexion. This mask did not dry out my skin nor did it aggravate my eczema. I think this mask really performs what it’s set out to do but for me the tingling sensation when applied is simply too painful. For this reason only I am not going to repurchase this I just found it physically painful when applied. I recommend you try Glam Glow before you purchase the large bottle.

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  1. Hi Tanya!! Great post on the Glam Glow...I'll have to try it!!! I nominated you again for the Liebster Award so now you must go to my post for your Q & A session!!

  2. Oh yes...I am so sorry!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!